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How to take advantage of the Asian handicap

Nowadays there is a very wide variety of bookmakers online. The competition between them is great and it's good for us, the customers. Logically by the time many betting options ‘appeared’– there are already up to over 60-70 types of bet on certain matches. Here we will give you a simple example of how to take advantage of that diversity and, in particular, how to take advantage of the Asian handicap, once you are ready with doing your soccer picks. Now almost all bookies offer wagering option through the Asian handicap. For those of you who do not know, that is the main way of betting in the Asian countries. The truth is that thanks to the Asian Handicap you can bet at better odds. We will give you 2 elementary examples of using Asian Handicap:

Chelsea – Liverpool – the average odd for a home win was 1.90, but Asian handicap for Chelsea (-0.5) proposed 2.10 odd! You can see how much favorable for you the difference could be;
St. Patricks – Derry City – the average odd offered by the European bookmakers were 1.85-1.90, but the Asian handicap for a home win (-0.5) was 2.00.Again, you can see the difference, which can only bring you profit.

You can't always find such differences in Asian handicap, and not always the odds there are better. But our advice is always to check and use them, because they are only for your benefit and can bring you significantly better profit, especially if you play the more serious or major combinations.

If you are why there are such differences, then here is a short explanation – those odds are coming from two different markets and normally they are modified depending on gambling by bookies in those two different markets, which are independent of each other. Besides the Asian Handicap, we recommend you always check the ‘additional line goals’. There you can often find better odds for under/over 2.5/2.5 under 3/3, etc. like most odds there are with 0.05-0.1 higher than others offered, which again helps for higher earnings. If you are not familiar with Asian handicap, then do not worry. Most of the bookmakers have tables that explain it well and show it all the details you need to know.

These are the elementary techniques recommended by www.FootballCapper.org, with which you can optimize and maximize your profits of your football tips. We sincerely hope you find them useful. So enjoy the game and have a good luck!

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