вторник, 15 декември 2015 г.

Benitez will be fired until Christmas

The Real Madrid coach Rafael Benitez is going to be fired soon. According to press, the Spanish specialist will be there up to Christmas or at the latest until the New year.
This is only 21 days before he received a credit of trust by the President Florentino Perez after the heavy defeat with 0:4 against Barcelona in El Classico. But after the defeat of Villarreal, he `began to exhaust`.
The media argues that even now is clearly the name of the replacement for Benitez. This will be the French legend, Zinedine Zidane, who is currently leading the second team of the `white`. Castling must happen no later than the days between holidays, but it is likely to happen sooner.
By the end of 2015, Real has had two easy home games according 1x2 picks against Rayo Vallecano and Real Sociedad, and on 3 January is visiting Valencia.

петък, 11 декември 2015 г.

Mourinho: `I`m starting to believe that Leicester will win the title.`

The manager of Chelsea, Jose Mourinho, became just another specialist who said that the team of Leicester has a real chance to win the title in England. Currently, the Foxes are the leaders in the Premier League with a two-point lead over Arsenal`s the second.
`Look, first of all we have to say that Leicester fully deserves his place in the standings. Let`s be honest.`, commented Mourinho.
`It`s one thing to be a leader in September after you made a good start, and quite another thing is to be a leader in December. This is a completely different story. If you recorded the win after win, it`s because they can win the title. That would be something amazing, it would be something that would certainly have impressed the football world, but sometimes these things happen and why can`t happen to them?`

понеделник, 7 декември 2015 г.

Klein: `Our loss against Newcastle is too heavy.`

The loss of Liverpool against Newcastle with 0:2 in the Sunday afternoon is heavy, but still the severe results according 11livesoccer of other leading teams in the English Championship, make it heavier.
As it is known, Liverpool could be close to a victory by the zone Champions League after Manchester United and Manchester City failed to win their matches on Saturday.
`We knew what happened on Saturday with the other leading teams and this makes the loss even more severe for us. But, what we can do, this is football. There are many more matches until the end of the season and a lot of points of distribution. At the moment the most important thing is not to lose heart and quick to forget the defeat. In December, there are a lot of meetings and we have to try to be prepared for them mentally and physically. We want to win as much points from them.`, said Klein.
The defeat of Newcastle left Liverpool on the seventh place in the standings with 23 points from. West Ham`s the sixth with the same asset, Tottenham is the fifth with 26 points, and both teams from Manchester have 29. The second-placed Arsenal has 30 points, and the leader after matches of the 15th round was Leicester City with 32 points.

четвъртък, 3 декември 2015 г.

Gerard Pique is laughing at Real

The central Barcelona defender Gerard Pique held yet another scathing attack on Real Madrid. The great enemy of the Catalan Grand this time became the subject of ridicule because of the mistake with the inclusion of Denis Cheryshev in the match predicted by football betting tips against Cadiz on 1/16-finals in Copa del Rey.
Real is threatened by officially dropping without even giving it a chance to play a rematch against Cadiz because Cheryshev had a punishment and could not play in the tournament. Although, at the beginning of the season, the Spanish Football Federation have notified Real about this the fact, the Russian still played one half time and even scored the first goal in the match.
There has been such a case already this season, as Osasuna was thrown out of the race for the same violation in September.
The whole thing seemed extremely funny of Gerard Pique, who shortly after the publication of the news in the Spanish press, has released a tweet, filled only with laughing emoticons.

петък, 27 ноември 2015 г.

Panic: `Barca is interested in me? This is not official.`

The midfielder of Roma, Miralem Panic, doesn`t believe the rumours that Barcelona is interested in his attraction.
The footbaler, which has become a major player of the Wolves, is focused on his appearances for Roma.
`It`s nice to hear that a club analyzed by football betting predictions like Barca is interested in me, but this is common unofficial history.`, said 25-year-old footballer.
`I`m focused on my performance in Roma. I want to win trophies with this club.`, added Miralem Panic.

сряда, 25 ноември 2015 г.

Terry is with an ankle injury

The defender of London Chelsea, John Terry, received a contusion in the ankle in the derby of the Blues against Maccabi Tel Aviv in the Champions League, which was won by the British with a 4:0 away from home.
In the 72nd minute of the match, the 34-year-old Chelsea captain left the field injured. After the match by betting predictions the trauma of Terry was confirmed by the team and coach Jose Mourinho.
`Of course, the participation of Terry in the derby from the 14th round of the Premier League against Tottenham is questionable.`, said the Portuguese.
`John will pass a thorough medical review in London, but probably will miss the London derby.`, added Mourinho.

четвъртък, 19 ноември 2015 г.

Zidane: `Bayern does not have a poor game.`

The French legend, Zinedine Zidane, showered with compliments the Bayern Munich, coach Pep Guardiola.
`Pep Guardiola managed to bring Bayern from high on a fantastic level. This is what I observed.`, said Zidane.
`I haven`t seen a single poor game at Bayern Munich since he was appointed as their coach. He is exceptional.`
`Guardiola managed to retrieve not just 100%, 120% of his players. And he does not do it by some, and by each one individually. And that`s something necessarily in a club predicted by footballcapper like Bayern.`
`I don`t understand these discussions that Bayern is too dominant. Any country would be proud, if there were such a club predicted by footballcapper as Bavarians.`, added Zidane.

сряда, 18 ноември 2015 г.

Soccer tips - 18.11.2015

=Akragas vs. Catanzaro
In a meeting of Coppa Italia Lega Pro, against each other we will see two teams from Lega Pro C - Catanzaro and Akragas. The hosts are on the 7th place in the group with 15 points, and are 2 points out of the playoffs for entry into Serie B. The hosts will battle to stay in this Division. In the previous derby, Akragas had no problems and with two goals in the first half secured a victory. Today again we expect their success. Our football prediction is 1.

Alessandria vs. Pavia
The team of the hosts has had 2 wins against this team - 1 victory as a host and 1 as a guest. The first match via online soccer predictions between both teams ended in a 2:2 as the two teams were playing very cautiously. The guests at this meeting are invited to return the favor of the hosts. Our soccer prediction is over 3.5 goals.

Shakhter Soligorsk
There is a rematch of the Belarus Cup between the teams of FC Shakhter Soligorsk and Vitebsk. The first meeting between the two teams ended in a draw. The hosts are on the third place in the standings and made a draw in the last meeting as a guest. The hosts have had only victories in their last three home games. The guests are on the 13th place in the standings and made a draw in the last meeting as hosts. The guests have had only one win in their last five visits.

сряда, 11 ноември 2015 г.

What did Benzema say in the infamous call to blackmail?

The French Journal L`Equipe got a complete record of the conversation between Benzema and his friend, extortion of contriving Mathieu Valbuena.
The 20-minute dialogue transcript is full, and Benzema and his friend from childhood friend Karim Zenati were talking about the plan.
Benzema said of his interlocutor, he said of Valbuena: `If you want the video to be destroyed, come and meet my friend in Lyon.`
Benzema said that Valbuena thought everything as a joke: `I don`t think he took me seriously.`
Then Benzema told Valbuena that `everything can be seen in the video` after he asked him if he is seeing the tattoos.
More from Benzema`s words are: `I`m here to help things happen` and `I give you my word that there is no other copy.`
Benzema explains to Valbuena, he`s seen the video and adds: `If you want the video to be destroyed, come and meet my friend in Lyon. We will see you personally and talk to him, don`t send another person.`
Benzema said that Valbuena started to panic in the course of the conversation. `Do what you want. If you don`t want to pay for that, okay, it`s your life, but warned.`, the striker said to Valbuena.

петък, 6 ноември 2015 г.

Football tips - Bulgaria

Litex vs. Slavia
It is going to be a tough match for Slavia. Litex is definitely a favorite, but `white` play loud in the away game. You will surely get an interesting duel. Slavia plays of ebbs and flows, and you never know when they may bring a surprise. Let`s look for a surprise and bet on a tie.
Our soccer forecast mentioned by betting tips is X.

Montana vs. Cherno More
That is an equivalent match, but Cherno More is in crisis after the loss with 0:3 against Beroe. The hosts must be careful, because after that defeat, we expect Cherno More to regain their good form. Our football prediction is X.

Botev vs. Beroe
`This is a Thracian Derby. Botev from well playing team collapsed and also talked about the coaching change. That would be an equivalent match, and we think there will not be a winner. Our soccer prediction is X.

Levski vs. Lokomotiv Plovdiv
Levski is on the rise currently. The club paid the duties and up to 1-2 years will be in perfect condition. And after Martin Kamburov is gone for Lokomotiv, the hosts do not have much to worry about. Our football forecast mentioned by betting tips is 1.
Forecast: 1

вторник, 3 ноември 2015 г.

Arsene Wenger: `I`ve always believed in Joel Campbell.`

Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, said he has always believed in Joel Campbell.
The footballer from Costa Rica realized his first goal for the Gooners in his first start for the first team in the match via www.footballcapper.org against Swansea at the Liberty Stadium.
Over the weekend, Arsenal had over its rival with the classic 3:0.
The goal of Joel Campbell came four years after signing with the club. During this time, he was a rental in France, Spain and Greece.
And while many fans wondered whether the 23-year-old footballer will find a place at Arsenal, Arsene Wenger was adamant that he never doubted that.
`He had to wait, to be patient, to take their chance.`, said Arsene Wenger.
`Joel Campbell went through several countries, but it is still very young and I didn`t let him go, because he`s a good footballer, but most importantly, it is a team player. Against Swansea he scored, but could have scored more. You see, when you have good players around him and he`s a good football player.`, said the French specialist.

сряда, 28 октомври 2015 г.

Confirmed: Donadoni took over the reins in Bologna.

Only some hours after dismissal of Delio Rossi, Bologna announced that Roberto Donadoni is the new coach of the first team.
This afternoon the breakup with Rossi was styled documentary, and suspicion of all leading media for his successor is confirmed. Donadoni was not taken another team from bankruptcy of Parma at the end of last season, but now is back in Serie A.
`Roberto Donadoni is the new coach of Bologna.`, announced the club from football betting predictions through the official website. `He will make his first practice tomorrow afternoon.`
Mere days before Donadoni admitted he is looking for a chance to once again return to I`m not active, and before his appointment that Milan can seek, if Sinisa Mihailovic is released.

петък, 16 октомври 2015 г.

Jose Mourinho officially appealed his punishment

The manager of Chelsea, Jose Mourinho, did what everyone expected of him. He lodged an official appeal against the punishment imposed on him by the FA in the middle of the week.
The Football Association denied him his right to be at the stadium in a match of his team, as well as fines him with 50 pounds. It was for his comments after the match with Southampton. Yesterday, the Portuguese national fix this sanction as `an utter disgrace`.
`I have to be honest with myself and that`s why I appeal, because I know that I did not do or say anything wrong. I`m not talking about this subject, because the moment I received the written explanations for punishment and decided to appeal, over time to talk further.`, said Moe.
The punishment from the FA is not the only headache for the special. Chelsea is presented very badly from the beginning of the season, and his rank is loose. The win against Aston Villa at the weekend is a must and Mourinho seems to be aware of this.
`Every game mentioned by betting predictions is a matter of life and death for us and victory is more than required. The reasons for this are one or the other. But we cannot afford to run away from the reality that presents the classification in the Premier League.`, said Mourinho.

понеделник, 12 октомври 2015 г.

Schweinsteiger: 'The next target in front of Germany`s the European Championship title.`

The European title is the next goal of the German national team, was announced the captain Bastian Schweinsteiger in an open letter to the supporters of the Reds. The Germans qualified at the last possible moment for the Euro finals and their form at the beginning of the qualifiers was not satisfactory, but the Manchester United midfielder assured fans that the nationals are eager for more trophies.
'After 245 days the European Championship is starting, and after 275 days is its finale. We are the world champions and in front of us there are only the highest goals, so we want to be in the final in Paris. We want the title. After Rio de Janeiro received a fourth star on the logo, and now we want more and more success. Yes, in the first matches adviced by tennis-picks after the World Cup was not the desired result, but we always believed in our power and we never doubted them. We are as a team and made a successful campaign.`, he wrote.
Germany has three titles in Europe, the last of which was won in England in 1996.

вторник, 6 октомври 2015 г.

Manchini produced a list of unwanted players at Inter

The coach of Inter, Roberto Manchini now has a sheet with names of football players who wants to remove from the team. Media reports in Italy claim that the list included names like Martin Montoya, Adem Uto, Nagatomo and Danilo Laic, d`Ambrosio.
The Nerazzurri can start to work on those plans in January, when the winter transfer window opens. `Sport` is arguing that Mediaset Monto, which no one played a minute for inter, and Laic are sure to be out. The Serb arrived at the Giuseppe Meazza at the last moment as ceded by Roma. Inter has the option to redeem his full rights, but I don`t think that will happen because Mancini is extremely dissatisfied with it. He records only 5 minutes of play against Sampdoria at the weekend and opinions that this was his punishment for frivolous attitude demonstrated in practice.
Nagatomo and dAmbrosio does not have to begin the season with Inter, since during the summer were offered by other teams. Both, however, refused to leave, which means he will be retried to be sold.
It is assumed that the midfielder Marcelo Brozovic has uncertain future, but has not yet taken a final by best betting picks decision.

сряда, 30 септември 2015 г.

Boateng received a permission to train with AC Milan

Boateng received special permission from the German Club to train with AC Milan at the beginning of January.
He was removed from the team and was not allowed to train with the first team. In the summer, there were repeated attempts to be sold, but they hit a snag and remained `in exile` in Gelsenkirchen.
So now he will be able to prepare in normal conditions and to show the necessary qualities to wear the shirt of the Rossoneri since January, when he is expected to have a formal offer for his attraction.
Kevin-Prince Boateng has played with the red-and-black team in the period 2010-2013 and 100 games according football insider in all competitions. He had a relatively good appearances but left for Schalke, where he now doesn`t feel particularly enjoyable.

понеделник, 28 септември 2015 г.

Magath: `Klopp is suitable for Bayern.`

The former Bayern Munich coach, Felix Magath, analyzed the future of the current mentor of Bavarians Pep Guardiola and shared his opinion who could possibly replace him in Office after the end of the season.
The Spaniard has a contract with the German champions until the summer, and for the moment there is no indication that it will be renewed. According to Magath, Jurgen Klopp will be an ideal replacement for Pep.
`I have a question for Guardiola in nine months, but he refused to shed light on it. And immediately it becomes clear that Klopp is one of the most likely candidates for his replacement. Recently his agent strongly rejected the possibility of Jurgen to take over Borussia Moenchengladbach.`
`And he can do it, because you are waiting for a more serious task. I believe that Klopp is suitable for Bayern. And the fact that he was a man of Dortmund to the core, it is not a problem.`, said Magath.

петък, 25 септември 2015 г.

Valencia vs Granada - Football Forecast

Valencia is going to host Granada in a match from another round of La Liga. See what we think about the possible outcome of it - or in other words, our football prediction.
Valencia lost with 1:0 against Espanyol in a visit during the week. The start of the season for the Bats is not very convincing and after 5 games from betting predictions played, they only have one victory. Although their team qualified in the Champions League, Valencia`s fans are not satisfied with the work of the Portuguese trainer, Nuno Santo and called for his resignation. Valencia`s left back - Jose Gaia received an injury and will miss the match with Granada. Instead the holder on the left side of the defense, we will see Lucas Orban. As the central pair of defenders, we will see Ajmen Abdenur and Skodran Mustafi. After having remained reserves against Espanyol from the first minute against Granada, we will see Sofian Feguli and Paco Alkaser. Because of injuries in the squad of Valencia for Friday`s match, we won`t see Matt Ryan, Diego Alves and Andres Gomez.
Granada also like its forthcoming rival cannot boast of a good start to the campaign. It has had three consecutive defeats in the Primera, who pulled down to 17th place in the standings. The loss was particularly severe in the last round when Granada took a bad fall from Real Sociedad with 3:0. It is expected that against Valencia, the coach Jose Sandoval will make changes in the team. After having made a serious mistake against Real Sociedad, the young Doria will remain a reserve. Babin will be in the centre of the defense. In the attack, Granada will bet again on a striker in the face of Youssef El Arabi. Because of injuries, the visit will be missed by Ruben Perez, Diego Mines and Piti.
Valencia started a bad season in La Liga. The Bats have a visit of Lyon in the Champions League, which will be central to the ambitions of the team in the tournament. Valencia`s coach Nuno Santo was placed under serious strain and a failure against Granada may cost him his post before the trip to France. The last 4 fights on the Mestalla between both teams have completed with a victory for the hosts and we have every reason to believe that success in the match will be for Valencia. Our football forecast is 1.

вторник, 22 септември 2015 г.

ATP: Andy Murray is obliged to participate at the finals in London

Andy Murray is obliged to participate the final tournament adviced by football betting predictions of the ATP in London, which compete with the 8 best players of this season. That said the ATP president Chris Kermode.

As is known, Murray bluntly said ,that he is ready to abandon the ATP Finals in London, to prepare properly for the final of the Cup "Davis" in which Britain is visiting Belgium, probably on clay. The words of Murray however did not have liked the heads of ATP, and their response was not late.

"The Finals of ATP are a mandatory event. All players who have qualified and have no physical problems, are required to compete. Andy Murray made a fantastic season and deserved his place to be among the top eight who will compete against each other at the end of the season. We are aware of the comments made after the game for the Cup "Davis" in Glasgow, but we still expect, that if he will be fully healthy, Andy Murray will participate at the finals, "said Kermode.

He added that at this stage he has not received any official information from Murray or his staff regarding a possible cancellation of participation in the tournament. If Murray anyway will decide not to play in London, he would have to pay a solid penalty to ATP.

So far four are sure for the Finals - Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Andy Murray and Stan Wawrinka.

понеделник, 21 септември 2015 г.

Genoa vs Juventus

Juventus is going to visit the team of Genoa in search of its first win in the new season. Here is our soccer forecast for you.
Genoa is one of the few teams who managed to overome Juventus and to inflict a defeat of Champions this past season. 'The Griffins` won in the first match mentioned by football betting picks with 1:0 and subsequently Juventus outplayed them with the same result. The past three derbies between these two rivals ended up with the same result - 1:0, and the last five meetings ended in under 2.5 goals.
Yet in the past round expected Juventus to terminate the bad series, but its forces reached only up to par, you get thanks to a penalty in the last minute in favor of Juve.
During the week, however, Juventus has shown really good football when they beat Manchester City as guests in a meeting of the groups of the Champions League. Juventus`s victory was expected and caused a real furor, with which the guys at Max Allegri did hint to their real skills.
For the upcoming tough visit, Allegri could not count on injured Sami Khedira and Asamoa, Marchisio and Rubinho remain out due punishment.
Genoa started the new season with two defeats and a victory. The footballers of Gasperini failed to earn any points in the past two visits, but their victory came at home over underdog Verona. Against Juventus, Genoa will go out without Costa, Pavoleti and Perrin, who are injured.
As we said above, meetings between Genoa and Juventus are not the most interesting, in view of the average 1 goal. Interestingly, even in top form, Juventus has always played hard here. Today, however, it may seek a victory, and our soccer prediction is 2.

понеделник, 14 септември 2015 г.

Storm postponed Sampdoria - Bologna

The game from the 3rd round of the Italian Serie A between Sampdoria and Bologna was postponed and will be played tomorrow because of the storm, took over Genoa, announced by the Italian Football League.
The meeting in the program had to be played today, but heavy rains and storm have made it impossible.
Storm damage in Genoa and other coastal settlements in the region Liguria.
The hosts are hoping the storm to pass and not to interfere with the conduct of the match predicted by rugby tips on Monday. However, it is possible that the match predicted by rugby tips to be rescheduled to another date, if the conditions do not allow the match predicted by rugby tips to take place tomorrow.
Sampdoria announced that the tickets are valid for the meeting regardless of the date of its implementation.

четвъртък, 10 септември 2015 г.

Benitez celebrated 100 days in Real

Today, there are exactly100 days since Rafael Benitez was presented officially as a coach of Real Madrid.
This happened on June 3, when the ceremony the specialist did not hide his emotions and even cried, saying he has fulfilled his greatest dream.
The Spaniard succeeded Carlo Ancelotti, but even before the beginning of the campaign faced some serious problems.
The first was the situation of Iker Casillas, who initially began training with the Royal Club, but shortly before departure for the tour in Australia, passed in Porto.
The second was the situation with the new treaty of Sergio Ramos. The player appeared serious interest from Manchester United and needed the intervention of Florentino Perez, for he still gets reassigned official in August.
Not very convincing performances followed in the controls, as the biggest upset, wake the lack of goals after the half matches by winfootballtipsters the team doesn`t score. There followed a 0:0 at the start of the season in the example against Sporting Gijon, then though Rafa broke with 5:0 over Betis.
The situation around Keylor Navas and the expected coming of David de Hea also didn`t help him much, so the first 100 days of Benitez definitely were not easy. Fans can only hope that the next 100 will be much better.

понеделник, 7 септември 2015 г.

Soccer Tips - 07.09.2015

Scotland vs. Germany
Scotland performed very poorly in the last match, in which they suffered a defeat by Georgia. Now, they go against one of the strongest teams in the world, which is located in a series of 4 consecutive wins and shows no signs of slowing down. The class in this pair is very different and anything but victory for Germany will be a small sensation, which we don`t think will happen. Our soccer forecast is 2.

Romania vs. Greece
Greeks are the great disappointment in these qualifications. They are on the last place in the standings with an asset of 2 points. The most dreadful part of their performance were both lost to the Faroe Islands. Romania are second and victory tonight would make their chances to finish this second (and why not the first). The team has had no loss in these qualifications yet. Our football prediction is 1.

Northern Ireland vs. Hungary
For some surprisingly, Northern Ireland is first of all in the same group. But given the performance of the team, their classification is not really surprising. Hungary defeated once and it as a guest. At this rate, the bet for the leader in the standings and won the first game by football betting predictions between the two teams as a guest deserves. Our football forecast is 1.

Armenia vs. Denmark
Armenia has been the least presenter team in this group. They are last in the standings with its one single Speck. Denmark is the second and its presentation is solid. In the team of the guests, there are names of many class players, whereas in Armenia such understandable are absent. Last but not least, the question remains that guests have nothing to play, while the hosts have no chance for anything and can only play for honor tonight. Our soccer prediction is 2.

петък, 4 септември 2015 г.

Olimpia Grudziadz vs Zawisza Bydgoszcz

The football match between Olimpia Grudziadz and Zawisza Bydgoszcz is from the 7th round of the season in the first League in Poland. Check out our expert soccer prediction for you.
The hosts are the 16th in the standings with an asset of 5 points, recorded after one win, two draws and three losses during the season. Having played in a total of 6 derbies, they have managed to score 7 goals in the door of their opponents and they`ve received 8 goals.
At home, the team has played 3 matches up to now, in which there have been 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss. The team has made 3 hits in the opponent`s door and allowed 2.
The team of the guests from Zawisza Bydgoszcz is the 9th in the standings with an asset of 8 points accumulated after 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses since the start of the season. Having played in 6 derbies so far, there is a goal difference of 13:9. Away, the team has had three games so far, and there have been 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss, 5 goals in the opponent`s door and 3 hits received.
In the previous two meetings at home, the team of Olimpia had a complete with a result adviced by betting predictions of 2:0 against the team of Stomil Olsztyn. In their previous appearance at home managed to reach a draw of 1:1 with Dolcan Zombki. In its past two games, Zawisza Bydgoszcz defeated with 3:0 the team of Pogon. Recently, it lost with 1:2 against CCCS Belchatow.
In the previous 5 duels between the two teams, the team of Olimpia Grudziadz achieved a victory, and the team of Zawisza Bydgoszcz has achieved 4 victories in a total of 4:12 crossbar ratio. In the last two games in front of their fans with a team of players of Zawisza Bydgoszcz, Olimpia Grudziadz had 1 win and 1 loss.
Our soccer forecast is 1X.

сряда, 2 септември 2015 г.

The German El Classico will be played on Sunday

The German Football League announced the dates for the games via fixed-games.com in the Bundesliga from the eighth to the 15th round of the season.
The interesting thing about that super derby between the champion leader Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund is that it will be played in the late afternoon on Sunday. So, the German El Classico will take place on 4 October and will be the icing on the cake of the eighth round.
This season Borussia Dortmund made a superb start and led the standings after three wins and achieved a goal difference of 11:1. Bayern also was marching an without error and has a goal difference of 10:1.
In the 12th round, Borussia Dortmund will accept its blood enemy Schalke on Sunday (November 8), and in the 13th round Bayern is going to visit the 'miners` on Saturday. In the 15th round, Borussia will visit the Vice Champion, Wolfsburg.

събота, 29 август 2015 г.

Eugenie Bouchard began working with Jimmy Connors

Eugenie Bouchard makes an extremely frustrating season and it seems that she has turned to the services of another specialist in the fight for a return to top positions in the rankings.

Today, the young star of Canada held a training with Jimmy Connors, which immediately sparked speculation for a possible cooperation between both of them. Until now there wasn`t any official confirmation, but it seems that the American will help Bouchard in the coming weeks.

In the beggining of the month Bouchard has parted with Sam Sumyk with whom has started a work in February. Both, however, managed to reach only 4 wins in 17 games.

Curiously, a little more than two years Connors started working with Maria Sharapova. But after only one match adviced by betting tips the Russian surprisingly decided to release Connors and the American tactfully said that he was not angry.

сряда, 26 август 2015 г.

CSKA Moscow vs Sporting Lisbon

CSKA Moscow is going to welcome the team of Sporting Lisbon in a rematch of the playoff round for ranking in the Champions League groups. Take a look at our reliable soccer forecast - it may be helpful for you.
A week ago in Portugal, Sporting took a minimum lead of 2:1. CSKA Moscow continues to be sinless in the Championship of Russia. The Reds are the leaders in the Premier League without a point lost in six matches, but now it`s actually a key match for the entire season. The good news for their coach Leonid Slutski is that the team of CSKA has no injured or suspended players. Expectations are that the Reds will start with the same lineup, which played in Lisbon. This means that the defensive midfielder Nacho Bibras will remain on the bench at the expense of the more offensive Pontus Vernblum. Slutski will rely on two strikers in the face of Ahmed Moussa and Dumbia Seidu. The Bulgarian Georgi Milanov will remain on the bench of CSKA.
Sporting had a draw of 1:1 over the weekend with Pasos Ferreira in the Portuguese Championship. Despite this, all fans of the Lions expect the new team`s coach Jorge Jezus to rank Sporting in the Champions League. William Carvalho is injured. The attacking midfielder has a fractured foot and will miss a lot of his own team in the forthcoming meeting. Unpleasant statistics worry the Portuguese before the key visit to Moscow. Sporting Lisbon is without a win in 14 visits on land in Europe, and the last success was in 2011 Europa League tournament.
The derby is going to be extremely interesting and curious. In view of the good form of CSKA Moscow at home and the bad tradition of Sporting in the away game, our soccer prediction by soccer prediction would be 1.

неделя, 23 август 2015 г.

Inter - Atalanta (Serie A) 23.08.2015

The Milan giants Inter confronts against Atalanta in their first match of the new 2015/2016 season in Serie A. The match at the "Giuseppe Meazza" is on Sunday - August 23 and the odd for the game offered by the leading bookmaker bet365 are as follows: 1.50 for a home win, with a draw at 4.20 and 7.00 for the victory of the guests.

Inter has made a poor season in the last championship analyzed by betting picks and now the team has great ambitions, as the main goal is a return to the Champions League. The coach Roberto Mancini has been very active in the transfer window and made some serious changes. Great impression make the names of Stevan Jovetic from Manchester City, Geoffrey Kondogbia from Monaco, Joao Miranda from Atletico Madrid, Martin Montoya from Barcelona and Jeison Murillo from Granada. The "Nerazzurri" parted with Artim Sakiri, Lukas Podolski, Zdravko Kuzmanovic and Mateo Kovacic. During the preparation, Inter played 10 friendly matches in which recorded three wins, one draw and six losses. The team demonstrated weaknesses in scoring goals, but it is from the lack of some of the key figures in the composition of Mancini. For the upcoming match, however, all potential holders will be available, except the injured defenders Dodo, Nemanja Vidic and the midfielder Jonathan Biabiany.

Atalanta finished on the rescue 17th place in the last season of Serie A, on three points from the first relegated team. The team from Bergamo has not enhance quality in the summer, and even sell two of its promising young players to Torino - the midfielder Marco Benassi and the defender Davide Zappacosta. The coach Edoardo Reja will be deprived of the services of the injured midfielder Luca Cigarini as his place probably will be taken by Carlos Carmona.

Inter is considered as the favorite in this match. The "Nerazzurri" have a large number of new players, which want to prove themselves in the first game in front of the typhoid, so our forecast is victory for Inter.

Recommended bet: For Inter @ 1.50 at bet365

четвъртък, 20 август 2015 г.

Odd Ballklubb vs Borussia Dortmund

Borussia gained a great momentum, having first dealt in both games of the previous round in the Europe League with the Austrian Wolfsberger. Check out our soccer prediction before you start betting today.
Then they managed to achieve a win with 4:0 over Borussia Moenchengladbach in the first round of the Bundesliga.
The boys of Thomas Tuhel will try to maintain the momentum and to reach the expressive victory in Norway to decide everything in the first match via betting predictions against Odd Ballklubb.
Scandinavians will go out today with high self esteem in this match via betting predictions after the last meeting two days ago have made a convincing victory over Start as a guest with 4:0.
The problems in front of the guests in terms of personnel are quite serious, because the Durm, Subotic, Shahin, Kirch, Piscek, Royce and Blascikovski are expected to miss the meeting.
And while for Subotic they said that there is hope to play in the match, the rest are not going to, for sure.
Despite the many absentees, undoubtedly Borussia is with many classes above his rival and our soccer forecast is a success with a 1:4 for the team from Dortmund.

сряда, 19 август 2015 г.

Benitez: `There is a lot to be desired.`

The coach of Real Madrid, Rafael Benitez stated after the success over Galatasaray with a 2:1 for the Bernabeu, the team did well, but added that there is more to improve the game via messi of `ballet`.
`For the moment, what we have shown is fine, but there is still much to be improved. We missed a little control, but a lot of the things we showed were positive. However, we have still a lot of work.`, said Benitez.
`I have an excellent stock, we need to work a lot with them. For the moment, I have no complaints from anyone.`, said Benitez.
`Every coach is important to create the event. We did this against Galatasaray and I can say that I`m pleased with the squad.`. the former Napoli`s mentor added.

понеделник, 17 август 2015 г.

Inte failed to beat AEK

Inter finished in 0:0 against AEK in its latest monitoring of preparations for the new season.
Mateo Kovacic, who will likely continue his career at Real Madrid, was left on the bench by Roberto Manchini.
The result according soccer tips is disappointing for the Nerazzurri in the preparation after losses from Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Milan, and the last place in the tournament for tripartite TIM Cup.
After par first half, AEK goalkeeper Yiannis Anestis save a few positions. The Greeks, however, could reach a victory in the injury time when Mccauley Krisantus scored a goal.
Inter launched its campaign in the Serie A on Sunday when it met Atalanta at San Siro.

сряда, 12 август 2015 г.

White Star Bruxelles vs Tubize

In the Championship of Belgium, the teams of White Star Bruxelles and Tubize will go against each other in a match from the third round of the second division. Take a look at our soccer forecast.
The players of White Star Bruxelles occupy the 11th position in the table without a point won after 1 loss, as they have made 1 goals in the door of their opponents and received two goals. In front of their supporters, there is no game played yet, at a total goal difference of 0:0.
The guests of Tubize is the 4th in the provisional standings with an asset of 3 points, after 1 win since the start of the new League. It has scored 1 goal and has received 0 goals so far. At home, the team has not yet played a single game so far, as has not scored a single goal in the opponent`s door yet and did not receive one.
In the last two home games, the team of White Star Bruxelles underwent a loss with 2:3 of the Hejst team and managed to have 3:0 against the SDA Gel. In the previous two visits Tubize achieved two consecutive wins - with 2:1 over the team of Oud Heverlee Leuven and 5:0 over the team of Racing Mechelen.
In the last eight games via best betting picks between the two rivals, the team of White Star Bruxelles has achieved 3 success and Tubize has made 5 wins at a total goal difference of 5:7. In the last 4 meetings at home against the Tubize, the players of the hosts have had 2 wins and 2 defeats.
Our soccer prediction is 1X.

понеделник, 10 август 2015 г.

Football Picks - 10.08.2015

Krasnodar vs. Kuban
The team of Krasnodar looks stronger right now and has actually the better chance of three points tonight. The hosts presented themselves better and last season they even managed to qualify for the Europe League. In direct duels so far, Krasnodar also has its advantage - 3 wins, a draw and a loss in the last five fights. Our football forecast is 1.

Rubin Kazan vs. FC Rostov
The start of the season in the local Championship of Rubin Kazan was not the great one possible and this makes us think that`s not going to do well today. Rubin had three losses in the first three rounds. Rostov is still undefeated, having a victory and two draws. Only two victories have Ruby in the last five meetings in Rostov. The chances of the guests to take something from this visit are pretty good. Our soccer prediction is X2.

Kalmar vs. GIF Sundsvall
Both teams look very equivalent and it is very likely to see a tie in the clash between them. That was the previous result adviced by betting picks for two times and just one win. Now both teams are separated by just five points in the standings. Our football prediction is X.

AIK vs. Djurgaarden
Djurgaarden is now in a great shape that we believe it will continue in the battle. The guests came to the second place in the standings after no defeat for 15 consecutive derbies, including 10 wins and 5 draws. AIK is back in the standings, its presentation is also far from the Djurgaarden. Our soccer forecast is 2.

четвъртък, 6 август 2015 г.

Leyton Hewitt became a consultant of Nick Kyrgios

The Australian veteran Leyton Hewitt will take the role of a consultant to his 20 years old compatriot Nick Kyrgios.

Hewitt will instruct the youngster during the next week of the tournament according betting predictions series "Masters 1000" in Montreal. For this announced at Twitter the British sport`s journalist Stuart Fraser.

The former world number one, who has played a last season in his career, will not take a part in Canada, to be able to devote more time to Kyrgios. Nick currently has no coach after he has released Todd Larkham in June.

After the parting of Grigor Dimitrov with Roger Rasheed was talking that the new client of the Australian will be exactly Kyrgios, but so far there is no confirmation for this.

сряда, 5 август 2015 г.

Soccer Picks - 05.08.2015

Astana vs. HJK Helsinki
In an interesting duel, the teams Astana and HJK Helsinki are going against each other. The favorite in the match is the home team from Kazakhstan and there are very explainable reasons for that. Astana has a lot of financial resources and it is expected to have many supporters. In the last round the hosts suspended the team of Maribor in Slovenia. We don`t think that HJK Helsinki is better than Maribor and we would bet on a solid victory for the home team today. Our football prediction is 1.

Karabakh Agdam vs. Celtic
Our second soccer forecast from betting football tips for today is about a meeting from Champions League Qualifiers, a battle between Karabakh Agdam and Celtic. We expect to watch a match with a lot of positions and of course goals and we think both teams will manage to score goals. In a brief, our soccer prediction is X.

Brugge vs. Panathinaikos
The match will be very tense, and we believe that Panathinaikos will not lose it. No matter that the outcome is quite handy for FC Brugge on whether it will eliminate Panathinaikos, however there is a difference in the classes and in the traditions, where Panathinaikos is quite advanced. Our football forecast from betting football tips is X2.

четвъртък, 30 юли 2015 г.

Napoli drew a player from Tottenham

The Italian team Napoli will get the Romanian national Vlad Kirikes from Tottenham against 4.5 million pounds.
He arrived in Italy to pass medical examinations and to endorse his personal contract with the Italian club.
The 25-year-old player was not included into the plans of the Londoners manager, Mauricio Pochetino.
For two seasons at Tottenham, he has played 27 times in the Premier League, after he was drawn to the White Hart Lane from Steaua Bucharest against 6.8 million pounds.
At the same time, Napoli has achieved success with a convincing 5:1 in the control against Citadela. Twice tallied Lorenzo Insinie and in one hit, added Raul Albiol, Omar El Kaduri and Mehrtens.

вторник, 28 юли 2015 г.

392 days and a response at last...

Every football fan has their own way to express his or her emotions, when he or she thinks that his team has been wronged. One curse word, a second break, third expresses his outrage on social networks.
Just as straight and one Mexican supporter after dropping the `Aztecs` of the World Cup last year. Then the Netherlands won in the injury time with a goal from a rather controversial penalty kick.
For 392 days the Mexican has been sending a message to the Royal Netherlands Football Federation of the social network Twitter. And this is every day.
`It wasn`t a penalty.`r, eads the daily message for user @Josesomor26 to the Federation.
Mexico won the Gold Cup on Sunday night, and the next day and followed a message from the official page on Twitter of the Royal Football Federation of the Netherlands, stating: `Congratulations, @Josesomor26! But, there was a penalty.`

петък, 24 юли 2015 г.

Real Madrid won over Manchester City

Real Madrid defeated Manchester City squarely with 4:1 in an interesting control meeting, played in Melbourne as part of the friendly International Tournament Champions Cup after his success secured the Cup and his players from the race.
The two teams have demonstrated quite open and aggressive soccer, and White Ballet deservedly came to success in front of a record attendance of 99 382 people.
Rafa Benitez bet all their account holders, while Manuel Pellegrini put into play some of adolescents, as well as the new addition Fabian Delf and Raheem Sterling. However, Delf has had an injury and was replaced by Jesus Navas in the 21st minute.
In the same minute, Karim Benzema opened the score and took advantage of centering on Gareth Bale and the sight of Cristiano Ronaldo misfired from volley for 1:0.
Four minutes later, Ronaldo still realized a goal. The Portuguese national was brought out with the famed pass from the center of Toni Kroos and tried to pass Joe Hart. The goalkeeper reacted badly, just deflect the ball slightly, but she kept the path to his door.
In the 44th minute, Real has already led with 3:0. After centering of Isco of a corner, Pepe was left alone in the penalty area and scored the third goal with his head in the game.
In injury time of the first part entitled City to execute a penalty after a rather comical situation. Among other things, the situation was outside the penalty area. The referee, however, saw only the touch of Ramos and ruled a penalty filled exactly by Yaya Toure.
In the second half both teams made a lot of shifts and the game were tore loose as Real still ended up the fourth, goal. In the 73rd minute Isco went on the right and nice served the ball to Dennis Cherishev, who from a few meters without problems jammed in the door for the final via www.footballcapper.org 4:1.

вторник, 21 юли 2015 г.

Rafael Nadal is the most popular Spaniard

Rafa Nadal has not too many successes this season, but in his native Spain this it does not affect to his image.

The left-handler from Manacor was selected as the most popular and the most recognizable Spaniard in a poll of the local edition of Media Personality. Over 30 000 people voted in the poll.

The results via footballcapper show that Nadal embodies in the greatest extent the Spain. Then it ordered his partner in the restaurant business - the basketballer Pau Gasol, third is the actor Paco Leon.

The prize six is completed by the word champion of motorcycling Marc Marquez, the footballer Andres Iniesta of Barcelona and the national team coach Vicente del Bosque.

неделя, 19 юли 2015 г.

Messi put the first stone of a new stadium in Gabon

The star of Barcelona, Lionel Messi interrupted his vacation to visit Gabon and to embark on the construction of a new stadium in Port Jenil, who will accept the matches of the tournament according betting football tips for the Terrified African Nations through 2017.
Messi was in the company of his good friend Deco.
At the same time, Samuel Eto`o thanked the two that got involved in the campaign.
Eto`o has been developing a training center in Gabon for three years. He apologized to his former teammates at Barcelona that he cannot accompany them during their visit in the country.

четвъртък, 16 юли 2015 г.

Dynamo Minsk: 'We can say we`re favorites.`

The mentor of Dynamo Minsk Vuk Rasovic demonstrated poise and self-confidence of his team before the match with Cherno More Varna from the second qualifying round of Europa League. According to him, the team could be called a favorite.
'We can say that we are favorites, but we have to prove their superiority on the field. We must do all we can to qualify for the next round. The most important thing is to show during the match everything that we worked with him every day for training.`
'We have to try to make a spectacular and successful match.`, said Rasovic at the press conference. The Serbian is a former player of Slavia from the late 90s of the last century.
'It`s no word for understatement. We know well our rival. Cherno More is a serious team. We know that you have five serious foreign players. They won the Cup of Bulgaria in a dramatic final adviced by bestpaidtips against a strong team of Levski, in this game a long time with one less.`, said Rasovic.
He does not believe that Dynamo will have some advantage out of that match will be played on neutral ground in Razgrad. A multi-use stadium of 'sailors` 'Ticha` was not licensed for European football.
'It has no significant meaning. The amount of courses in Varna and Razgrad is the same. The distance between the two cities is not large. I`m sure that the stadium will have a lot of fans of the Black Sea. And they support their team very passionately. It won`t be easy.`, said Rasovic.

неделя, 12 юли 2015 г.

Nole: The world is a nice place when you achieve your dream

Novak Djokovic did not hide his happiness after winning at Wimbledon. The Serb defeated at the finals with 3:1 sets Roger Federer for the third time in his career and lifted the trophy in London. Here`s what Djokovic said at the ceremony after the final analyzed by www.footballcapper.org match:

"Above all I want to say that for me is always a privilege to play against Roger. One of the most amazing experiences is to play on this court against him. Many people of my generation have him as an idol, "began his champion`s speech Djokovic.

"I knew that Roger will play his game. He makes you pushing the limits of your abilities, to work hard for every point, there is no way to gift you the match. I knew that I expect a tough game and it increased the pressure over me. I work every day for moments like this. From a small child I was dreaming to be on the central court at Wimbledon and to win the trophy.

This evening we`ll drink a beer or a glass of wine. It was a long race. With Boris Becker we have worked for a few years and we needed some time to understand each other. However, he is a German and I`m a Serb we are looking at the world on a different way, but we have found the right formula. This trophy is equal for me and for him. I want to thank my wife, and all those who supported me, "said Nole.

Asked about the ritual to eat from the grass on the court every time he won Wimbledon, Djokovic said: "It`s taste is very nice, especially this year. I don`t know what are the people who take a care for it doing, but it is excellent. I`ve always dreamed to win Wimbledon. When you`re a little child and you are dreaming to achieve something amazing and then when you achieve your dream, the world becomes in an amazing place. "

петък, 10 юли 2015 г.

Casillas and Real reached an agreement for the separation

Iker Casillas and Real Madrid agreed to the separation. Official confirmation of the termination of the contractual relationship between the two sides is a matter of hours.
The contract of Casillas with Porto will be for a term of two years with the option for a third, which will enter into force, if the goalkeeper played 30 matches analyzed by 24footballtips.com in the second year of their stay in the Portuguese club.
The 34-year-old goalkeeper will receive a two-year contract for 10 million, and the brand will take 7 million euros.
Furthermore, Real Madrid will compensate him with 12.5 million for the remaining two years of his contract with the White Ballet, which expires in 2017.
Casillas and the direction of Real Madrid had a different, precisely on the compensation which the goalkeeper must obtain in the termination of his contract.

понеделник, 6 юли 2015 г.

Sevilla increased the price of Imobile

The Spanish Sevilla has increased its offer for the striker of Borussia Dortmund and the Italian national team, Ciro Imobile. They have offered 12 million euros for the former striker of Torino, who failed to make a successful season in the Bundesliga.
The defender of Sevilla found a substitute of Carlos Baca, who signed with AC Milan for the sum of 35 million euros.
According to various sources, the first suggestion of Sevilla for Imobile was in the amount of 10 million euros, but has been rejected by the German club.
Ciro is also desired by the teams of Napoli and Fiorentina.

четвъртък, 2 юли 2015 г.

Lucesku: `Milan is the favorite for Adriano.`

The senior coach of Shakhtar Donetsk Mircea Lucesku said that Milan is the favorite in the fight for striker Luis Adriano. As it is known, the Brazilian refused to pass in Dynamo, although the clubs via betting picks agreed with each other, it is also said that Roma and Fenerbahce are also interested in the player, whose contract expires on December 31 this year.
`At this point, Milan is the favorite, and for the Roma it is not. In January, wanted to take Adriano rental, but I played in the Champions League, and I had to let him go. If he stays, he`s going to help us a lot more. Everyone suffers because of the uncertain situation in Ukraine, but it is his right to decide their future. Al-Dynamo and Fenerbahce offered 8 million for Lewis, but he refused those offers.`, revealed Lucesku.
Earlier it was said that Shakhtar player wants 7 million euros, but Milan is willing to give around 5 million euros.

вторник, 30 юни 2015 г.

Nadal won the derby of the leftists in London

The two-time winner of the British Open tournament predicted by betting football tips Rafael Nadal began with an authoritative success his participation of Wimbledon. The tenth seeded Spaniard prevailed in the derby of the leftists over Thomaz Bellucci from Brazil with 6:4, 6:2, 6:4

In the first set, Nadal made a series of four games from 2:2 to 5:2, but when served to win the part, Bellucci managed to get a breakthrough. However, the former world number one closed the set in the tenth game at the first opportunity.

The next part began with break from Nadal. He also achieved another at 4:1.

Interesting was the beginning of the final set. The Brazilian led with 2:0, but then lost four consecutive games and save point at 2:5. At 5:4 Nadal already served for a place in the second round. He led with 40:30 and realized a match-ball after Bellucci stopped the ball with backhand in the net.

The next rival of the Spaniard is Dustin Brown, who represents Germany. The tennis player with Jamaican roots beat Rafa last year on grass in Halle in their first meeting.

понеделник, 29 юни 2015 г.

Azarenka with quick success at Wimbledon

The former world number one Victoria Azarenka first of the ladies went in the second round of the British Open Tennis.

Only for 57 minutes, placed under No23 at Wimbledon player from Belarus won with 6:2, 6:1 against Anett Kontaveit from Estonia.

Victoria made two breaks in each set and does not allow her opponent to achieve a single break. Azarenka finished the match according asian handicap picks with 22 winners hits (6 aces) against only 10 unforced errors (5 double). Kontaveit recorded 15 Winners and 15 errors.

The next opponent of the tennis player from Minsk will be Kirsten Flipkens (Belgium), who beat Annika Beck (Germany) after 0:6, 6:3, 6:4.

The best ranking of Victoria at Wimbledon is a semi-final in 2011 and 2012 and in the past edition she dropped out in the second round.

The No24 in the scheme Flavia Pennetta from Italy lost from Zarina Diyas (Kazakhstan) with 3:6, 6:2, 4:6.

петък, 26 юни 2015 г.

Blatter: I\`m not retired, I want my sixth term.

Sepp Blatter has surprised the football world with his last statement. The Swiss, who resigned on June 2, now claims he actually never left the office. And on top of that, the new electoral Congress of World Soccer power plant, he will run for a new term.
The expected date of the electoral assembly is going to become clear by the end of the summer and to be held early next year. If elected, this would be his sixth term at the helm of world football.
'You have not understood me correctly, I am not resigning lodges. Just handed his mandate of Congress and he will decide what to do with it. I`m going to run to the next meeting and the people, who elected me, will now decide whether to vote for me again.`
'We are now meeting in the Museum, but I don`t think I`m for the Museum. I still have a lot of work to be done and energy about it.`, Blatter said in an interview with the newspaper `Blick` in his homeland and raised questions about the upcoming Congress of FIFA.

понеделник, 22 юни 2015 г.

Check out those football picks

Today, we have prepared for you an interesting selection of three club meetings. See what our football tips, regarding those matches:

Slavia Mozyr vs. Dynamo Minsk
That soccer prediction is from Belarus - Premier League. The teams of Slavia Mozyr and Dynamo Minsk are going face off against each other in a very interesting and exciting match. The guests are the favorites in the game and we think they are the better team, but we are guessing that both teams will be handed out for the three points. Dynamo is on the second position after BATE, but the difference is eight points. Our soccer forecast mentioned by football betting picks is for a win for Dynamo Minsk.

Admira Wacker Modling vs. Targu Mures
Today, the Austrian team Admira Wacker Modling and the Romanian Targu Mures are going to meet each other. This is a friendly match. Certainly, there will be many goals scored. The Austrians did some good matches in the League, against some of the giants. Targu Mures also had a strong season and barely escaped with the title, but we think the Austrian football is better than Romanian and in this meeting their advantage will be significant. Our football prediction is 1X.

Khalsa Balestier vs. Warriors FC
And our final football forecast mentioned by football betting picks is for the match between the teams of Khalsa Balestier and Warriors FC, in a match for the Singapore Cup. In the Championship of the country and the two teams achieved some wins as the Warriors defeated as a guest Khalsa Balastier very hard, and then they almost lost by them as a host, but managed to avoid it and defeated with a goal difference. In a conclusion, our advice is to bet on a win of the guests.

петък, 19 юни 2015 г.

Glen Johnson refused to Besiktas

The defender of Liverpool, Glen Johnson refused to pass into the Turkish Besiktas.
The defender will become a free agent next month and was strongly desired by the Turkish team, but eventually the idea to play ball in the composition of the Black Eagles did not especially attractive.
Editions of the island also claim that the desire of the player is to play in the Premier League, so the transfer beyond border`s off as an option in front of him.
It is hard to speculate that the experienced defender may boost the ranks of West Ham.
His condition, however, is The Hammers to set the rights of Charles Jenkinson off, because he doesn`t want to be in the role of a reserve.
Manchester City also has an interest in the English national.

четвъртък, 18 юни 2015 г.

Beraino dropped out of the team of England

The star of the youth national team of England, Sajdo Beraino dropped out of the accounts of the 'Three Lions` just hours before the team`s first game of the European final against Portugal.
West Bromwich Albion striker was with me for the classification of the English Forum, along with his partner in attack, Harry Caine.
From the message of the Football Association of England it is not clear what the cause is, but probably it comes to injury.
'The attacker will not be part of the European Championship in the Czech Republic by Benik Afobe. Wolverhampton was called and will join the team of the breeder before Gareth Southgate for England matches from football betting picks against Sweden (June 21) and Italy (24 June.`, it was said in an official press release of the FA.

събота, 13 юни 2015 г.

Roger Federer â„–5 in the world rich man

The Swiss maestro Roger Federer took the prestigious fifth place in the American magazine "Forbes" for the highest-earning athletes in the world for 2015. Seven players found their place in the ranking.

He earned 67 million dollars. 9 million of which are prize money and 58 million from advertising and merchandising. The biggest sponsors of Federer are Nike, Rolex, Credit Suisse and Mercedes-Benz, which are bringing him more than $ 40 million annually. Recently, he has signed a contract with the largest private telecommunications provider in Switzerland Sunrise.

Getting a record of$ 300 million is the boxer Floyd Mayweather, who got it for the fait with Manny Pakyao, which in turn is the second. Previous peak earnings for 12 months was of Tiger Woods in 2008 when he took 115 million.

Maria Sharapova once again is the richest athlete on the planet. She is placed as No26 with 29.7 million dollars. Serena Williams is is 47-th and the both are the only two women in the top 100.
Tennis players in the top 100 of "Forbes" are:

5. Roger Federer - 67 mln.dolara
13. Novak Djokovic - 48.2
22. Rafael Nadal - 32.5
26. Maria Sharapova - 29.7
47. Serena Williams- 24.6
64. Andy Murray - 22.3
92. Kei Nishikori - 19 5.

сряда, 10 юни 2015 г.

McClaren signed a strange agreement with Newcastle

Former England manager Steve McClaren is now officially the manager of Newcastle. He takes the place of John Carver, who leads the composition temporary from winter to the end of the season and managed to save it from falling. Until two weeks ago, McLaren led the Derby, but was sacked for failure in the attempt to enter the Premiership.

The contract of the specialist with Newcastle is in an atypical configuration - 3 + 5 years. Furthermore, McClaren enters in the Board of Directors of the club, as will combine the two posts. With his leading positions divided the outgoing president Mike Ashley and the Finance Director John Irving. Also new members of the Board of Directors are the chief of the scouts Graham Carr and Bob Monkur.

"I am happy that we managed to take one of the best English managers. He has 20 years experience at the club level and on the international stage," said the Executive Director of the "Magpies" Lee Charney, who is also part of the Board of Directors.

понеделник, 8 юни 2015 г.

Brazil got the ninth consecutive win

The Brazilian national team continues to recover in the best possible way from the nightmare over the past World Championships. `Selesao` continues its winning streak under the guidance of new coach Carlos Dunga.
He is preparing for his involvement in the Copa America as they defeated Mexico with 2:0 in front of their own crowd in the penultimate test before continental Championship of South America. It was the ninth consecutive success for the `Golden` under the leadership of the former team captain.
Everything in this match was decided even before the break. There were hits, courtesy of Philippe Koutinho and Diego Illy in the 28th and 37th minutes. Subsequently, the Brazilians easily held his lead and begin participating in the continental competition with good mood.
It should be noted that the game of `Selesao` in this match was without their captain Neymar. The star of Barcelona is still in Spain, to celebrate winning the UEFA Champions League. He will join the squad on the eve of the matches for the Copa America.
The last stand of Brazil before the tournament will be on Wednesday against Honduras. The team then will travel to Chile, where it is in a group with Peru, Colombia and Venezuela. Only four teams drop out after the group stage of the Copa America, so Brazilians are preparing for continued participation in the race.

петък, 5 юни 2015 г.

4 Things You Don`t Know About Samuel Eto`o

Undoubtedly Samuel Eto`o is one of the greatest African footballers in history. He has won numerous team and individual prizes. In his professional club career, he has made 277 goals for Cameroon, there have been 56 hits, which topped the list of the Lions.
We present 4 interesting facts that you may not have heard of the career and life of the legendary footballer of Cameroon.
1. A private foundation
One of the most significant things on a personal level of Samuel Eto`o is the Foundation of a foundation bearing the name `Fondation Samuel Eto ` o`. It aims to assist children and adolescents, providing favorable conditions for their sport and professional development. The Foundation was established in March 2006 and cares for children only from Africa.

2. Contracts with big brands
The attacker has contracts with two of the biggest brands in the world of sports and fashion. Eto`o is the face of a `Cougar` and `Versace`. Also the 34-year-old footballer has a contract with `Guinness` and `Orange`. All signed contracts with some of the most well-known brands in the world show the overwhelming influence of the soccer player off the field.

3. Only two consecutive treble with different teams
Samuel Eto`o is the only player in the history of football, who managed to achieve two consecutive treble with different teams. This happened in 2009 and 2010godina. In 2009, the player won with Barcelona La Liga, Copa del Rey and the Champions League, noting one of the hits in the final against Manchester United. A year later, the dark-skinned player landed at `Giuseppe Meazza` with the team of Inter and under the leadership of Jose Mourinho won the title in Serie A, Italy`s Cup and the Champions League.

4. Participate in a number of Rap videos
Besides the pitch Eto`o is active in the field of music. His interest in rap music leads to a series of appearances in music videos of the stars as `Lim`, `Mister You`, `Mokobe` and Sinik. The performers are quite well-known in the field and their videos are watched by hundreds of thousands of fans.

вторник, 2 юни 2015 г.

Athletic Bilbao - Barcelona (Copa Del Rey Final) 30.05.2015

Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona face against each other in the final of the Copa Del Rey. The match at the "Camp Nou" is on Saturday evening, May 30 2015. The battle for the trophy opposes two successful teams, as the Basques have won 23 Cups and Barca triumphed 26 times. Athletic Bilbao took the trophy last in 1984 and Barcelona in 2012. The odds for the game offered by the leading bookmakers are as follows: 13.00 for Athletic Bilbao, with a draw at 7.00 and as were expected Barca is determined as the favorite with odds of 1.20.

Athletic Bilbao finished the season in La Liga in seventh place. Last week the team won with 4:0 at home against Villarreal and ensures its place in the Europa League this autumn. "Basques" are unbeaten in seven consecutive games and enter in this meeting in high spirits. Midfielder Oscar de Marcos is suspended and will miss the most important match for his team this year. With injuries are Iker Muniain and Ander Iturraspe, as their absence would open gaps in the midfield of the composition of Athletic Bilbao. Their place will be occupied by Ager Aketxe and Inaki Williams.

Barcelona won the Primera Division, and also except this forthcoming final, the team will play in the final match of the Champions League on June 6 against Juventus. The boys of Luis Enrique have a unique opportunity for a treble, but it goes through tough victory against Athletic Bilbao. Barca lost once in the last 21 games in all competitions in the King`s Cup and is in a process of eight consecutive wins. The statistics from the direct matches is also on its side, as Barcerona lost only once in the last 24 direct meetings against Bilbao. The only player with issues is the striker Luis Suarez, as his place probably will be taken by Pedro Rodriguez.

Prediction: Over 2.5 goals @ 1.44 at bet365

сряда, 27 май 2015 г.

Suarez resumed training

Luis Suarez took part in the last workout of Barcelona, but has not passed the necessary medical examinations yet and remains questionable for the King`s Cup final against Athletic Bilbao, which is on Saturday at Camp Nou.
Suarez did not play in the last two matches of the Catalans against Atletico Madrid and Deportivo La Coruna because of ligament damage.
The senior coach Luis Enrique will have the last word on whether Suarez will play against Athletic Bilbao.
With the first line-up of the Barcelona prepared adolescents Munir El team Hadadi, Sandro Ramirez, Adama Traore, Gumbau and Chamber of Commerce.

понеделник, 25 май 2015 г.

Andy Murray with an easy start in Paris

Seeded under number 3 Andy Murray (Britain) qualified for the second round of the French Open. Murray beat Facundo Arguello (Argentina) with 6:3, 6:3, 6:1 for 1:44 hours.

The Scot had no trouble in the match,in which made six breaks and recorded 21 winning shots. Murray lost only eight points in the first serve and recorded the 11th straight win of the season on clay courts. In the second round Murray will play against the winner of the match between Joao Sousa (Portugal) and Vasek Pospisil (Canada).

As is known, Murray showed a great form in recent weeks, winning two titles on clay in races - in Munich and "Masters" in Madrid. In his career the Briton has not reached the final of "Roland Garros". can boast with two half-finals in Paris - in 2011 and 2014.

четвъртък, 21 май 2015 г.

Sterling will not sign with Liverpool even for 900 000 per a week

The big talent of Liverpool Raheem Sterling will not sign a new contract with the club of "Anfield" even it will be offer a salary of 900 000 pounds per a week. This sensational statement made the agent of the youngster Adie Ward, who said that his client wants to enter into a "direct competitor of Liverpool," from the Premier League. So the impresario ruled that Stirling will pass into a team outside of England as Real Madrid or Bayern (Munich).

"I do not care the PR officer of the club and the club. I do not care. Rahim will not sign a new contract. There is no sign either 700, 800 or 900 thousand pounds per a week. He just will not sign a contract. My job is to do the best for my clients. Even if people say that I did not do my job well, or that one of my clients has bad advisers, it doesn`t matter. The important thing is to do what is the best for my clients, "said Ward for " Evening Standard ".

The agent attacked also one of the former teammates of Sterling in Liverpool and a legend for the club Jamie Carragher for criticism to his client in the last days. "Carragher is a dunce. Everyone knows that. Not one word of criticism from former players of Liverpool to Stirling does not excite me. Their stories are not important. Otherwise, I`m not worried that it could harm my client with words. To worry means you do not know what can happen. While for Rahim the offer will make any club from the Premier League "continued with his tirade the agent.

петък, 15 май 2015 г.

Mourinho invited Schurle to take his medal

The manager of Chelsea, Jose Mourinho made the invitation to Andre Schurle, via a message on the phone to arrive in London to take the gold medal, which they can get.
The quarterback went through the January transfer window with Wolfsburg.
The player himself has revealed that his former manager Jose Mourinho sent him an SMS, which invited him to the last match of Londoners in the Premier League to claim medals.
`I didn`t even know I could get a medal, since I have not played in the second half of the season. Mourinho sent me a message to tell me that I can get a medal and to invite me to the last game of the season. That`s very nice.`, said Andre Schurle.
The striker expressed his joy of the trophy from Chelsea.
`Still love Chelsea, I`m not disappointed. It was a great experience.`, said the footballer of Wolfsburg.
`Blue will end the campaign on 24 May against Sunderland at Stamford Bridge.

вторник, 12 май 2015 г.

Bodo Ilgner is expecting a final between Real Madrid and Barcelona

The fomer goalkeeper of Real Madrid`s Bodo Ilgner said on the eve of the second leg of the semifinals of the Champions League between the Spanish Grand and Juventus, that he expected the current holder of the trophy to overcome the Italians and to meet Barcelona in the final in the tournament.
Real lost the first match against Juventus with a 1:2, while Barcelona defeated Bayern Munich with 3:0 in the first meeting.
Ilgner twice has won the Champions League with Real Madrid and is convinced he will see the clash between real and Barca in the final of the prestigious tournament.
`Home Real will tackle.`, said Bodo Ilgner. `At the Bernabeu they will have more power, and the atmosphere is going to be scary. For the entire Club the Champions League is the priority. Real will qualify for the finals and will play against Barcelona.`, commented Ilgner.
The legendary goalkeeper shared his opinion about the work of Pep Guardiola. `His philosophy is based on special players. In Barcelona it was Lionel Messi, at Bayern Ribery`s Robben. They do things differently from the rest. Every coach took advantage of what he has. Before it was Messi, and now Ribery and Robben. This is normal.`, said Bodo Ilgner.

четвъртък, 7 май 2015 г.

Sharapova first reached the semi-finals

The defending champion of the tournament in Madrid Maria Sharapova was the first tennis player, who qualified for the semi-finals of the competition of the highest category of the WTA "Premier mandatory".

The third placed in the scheme Russian won in a two-hour duel over Caroline Wozniacki No5 with
6:1, 3:6, 6:3. Yesterday Sharapova again played three sets against Caroline Garcia.

After a swift first set, Sharapova made a major breakthrough for 3:5 in the second, and it cost for her the part. In the decisive set, Wozniacki made a break for 2:1. This made an ambition for Masha and she responded with a breakthrough to zero. Sharapova reached the new break for 5:3, and in the next game even ended with her first match point.

Sharapova finished with two aces and seven double faults and won 68 percent of points played in the first serve.

To reach a second consecutive final in the "Caja Mahiko" Maria will have to overcome Svetlana Kuznetsova.

вторник, 5 май 2015 г.

Lewandowski: I am not afraid, everything is fine

The striker of Bayern Munich, Robert Lewandowski has demonstrated impressive courage before the upcoming clash with Barcelona in the Champions League.
Only a week ago the pole suffered heavily after a collision with Borussia Dortmund goalkeeper Mitch Langerak received a broken nose and a concussion. The initial predictions by footballcapper were that he would not be able to take part in the match with Barca, but Lewandowski was determined to play.
On Monday, he held a workout with a mask, and when the team`s departure for Barcelona said he is not afraid to play in the match. `Everything is okay. Tomorrow we will see how I am. I`m not afraid.`, said the goal scorer.

сряда, 29 април 2015 г.

Lazio - Parma (Serie A)

Lazio takes Parma at "Stadio Olimpico" in Rome in a meeting of the 33rd round of the Italian Serie A. The match is on Wednesday - April 29, 2015, and chief judge will be Giampaolo Kalvareze. The odds for the game offered by the leading bookmaker bet365 are as follows: 1.25 for a home win, with a draw at 5.50 and 15.00 for the victory of the guests. In the autumn game between the two teams, the "Roman Eagles" reached the victory with 2:1.

Lazio missed the opportunity to pull in front of its city rivals of AS Roma at the weekend. The "Eagles" failed to win against Chievo and finished in a draw at home, as did not benefit from the branch of a rival for the 2nd place which fell in his visit to Inter with 2:1. Now, Lazio meets the last in the standings Parma to take three valuable points in the battle for the Champions League zone. Unfortunately for the coach Stefano Pioli, the camp of "Eagles" has many injured players before the game on Wednesday. With injuries are Stefan De Vrij, Santiago Gentiletti, Lucas Biglia, Marco Parolo, Lorik Cana, Filip ?or?evic and Miroslav Klose. Also, with punishment is Ogenyi Onazi. In the absence of his two "rams", Stefano Piola will rely on Keita Balde up front. He will be assisted by Stefano Mauri and Antonio Candreva on the wings.

Parma recorded success against Palermo at the weekend with 1:0. However, after the withdrawal of 7 points from the asset of the "Dukes", they are firmly relegated to Serie B next year. However Roberto Donadoni`s men showed good games lately, despite the problems at the club. Parma will play for the honour at "Olimpico" where won one point against Lazio`s city rivals - Roma. "Dukes" will be without the suspended Andrea Costa and Zouhair Feddal and the injured Daniele Galloppa.

Recently, Lazio played very liberated and score many goals. Parma also showed good games in the recent matches and certainly will not be a punching bag. We expect to see an interesting match at "Olimpico" on Wednesday night with a lot of goals.

Prediction: Over 2.5 goals @ 1.53 at bet365

понеделник, 27 април 2015 г.

Sinisa: Character and experience are not sold at the supermarket

The coach of Sampdoria, Sinisa Mikhailovich, did not make the great drama of loss with 2:4 as a guest of the Napoli, as reported, that the opponent was just better.
They could seriously interfere in the battle for third and fourth place, but now find themselves 6 points by Napoli that remains just under the top 3.
`Napoli is a great team, and when you give him three goals, how to achieve a positive result.`, commented the Serbian. `They deserved the victory as it played much better than us. It is not impossible to lose the `San Paolo`. Napoli had a goal and many other situations, but we definitely helped them to beat us. Our approach was not bad but made the first goal, and very soon came and the second. `
`We knew that they have an incredible attacking potential. Napoli has a better team than us, this should not be a surprise to anyone. The good thing is that on Wednesday we will be back on the pitch and you won`t have to wait another seven days for this. We`re the still fifth, will play a match to match and will focus on the positives.`, added Mikhailovich.
`We were a little scared to stay close to their front line, so we went back, which make the admission of goals inevitably. I`ve always maintained that we need to be afraid of us. It is true that there are 6 rounds and there are teams behind us in the standings, but we haven`t achieved anything and risked at the end to ruin a great season.`
`Unfortunately, you can`t buy character or experience in the supermarket, but I`m confident that my boys will find them in themselves.`, the coach ended.

сряда, 22 април 2015 г.

The pants of Pep couldn`t stand after the performance at "Allianz Arena"

The outstanding performance of Bayern (Munich) against Porto in the second leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League has brought a great satisfaction for Bayern coach Pep Guardiola, as well as among all fans of the German giants. Enormous tension, which was trapped after the team lost with 1: 3 in Portugal, fell only after half an hour game at "Allianz Arena", when the hosts had already led with 3: 0. To the break the backfire of Bayern swelled to five goals and now for all was clear that the German champion is in the semis. This caused quite tumultuous joy in Guardiola, whose pants; a part of the elegant suit of the Spaniard has been burst.

From "Bild" founded an original word with which to describe the feeling of the phenomenal presentation of Bayern - "goalies". According to the tabloid "goalies " was so strong that Pep pants wouldn`t pass.

вторник, 14 април 2015 г.

Djokovic overtook Nadal as a number of weeks on the top

Novak Djokovic surpassed Rafael Nadal with number of weeks on the top of the ATP rankings. Djokovic is world number one 142 weeks and climbed to the sixth place in the list with the leaders.

On the fifth position is the American John McEnroe with 170 weeks, and a leader is Roger Federer with 302 in the publication of the rankings for the men this week.

вторник, 7 април 2015 г.

Wozniacki played tennis with Obama at the White House

Former world number one Caroline Wozniacki took a part in the traditional 137th race for rolling Easter eggs at the White House, known as "The White House Easter Egg Roll". Of course she was invited to play tennis, not to chase colored eggs with a wooden spoon.

She exchanged a few balls for "orange" court with the US President Barack Obama and showed him the correct grip for backhand. Besides Wozniacki, in the show on the lawn at the White House took part the American tennis players Coco Vandeweghe, Victoria Duval and Alicia Black.

Matches on the court were organized by the first lady Michelle Obama. She showed much better skills than her husband, who is addicted to basketball.

Traditionally from 1878, the first family of the United States welcomed at the White House thousands of children from all 50 states for competitions of rolling Easter eggs with wooden spoons on Monday after Easter.

Over 30 000 people, which won a special lottery to participate in the event, went through the south lawn of "Pennsylvania Avenue" No1600.

вторник, 31 март 2015 г.

Djokovic with eighth consecutive victory in Miami

The world number one Novak Djokovic qualified for the second round of the tournament series "Masters 1000" in Miami. Defending his title champion from Serbia overcame the qualifier Steve Darcis from Belgium with 6:0, 7:5 to record eighth consecutive victory in Florida.

Novak needed just 26 minutes to win the first set, in which took 31 of the 45 points. The experienced Belgian in the second part sampled for 5: 4. Then Darcis served to equalize the sets, but the four-time champion mobilized and won the remaining to the end games.

"I knew the game well and knew what to expect. Fortunately I was able to begin the match in the best possible start, but I finished differently. Maintaining the concentration until the end helped me to win," admitted Djokovic.

Djokovic aims to third double in Indian Wells - Miami after 2011 and 2014, something which no one has yet done.

вторник, 24 март 2015 г.

Simona Halep triumphed in Indian Wells

The Rumanian Simona Halep took the most prestigious title after the triumph of the tournament in Indian Wells in category "Prime binding". At the final in California the third placed has dominated, after a twist over the No18 in the scheme Jelena Jankovic from Serbia with 2:6, 7:5, 6:4 in a match that lasted more than two and a half hours, which didn`t impress the tennis aesthetes.

Jankovic started with a breakthrough in her fifth opportunity. Halep didn`t bother and gave it right back. The former world number one made a second break for 3: 2. In the seventh game the Romanian again conceded a break from 40:15 after a wobbly service. Then the champion from 2010 Jelena served for the set, get to point to earn it and implement it after a retour in the net if her rival. The part continued 45 minutes.

In the second set again the 30 years old tennis player from Belgrade, made the first hit with a break for 3: 2. Halep seemed broken, but immediately returned it with a game to zero, which won the applause of Ion Tsiryak, who was in her gunstock. Once again Jankovic repeated the attack for 4: 3. This time the 23 years old Simona it returned it back after a long and nervous game.

Jelena for the third time made a break and served for the title at 5: 4. But again Halep complied the script and tied with a bold game after 30:30. Finally the Romanian took the submission and the Serbian already had to serve to stay in the set. Jankovic didn`t do well and capitulated in the second set ball.

The tradition was continued also in the decisive part. Jankovic samples for 2: 1, not without the help of the net. There was the usual exchange of both breaks to 3: 2. Then on the court came the coach of Halep Victor Ionita. She took her submission to lead at 4: 3. A break for Simon and already she served for the title. But the answer of Jankovic was a break. In the last game Halep did the last, 18th, breakthrough in the final, in zero, which earned her a trophy.

For Simona this is the 11th career title. The Champion takes 1000 points for the world rankings and 900 400 dollars of the prize money. For the finalist Jankovic remained 650 points and 439 420 dollars.

четвъртък, 19 март 2015 г.

Torino - Zenit Petersburg (Europa League)

Torino welcomes Zenit at the "Stadio Olimpico di Torino" in a meeting rematch of the Europa League. A week ago, in the first game between the two teams, the Russians took the lead with 2:0, which will now defend in Italy. The game on Thursday - March 19, 2015 and the odds offered by the leading bookmaker bet365 are as follows: 2.70 for a home win, with a draw at 3.30 and 2.88 for the victory of the guests.

The great season of Torino in Europe continues, but now the Bulls have to deal with a very difficult task. The coach Giampiero Ventura determines Zenit as the favorite, but certainly hopes of ultimate success for his team.

Rematch with Zenit missed Marco Benassi, who received a red card in the first match and was punished. Because of injuries, with question in the composition of Torino are Salvatore Masiello and Giuseppe Vives. Giampiero Ventura will rely on attacking tactics, and hopes for an early goal to stiff the strong team of the guests.

Zenit arrives in Torino with serious self-esteem of the lead from the first leg. Andre Villas-Boas however hurriedly took his players to the ground, as said that the chance of ultimate success of both teams is 50 / 50. Portuguese specialist expects very aggressive and assertive play by the hosts.

Problems in the camp of Zenith are related to the punishment of Javi Garcia and injuries of Andrey Arshavin and Viktor Fayzulin. In the days before the game, Aleksandr Anyukov and Aleksandr Kerzhakov got sick and will not travel to Italy.

The composition of the Zenith has a lot of problems, like missing a lot of key players. Torino is strong team and assertively will seek victory. In view of this we rely on the equal chances for both sides.

Prediction: Draw @ 3.30 at bet365

четвъртък, 12 март 2015 г.

Toni Nadal: Rafael has no chance in Indian Wells and Miami

Rafael Nadal is no longer the same player. For him will become more difficult to win "Roland Garros". The words said Toni Nadal - the coach and an uncle of the king of the clay. According to Tony, his graduate has lost one of his most valuable qualities - perseverance, which threatens his chances for significant new (10th) triumph of the "Roland Garros".

"The key to success or failure lies in the mental qualities of a player. When someone does not feel confident enough mentally, it also affects other aspects of his game, including physics and moving on the courts. What is the case with these mental problems? Rafa lacks consistency. He founded his entire career of perseverance, and now this quality is starting missing. Going back, the big tennis had its own price and now we pay it, "said Toni Nadal for the Spanish line edition" El Confidential ".

"The triumph in Buenos Aires will surely have a positive impact on Nadal, but it will not be enough for him to return to his best tennis in Indian Wells and Miami. We lack consistency and now must do so to regain that status, "assured Toni Nadal.

He also did not hide his concerns and decline in game which Rafa marked in specific matches. "It happened in Doha, where he played very well in the first set but then lost the match. In Australia we had the same problem. Rafa played some good matches and then against Berdych made a disastrous appearance in the first two sets. In Rio happened the same thing, he just stopped playing after the first set. These declines in the game of Nadal began to occur more frequently and this is something that bothers me. "

The most famous uncle in the tennis world gave appropriate compared with both super stars in the world of football in recent years - Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

"You can`t be stable in sports all the time. They say that Messi is no longer the same player. Yes, for a while he stopped to be the player who we know. But then he has founded the way to return to his best days and now came back as good as ever. To Cristiano Ronaldo is currently happened the same thing. You can see - the things in sport are changing very often. "

Asked about the chances of Rafa Nadal to win this year his 10th title of "Roland Garros" Tony said the following: "Every year for Rafa becomes more difficult to impose in" Roland Garros ". There were two or three players before, who could make him problems in the tournament. Now they are at least ten! Last year, Nadal was even more endangered, because he started "Roland Garros" with several heavy losses in the season on clay before. But then Rafael arrived in Paris and played a great tournament."

вторник, 3 март 2015 г.

Football Picks

For those of you, who are highly interested in the English football, we should say that we have very interesting information. We are providing you not only with some brief analyze of some of the tensest upcoming games today and tomorrow but we do provide you with some reliable soccer picks as well. You should use them whenever you are going to bet throughout these days. Take a look at our assumptions:

Brighton & Hove Albion vs. Darby County
Brighton & Hove Albion accepts Darby County in a match from the 35th round of the English League Championship. The hosts are performing quite poorly and have 6 points away from the relegation zone. In the previous match they lost against the team of Bolton Wanderers with the final score of 1:0 on away goals. The guests are leaders in the standings, but despite that they allowed a bad defeat by Fulham in the last round with 2:0, as the Bulgarian national Nikolay Bodurov scored his first goal for the 'Cottagers` Now 'The Rams` should quickly shake them out from this loss and make them raise their head, because the second in ranking-Watford is only 1 point away from them. We definitely expect a victory for the guests. Our football forecast is 2.

Southampton vs. Crystal Palace
Considering its difficult start of the season, many people predicted relegation for Crystal Palace. Alan Pardew though got out his new team from the relegation zone and even now is vying for the prestigious place in 'golden mean`. Southampton in the major periods of the campaign were in a Quartet and even talking about the battle for places in empowering participation in European football. Given the strong competition it would be a very heavy task, and in this mid-range are visiting Crystal Palace. At home, Southampton won 2 months ago against Arsenal on 1 January. Palace has not lost a match as a guest since 20th December last year, when it lost against Manchester City. After this loss these players have achieved two draws and five defeats. Their upcoming visit, however, will not be so easy. Our soccer prediction analyzed by betting predictions is X.

Newcastle vs. Manchester United
Although the good results achieved, Van Gaal was put under serious pressure every week, because of the style and pattern of the game, which the team used. In its latest home games Red Devils needed a red card of a player from the opponent team and a penalty to fail to discover the outcome less than half an hour before the end and eventually to reach a victory. Falcao is still far from his best form and Rooney is going to be the main driver of the team and the guy from who the goals are expected. After the departure of Alan Pardew, John Carver has managed to stabilize the team. Our football prediction analyzed by betting predictions will be as regards with the number of goals scored and we think it will be fewer than 2.5.

четвъртък, 26 февруари 2015 г.

Borussia M`Gladbach vs Sevilla

The German Borussia M`Gladbah meets the Spanish Seville in a rematch of the 1/16 finals in Europa League tournament. The guests took a minimum advance a week ago after a victory in Spain with 1:0. That success came after Vicente Iborra. That result makes the rematch very interesting as both teams have their chances for acceptance. Why not raise your adrenaline and place some bets today? Here is all you are going to need for doing your football tips by betting tips - check it out:

The guys of Lucien Favre do not cease to surprise with their performance that season. The team is on the third place in the Bundesliga with a total amount of 37 points. In the last round of the Championship they reached the result of 1:1 against Hamburger SV after a hit in the last minute of Branimir Hargota. Borussia M`Gladbah is one of the most stable hosts in the German Championship. And in this season in Europe that team is without defeat in front of its fans. In the previous 17 games at home, these players have not won only against the defending champion Bayern Munich, and in the other matches invariably scored at least one goal. The team needs goals to move on in the tournament and all experts expect offensive game from them tonight.

The Spaniards are not in the best shape recently. The team is on the fifth place in the Premier League with 45 points, struggling with Valencia for a place in the top four. Over the weekend they lost against the team of Real Sociedad with a 4:3 in a rather interesting duel with many twists and turns. The mentor of the team has something is to worry about and it is the poor performance of the team during its visits. Sevilla has lost its last five meetings out in all tournaments. And on Thursday night, it is going to face against a very strong home team. The Colombian team`s top scorer Carlos Baca has not stopped scoring goals and it is expected to help the team a lot to rank in the next phase.

We are about to watch the duel with having many questions in mind. The winner of the trophy, Sevilla is the favorite in that match, but we must not forget the strong form of Borussia Mgladbah. We offer you a soccer forecast of over 2.5 goals as the final issue for this meeting.

вторник, 24 февруари 2015 г.

The King of Latin America

David Ferrer is the new champion of the tournament in Rio de Janeiro. On the finals the Spaniard has needed less than an hour and a half to deal with the resistance of Fabio Fognini - 6: 2, 6: 3. It was a record seventh title for Ferrer of tournaments in Latin America, as on this indicator he has single headed the ranking (ahead Nicolas Almagro).

The 32 years old Spaniard has won 3 times and the tournaments in Acapulco and Buenos Aires.
For Ferrer it was the second title of the beginning of the season, after in January he has won the tournament in Doha (on the final he beat Berdich). With his success today he already leads with 8: 0 wins over Fognini.

"I am very happy. This is my 23rd tournament victory and a first one in Rio de Janeiro. I`m very proud with it. I had the opportunity earlier this week to visit the carnival here and everything was great. This week was really special for me. I played very confidently and I have already two titles this year. For me it is essential to be able to compete with the best players in the world, "said the champion David Ferrer.

"When you lose the finals, you could not be disappointed. It was a big week for me, yesterday I beat Rafa. This is a great tournament and I`m happy because I made very well my work. It was hard for me to be 100% ready for the match with David, "said in his turn finalist Fognini.

понеделник, 23 февруари 2015 г.

Free Soccer Tips

Grab the chance to win some money today by placing some bets! In addition to your good luck, we think that you may need some professional help as well - especially if you are a beginner in the field of sports betting. Anyway, you should not be worried at all. It won`t be that hard, considering that we have done some profitable soccer picks for you - check them out:

Stuttgart vs. Borussia Dortmund
It is true that Borussia Dortmund is not in the best condition, but is currently still in a series of two consecutive wins and face off against the last-placed Stuttgart. The hosts have only one earned a point since the start of the new year. In the last four matches between the two teams, Borussia has had three victories and once both teams have had equal points. Yellow-black showed the better face in the past weeks and we expect today again to win the three points. Our soccer forecast is 2.

Nice vs. Monaco
Monaco is also a team in an ascending form, so we expect them to win the meeting today, though their opponent is not performing so badly. But Monaco has 3 wins and 1 draw in the last 4 meetings against Nice. It is very clear that the team of the guests is more classy and is the favorite for the match tonight. The odds are pretty good and worth a try for victory. Our football prediction adviced by betting predictions is definitely 2.

Slovacko vs. Jablones
It is curious that in meetings between these two teams almost always the host wins. In the last 12 derbies there is only one case of a victory for the visiting team. Today, we expect the tradition to continue and Slovacko to win the match. They won in the last home games against Jablonec a year ago. The odds for their victory are more than good, so our advice is to bet with '1`.

Wigan vs. Charlton
That is a very important match for Wigan. That team is in the relegation zone and if it loses today, it is very likely to go to the lower League 1 after soon they were in the Premier League. The team of the hosts is not so weak. Actually, both teams are performing poorly, but the class and home advantage are on the side of Wigan and it will help their victory. Our soccer prediction adviced by betting predictions is 1.