вторник, 12 май 2015 г.

Bodo Ilgner is expecting a final between Real Madrid and Barcelona

The fomer goalkeeper of Real Madrid`s Bodo Ilgner said on the eve of the second leg of the semifinals of the Champions League between the Spanish Grand and Juventus, that he expected the current holder of the trophy to overcome the Italians and to meet Barcelona in the final in the tournament.
Real lost the first match against Juventus with a 1:2, while Barcelona defeated Bayern Munich with 3:0 in the first meeting.
Ilgner twice has won the Champions League with Real Madrid and is convinced he will see the clash between real and Barca in the final of the prestigious tournament.
`Home Real will tackle.`, said Bodo Ilgner. `At the Bernabeu they will have more power, and the atmosphere is going to be scary. For the entire Club the Champions League is the priority. Real will qualify for the finals and will play against Barcelona.`, commented Ilgner.
The legendary goalkeeper shared his opinion about the work of Pep Guardiola. `His philosophy is based on special players. In Barcelona it was Lionel Messi, at Bayern Ribery`s Robben. They do things differently from the rest. Every coach took advantage of what he has. Before it was Messi, and now Ribery and Robben. This is normal.`, said Bodo Ilgner.

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