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Toni Nadal: Rafael has no chance in Indian Wells and Miami

Rafael Nadal is no longer the same player. For him will become more difficult to win "Roland Garros". The words said Toni Nadal - the coach and an uncle of the king of the clay. According to Tony, his graduate has lost one of his most valuable qualities - perseverance, which threatens his chances for significant new (10th) triumph of the "Roland Garros".

"The key to success or failure lies in the mental qualities of a player. When someone does not feel confident enough mentally, it also affects other aspects of his game, including physics and moving on the courts. What is the case with these mental problems? Rafa lacks consistency. He founded his entire career of perseverance, and now this quality is starting missing. Going back, the big tennis had its own price and now we pay it, "said Toni Nadal for the Spanish line edition" El Confidential ".

"The triumph in Buenos Aires will surely have a positive impact on Nadal, but it will not be enough for him to return to his best tennis in Indian Wells and Miami. We lack consistency and now must do so to regain that status, "assured Toni Nadal.

He also did not hide his concerns and decline in game which Rafa marked in specific matches. "It happened in Doha, where he played very well in the first set but then lost the match. In Australia we had the same problem. Rafa played some good matches and then against Berdych made a disastrous appearance in the first two sets. In Rio happened the same thing, he just stopped playing after the first set. These declines in the game of Nadal began to occur more frequently and this is something that bothers me. "

The most famous uncle in the tennis world gave appropriate compared with both super stars in the world of football in recent years - Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

"You can`t be stable in sports all the time. They say that Messi is no longer the same player. Yes, for a while he stopped to be the player who we know. But then he has founded the way to return to his best days and now came back as good as ever. To Cristiano Ronaldo is currently happened the same thing. You can see - the things in sport are changing very often. "

Asked about the chances of Rafa Nadal to win this year his 10th title of "Roland Garros" Tony said the following: "Every year for Rafa becomes more difficult to impose in" Roland Garros ". There were two or three players before, who could make him problems in the tournament. Now they are at least ten! Last year, Nadal was even more endangered, because he started "Roland Garros" with several heavy losses in the season on clay before. But then Rafael arrived in Paris and played a great tournament."

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