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Real Madrid will come up with an offer for Sissoko

Real Madrid will come up with a specific offer for Moussa Sissoko, by the end of the week, claim rumors in England and Spain.
The French midfielder at Newcastle made a strong European Championship and firmly wants to leave the Magpies, who on Friday began the battle at the second level of English football after they fell out in May.
However, Rafa Benitez`s team nailed a price of 35 million pounds of the player that stops a lot of those willing to take him. In Madrid, however, they hope to be able to reach an agreement for the transfer.
It is claimed that the Royal club from betting football tips will offer two of its young players at Newcastle as a part of the deal, with which it hopes to reduce the price of the player. It comes to the midfielder Marcos Llorente, who has already reached the first team for the attacker and Mariano Diaz, who scored against Chelsea recently, and also considered that he has serious potential.
Whether it`s about the constant passage to `St. James Park` or the assignment of both players, Newcastle is unlikely to accept the offer, as it is believed that the club from betting football tips prefers to get cash for Sissoko.
Probably, that will make Real changes its strategy depending on whether Zinedine Zidane wants to have at its disposal the soccer player. Sissoko started yesterday training, but the likelihood to leave the team by the end of the month remains very serious.

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