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Free Football Predictions For Today

Do not miss your today’s chance to earn some easy money, simply by doing right football picks! It’s not so hard to do, especially due to the fact that FootballCapper.Org are giving you info on some of the forthcoming matches. You’d better use it reasonably:

Stoke City – Chelsea
Chelsea was overtaken by Manchester City at the weekend on top in the standings, so today’s win of that team is a must. That should not be much of a problem for Jose Mourinho and his players, against a team such as Stoke City. Chelsea has five wins in the last six games against Stoke. The hosts in today's clash are on the 13th place in the ranking and just four points away from the relegation zone. Our soccer forecast is a victory for the stronger team – Chelsea.

Rizespor – Gaziantepspor
It will be very difficult for the home team to win today and we do not believe that the players will actually succeed. Rizespor is in a series of five consecutive losses in which the team has gotten 13 goals. The hosts are in the relegation zone. The guests are also in a bad current condition, but their overall performance in the season is a little bit better. Rizespor prevails in the direct matches between the two teams of recent years, but today the guests will gain at least a point, according to us. Football prediction for that match: double chance X2.

Braga – Pacos Fereira
Braga is in an extremely good condition lately and a victory today will send the team directly in places, giving the right of participation in the UEFA Champions League. Braga has 7 wins and 2 draws in their last 9 matches and their game impresses the football experts worldwide. Today they face a team that started the season in an excellent way, but for the last month really reduced the turnovers. Pasos Ferreira has only one win in the last 4 matches, and in the last match (which was a home game), the team was defeated by Famalikao. Not surprisingly, our football forecast is 1. Do you agree?

Rio Ave – Belenenses
It is very unlikely to see more than two goals between these two teams. In the last 6 games between them, there have been one or zero hits in total. 6 of the last 7 games of the hosts are with a result under 2.5 goals. 4 of the last 6 games of the guests have also ended with a score under 2.5 goals. Statistics and the history of the matches between Rio Ave and Belenenses show us that the most logical bet for that clash is a bet for a fewer hits. The derby will be very equivalent, so you’d better not do soccer picks for who will win, but bet on a final outocome of under 2.5 goals scored in total.

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Greuther Fürth vs. RB Leipzig - Soccer Forecast

In a direct clash of the 17th round of the season from the second Bundesliga of Germany, the team of Greuther Fürth welcomes RB Leipzig. If you are going to place a bet today and therefore try to do your own soccer picks for that football event, then you should keep on reading. What is more, there is no need to search for additional information because FootballCapper has summarized all the essential data here. You will even find an expert advice on how to bet, in the end of the article.

The hosts are on the 9th place in the standings with 21 points in total, gained after 5 wins, 6 draws and 5 losses from the start of the season. Having played in a total of 16 matches, they have a goal difference of 22-22. The home team has played eight games so far, in which there were 4 victories, 2 draws and 2 losses with a goal difference of 15-11.

The guest team of RB Leipzig is the 8th in the ranking with a total asset of 24 points, achieved after 6 wins, 6 draws and 4 losses from the start of the championship. Having played in a total of 16 matches there is a positive goal difference of 20-11. The team has played 7 games until the current moment as they have 1 win, 3 draws and 3 losses with a goal difference of 6-6.

In the last 10 official matches the players of Greuther Fürth had 2 wins, 4 draws, and 4 losses, with a total goal difference of 10-17. In their last 5 home games the team had 1 win, 2 draws and 2 losses. Greuther Fürth has made 5 goals in the door of their guests and has received 9 hits in their door.

In its previous 10 official football events, RB Leipzig had 2 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses, with a total goal difference of 10-8. In the previous five games away from home the team achieved 2 draws and 3 losses and has neither a victory. In those meetings, the guests have made 3 goals in the door of their hosts and have 6 hits in their own door.

In its previous two games at home, Greuther Fürth was defeated with 0-3 from Karlsruhe and had a 0-0 draw with FC Heidenheim. In their previous two visits, the team of RB Leipzig had a 0-1 loss by Darmstadt 98, and in its previous guest game the team had a tie of 0-0 against the team of the Sv Sandhausen.

Our soccer prediction is 1X. Do you share our opinion?  

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Can you trust the professional football picks?

Your true passion is soccer and that incredibly popular game is all around you, each and every day? You are such a big fan of that interesting sport that you even have started thinking on how to make money from it. After all, you know that the most important feature of any job is to bring not only profit but pleasure as well. So we have good news for you! You may become a professional tipster. If you have never heard about that, then we will explain it a bit.

Tipsters (or handicappers) are people who are extremely into football and everything related to it. Becoming a specialist is a whole process, actually. You can’t become that just like that.
First, you need to know which factors to consider when you do soccer tips. There are plenty of such factors. Most of all, you have to look for various stats in special websites, providing them. The most important facts are related to information on the outcomes of the previous matches played – how many victories, losses and draws every team has had. It is quite important to consider whether there are missing players and so on.

In case you don’t think you are able to deal with doing football predictions professionally, then you may buy them. That is quite a good option as well, so do not underestimate it!
Then your only responsibility is to find such a site, providing soccer picks with high confidence (it had better be over 75%). Those reliable websites could be your helpers for gaining some good profit out of betting.

Be careful whenever you are about to give your money in the Internet. You know that there are many scammers. But that should not scare you, on the contrary, there are many trustworthy sites, providing football tips for affordable prices. You must agree that professional help is always the best decision, in any case, even when it comes to football betting.

So the question is: can you trust the professional football picks? The opinion of FootballCapper is that you can, you absolutely can. Think about it, the experts are much more informed than you, for sure. In fact, that is why their football tips are not free. After all, those professionals have invested their time, knowledge and money into ‘creating’ something with high quality. So, why not take advantage of their services?

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Bate Borisov vs. Porto – which team is going to win today?

Surely, all dedicated soccer fans and punters know about the upcoming matches of the next round of the Champions League. In Group H the teams Bate Borisov and FC Porto are going to play against each other today. Both teams are regular participants in the tournament. This year the football club Bate Borisov has impressed everyone in a negative way, due to the large number of goals allowed. After four matches played, they have the terrifying goal difference of 2-19. In the first match between the two teams – Porto and Bate Borisov, the event ended with six goals scored in total – all in the door of Bate Borisov. After such a debacle, and the mental attitude of the Belarusian team for today's match will be defeatist. Our soccer picks are the following: victory for the guests (2) and over 3.5 goals.

The difference in classes is too big just to be overcome. So, unfortunately, the fans in Belarus simply cannot hope for some kind of miracle in favour of Bate Borisov in the match with the Portuguese team. The first place in the group is not guaranteed for Porto yet but they will do as much as possible to get it. That is why we think they are going to show us 100% of their abilities today. And those abilities are not small at all.

As we have mentioned earlier, we think that the history will repeat itself and probably there will be plenty of goals scored today. Porto is a rival not to be underestimated, so you must expect more than 2 goals, for sure.

If you are not so experienced in the area of online gambling, then we recommend you not to place too big bets. You’d better play with amounts that you can afford to lose, so you will not be sorry in case things turn upside down somehow. Probably you have heard from your friends or some other people (or you have read on the web) some stories for people who have wanted to win more and more, and more. And guess what – in the end, they have lost everything. So you should never be greedy! In addition, be aware of all risks when you are going to gamble, even when it comes to the not-so-dangerous sports betting. Still, you need to act carefully and responsibly. The specialists from Footballcapper.org have an advice for you – rely on the comprehensive professional analyses of the teams before betting. Only then you will be able to enjoy the game to the fullest and without needless worries!  

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Football Picks – a Guide for Beginners

Football doesn’t need a formal introduction. There are millions of fans around the world who vigorously monitor plenty of various tournaments and rankings. Some of them stubbornly do football betting, desiring to earn some money. Maybe it looks easy, but it is not so much, because it requires impeccable flair and understanding the ins and outs of the game. In order to succeed, you need to produce different techniques to study and track for the most up-to-date information about the charts. Here are a few tips for beginners on doing their own soccer predictions:

 • If you believe that winning depends on the knowledge of the game, then that was partially true as along with that you should know more about each team and then to bet with odds of a match; • Watch TV shows, but keep your own opinion about the game;

• You can probably learn something from the professionals before you start betting. We are talking about the so-called tipsters. These guys have been doing deep research on football, teams and championships for years. They can make the most accurate football picks ever. So we think it is definitely a good decision to use their services. Most often they are not free, you will be charged a little. But your winning is almost guaranteed;

• Still, if you want to make soccer tips on your own, then you have to research the teams, individual players and game techniques. Gather more information about the way of betting and the skills that will help you to predict more accurately the results. The Internet has plenty of information on the topic. That information could be easily found. What is more, you don’t have to pay anything for that. Remember that supporting certain team has nothing to do with making correct soccer forecast. Bias is one thing, but statistics is another one.

If you follow all the points listed above from www.FootballCapper.org, then you will have a great chance of winning the bet. You should know, however, that in this activity can not always trust the forecasts. Sometimes things can change for seconds. And that change could be crucial. So you should use not only your mind but intuition as well. Sometimes it is hard to make a decision but we recommend you gamble only when you feel sure about it. Even if you lose certain bets, there is nothing to worry about. By the passage of time you will build a sense of which team to bet on.

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How to take advantage of the Asian handicap

Nowadays there is a very wide variety of bookmakers online. The competition between them is great and it's good for us, the customers. Logically by the time many betting options ‘appeared’– there are already up to over 60-70 types of bet on certain matches. Here we will give you a simple example of how to take advantage of that diversity and, in particular, how to take advantage of the Asian handicap, once you are ready with doing your soccer picks. Now almost all bookies offer wagering option through the Asian handicap. For those of you who do not know, that is the main way of betting in the Asian countries. The truth is that thanks to the Asian Handicap you can bet at better odds. We will give you 2 elementary examples of using Asian Handicap:

Chelsea – Liverpool – the average odd for a home win was 1.90, but Asian handicap for Chelsea (-0.5) proposed 2.10 odd! You can see how much favorable for you the difference could be;
St. Patricks – Derry City – the average odd offered by the European bookmakers were 1.85-1.90, but the Asian handicap for a home win (-0.5) was 2.00.Again, you can see the difference, which can only bring you profit.

You can't always find such differences in Asian handicap, and not always the odds there are better. But our advice is always to check and use them, because they are only for your benefit and can bring you significantly better profit, especially if you play the more serious or major combinations.

If you are why there are such differences, then here is a short explanation – those odds are coming from two different markets and normally they are modified depending on gambling by bookies in those two different markets, which are independent of each other. Besides the Asian Handicap, we recommend you always check the ‘additional line goals’. There you can often find better odds for under/over 2.5/2.5 under 3/3, etc. like most odds there are with 0.05-0.1 higher than others offered, which again helps for higher earnings. If you are not familiar with Asian handicap, then do not worry. Most of the bookmakers have tables that explain it well and show it all the details you need to know.

These are the elementary techniques recommended by www.FootballCapper.org, with which you can optimize and maximize your profits of your football tips. We sincerely hope you find them useful. So enjoy the game and have a good luck!

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Be smart on choosing the Underdogs on Football Betting

The majority of the people always like the team who wins. But even though it sounds strange, many underdog teams are preferred by many of the sport lover or bettors. Many underdog teams have disappointed the Football Predictions of many punters and have produces great result in the history of football bets. Betting on an underdog teams sometimes provides very charming result which is sometimes unimaginable. Many professional bettors think that betting on an underdog teams is a smart move for winning the bet.

If you have thoughts that betting on an underdog team is a foolish choice of Football Predictions then you need to think again. Sometimes, Betting on an underdog team gives you high winning possibilities compared to a winning team. Study all the records of an underdog team and take the advantage of making profit from an underdog team. There are some reasons behind paying attentions in underdog teams which are-

Firstly, FootballCapper.org recommends the winning team or the favorites have odds like 1.70 to 1.85. When you are betting on favorite team with an amount like $1000 then these low ranged odd do not help you to acquire much profit. The maximum profit you can gain is $ 700 to $ 825. With such odds of a favorite team there are more chances of loss other than profit when you are betting few times in a day. So, simply it is clear that it is better to bet on the underdogs which have more odds than favorite teams rather than facing a loss of few 100 dollars at the end of the day.

Secondly, it has been noticed that underdog teams has not been praised by the public. They are underrated and they get no credit for their hard work and talent. Underdogs have always been underestimated by the good teams. But history shows that a number of times underdogs have proved as an asset for the bettors in Football Predictions and proved the public are as wrong.

Thirdly, whenever you are deciding to bet on a team never listens to the public opinions. Sometimes public gives excessive credit to the winning team as it is their favorite and under credit the Underdogs. But just because they are popular that does not mean they are the winner of every match. With good research about the underdog team you can make great Football Predictions to bring a successful result.
Lastly, to get success on Football Predictions you must do a thorough research on the teams. Without proper and exact knowledge no bettors are that bravo in this field. Go with all the statistical and situation researches to get proper predictions on the underdog teams and spot the underdog team which have the highest odds.

.But it does not mean that always the underdogs team are a best judgment in case of Football Predictions. You must do high research to find the highest winning potential on a team even though it is an underdog or winning.