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Sinisa: Character and experience are not sold at the supermarket

The coach of Sampdoria, Sinisa Mikhailovich, did not make the great drama of loss with 2:4 as a guest of the Napoli, as reported, that the opponent was just better.
They could seriously interfere in the battle for third and fourth place, but now find themselves 6 points by Napoli that remains just under the top 3.
`Napoli is a great team, and when you give him three goals, how to achieve a positive result.`, commented the Serbian. `They deserved the victory as it played much better than us. It is not impossible to lose the `San Paolo`. Napoli had a goal and many other situations, but we definitely helped them to beat us. Our approach was not bad but made the first goal, and very soon came and the second. `
`We knew that they have an incredible attacking potential. Napoli has a better team than us, this should not be a surprise to anyone. The good thing is that on Wednesday we will be back on the pitch and you won`t have to wait another seven days for this. We`re the still fifth, will play a match to match and will focus on the positives.`, added Mikhailovich.
`We were a little scared to stay close to their front line, so we went back, which make the admission of goals inevitably. I`ve always maintained that we need to be afraid of us. It is true that there are 6 rounds and there are teams behind us in the standings, but we haven`t achieved anything and risked at the end to ruin a great season.`
`Unfortunately, you can`t buy character or experience in the supermarket, but I`m confident that my boys will find them in themselves.`, the coach ended.

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