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Soccer Tips - 07.09.2015

Scotland vs. Germany
Scotland performed very poorly in the last match, in which they suffered a defeat by Georgia. Now, they go against one of the strongest teams in the world, which is located in a series of 4 consecutive wins and shows no signs of slowing down. The class in this pair is very different and anything but victory for Germany will be a small sensation, which we don`t think will happen. Our soccer forecast is 2.

Romania vs. Greece
Greeks are the great disappointment in these qualifications. They are on the last place in the standings with an asset of 2 points. The most dreadful part of their performance were both lost to the Faroe Islands. Romania are second and victory tonight would make their chances to finish this second (and why not the first). The team has had no loss in these qualifications yet. Our football prediction is 1.

Northern Ireland vs. Hungary
For some surprisingly, Northern Ireland is first of all in the same group. But given the performance of the team, their classification is not really surprising. Hungary defeated once and it as a guest. At this rate, the bet for the leader in the standings and won the first game by football betting predictions between the two teams as a guest deserves. Our football forecast is 1.

Armenia vs. Denmark
Armenia has been the least presenter team in this group. They are last in the standings with its one single Speck. Denmark is the second and its presentation is solid. In the team of the guests, there are names of many class players, whereas in Armenia such understandable are absent. Last but not least, the question remains that guests have nothing to play, while the hosts have no chance for anything and can only play for honor tonight. Our soccer prediction is 2.

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