понеделник, 17 август 2015 г.

Inte failed to beat AEK

Inter finished in 0:0 against AEK in its latest monitoring of preparations for the new season.
Mateo Kovacic, who will likely continue his career at Real Madrid, was left on the bench by Roberto Manchini.
The result according soccer tips is disappointing for the Nerazzurri in the preparation after losses from Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Milan, and the last place in the tournament for tripartite TIM Cup.
After par first half, AEK goalkeeper Yiannis Anestis save a few positions. The Greeks, however, could reach a victory in the injury time when Mccauley Krisantus scored a goal.
Inter launched its campaign in the Serie A on Sunday when it met Atalanta at San Siro.

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