петък, 15 май 2015 г.

Mourinho invited Schurle to take his medal

The manager of Chelsea, Jose Mourinho made the invitation to Andre Schurle, via a message on the phone to arrive in London to take the gold medal, which they can get.
The quarterback went through the January transfer window with Wolfsburg.
The player himself has revealed that his former manager Jose Mourinho sent him an SMS, which invited him to the last match of Londoners in the Premier League to claim medals.
`I didn`t even know I could get a medal, since I have not played in the second half of the season. Mourinho sent me a message to tell me that I can get a medal and to invite me to the last game of the season. That`s very nice.`, said Andre Schurle.
The striker expressed his joy of the trophy from Chelsea.
`Still love Chelsea, I`m not disappointed. It was a great experience.`, said the footballer of Wolfsburg.
`Blue will end the campaign on 24 May against Sunderland at Stamford Bridge.

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