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Pep: `I`d thought I knew much about football football, but then I met Cruyff.`

The Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola took part in the presentation of the book about the life and career of the late Johann Cruyff - `The Autobiography`. The expert spoke to the media along with the son of the great Dutchman - Jordi.
`I thought I knew football, but when I first met John in front of me opens a completely new and different world. As he taught me, and a whole generation of players how to understand the game.`, said Guardiola.
`I`m so lucky to be coaching Manchester City, and before that, Bayern Munich and Barcelona. But this is possible thanks to the knowledge of Cruyff about football. He did not just attend the trainings, he participated them directly. He made us better.`
`He told us, and it showed how things happen. Each one of his workouts was a great lesson. Johan had charisma, knowledge, temper, and everyone was following him. I admit that at first, I was afraid of him because I had to work a lot as a young football player.`
`When I became a coach, he was already a grandfather and had changed completely. He wanted to live for others and helping them. But he is the bravest coach I`ve ever met in my life. He could smell the talent.`
`There is no doubt that Cruyff has a direct impact on two generations of footballers of Ajax and Barcelona, who are now coaches. His influence on all of us is incomparable to anything else.`, added Pep.
Jordi Cruyff added: `My dad has always been direct and clear. He analyzed everything and was quite innovative. His teams played bravely and sometimes in kamikaze-style, slightly suicidal. But he knew that would make people happy. At home, he was not the soccer player Johan Cruyff, and my father. And if dad could choose one person to watch the game predicted by betting picks with, then it would be Pep. Now my father would have watched Manchester City from the sky.`

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