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Sterling will not sign with Liverpool even for 900 000 per a week

The big talent of Liverpool Raheem Sterling will not sign a new contract with the club of "Anfield" even it will be offer a salary of 900 000 pounds per a week. This sensational statement made the agent of the youngster Adie Ward, who said that his client wants to enter into a "direct competitor of Liverpool," from the Premier League. So the impresario ruled that Stirling will pass into a team outside of England as Real Madrid or Bayern (Munich).

"I do not care the PR officer of the club and the club. I do not care. Rahim will not sign a new contract. There is no sign either 700, 800 or 900 thousand pounds per a week. He just will not sign a contract. My job is to do the best for my clients. Even if people say that I did not do my job well, or that one of my clients has bad advisers, it doesn`t matter. The important thing is to do what is the best for my clients, "said Ward for " Evening Standard ".

The agent attacked also one of the former teammates of Sterling in Liverpool and a legend for the club Jamie Carragher for criticism to his client in the last days. "Carragher is a dunce. Everyone knows that. Not one word of criticism from former players of Liverpool to Stirling does not excite me. Their stories are not important. Otherwise, I`m not worried that it could harm my client with words. To worry means you do not know what can happen. While for Rahim the offer will make any club from the Premier League "continued with his tirade the agent.

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