вторник, 25 ноември 2014 г.

Bate Borisov vs. Porto – which team is going to win today?

Surely, all dedicated soccer fans and punters know about the upcoming matches of the next round of the Champions League. In Group H the teams Bate Borisov and FC Porto are going to play against each other today. Both teams are regular participants in the tournament. This year the football club Bate Borisov has impressed everyone in a negative way, due to the large number of goals allowed. After four matches played, they have the terrifying goal difference of 2-19. In the first match between the two teams – Porto and Bate Borisov, the event ended with six goals scored in total – all in the door of Bate Borisov. After such a debacle, and the mental attitude of the Belarusian team for today's match will be defeatist. Our soccer picks are the following: victory for the guests (2) and over 3.5 goals.

The difference in classes is too big just to be overcome. So, unfortunately, the fans in Belarus simply cannot hope for some kind of miracle in favour of Bate Borisov in the match with the Portuguese team. The first place in the group is not guaranteed for Porto yet but they will do as much as possible to get it. That is why we think they are going to show us 100% of their abilities today. And those abilities are not small at all.

As we have mentioned earlier, we think that the history will repeat itself and probably there will be plenty of goals scored today. Porto is a rival not to be underestimated, so you must expect more than 2 goals, for sure.

If you are not so experienced in the area of online gambling, then we recommend you not to place too big bets. You’d better play with amounts that you can afford to lose, so you will not be sorry in case things turn upside down somehow. Probably you have heard from your friends or some other people (or you have read on the web) some stories for people who have wanted to win more and more, and more. And guess what – in the end, they have lost everything. So you should never be greedy! In addition, be aware of all risks when you are going to gamble, even when it comes to the not-so-dangerous sports betting. Still, you need to act carefully and responsibly. The specialists from Footballcapper.org have an advice for you – rely on the comprehensive professional analyses of the teams before betting. Only then you will be able to enjoy the game to the fullest and without needless worries!  

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