сряда, 13 юли 2016 г.

If Pogba ever leaves Juve, he will choose only between two teams

The French national Paul Pogba has no intention of leaving Juventus at the moment. But there is a great offer for him that the `Old lady` cannot refuse, he will accept it only if it comes from the two teams, which it deems appropriate to continue his career.
According to the Spanish press, the midfielder would accept to pass only in the ranks of Real Madrid or Manchester United. However, the British have an advantage because of the presence of Jose Mourinho at the manager position and the fact that Pogba wants to prove himself on this team, who left a while ago to go to Turin.
The reason the Red Devils are the main favorite for his signature is the good relationship between Mourinho and the Frenchman`s agent Mino Raiola. So far, the Italian led two of the three new additions to the United of the opening of the transfer window.
The personal agent of the Special is another great impresario - Jorge Mendes. However, he maintained good relationships with all the leading firms of the big players and that`s why it`s always a favorite for the signature of a star.

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