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4 Things You Don`t Know About Samuel Eto`o

Undoubtedly Samuel Eto`o is one of the greatest African footballers in history. He has won numerous team and individual prizes. In his professional club career, he has made 277 goals for Cameroon, there have been 56 hits, which topped the list of the Lions.
We present 4 interesting facts that you may not have heard of the career and life of the legendary footballer of Cameroon.
1. A private foundation
One of the most significant things on a personal level of Samuel Eto`o is the Foundation of a foundation bearing the name `Fondation Samuel Eto ` o`. It aims to assist children and adolescents, providing favorable conditions for their sport and professional development. The Foundation was established in March 2006 and cares for children only from Africa.

2. Contracts with big brands
The attacker has contracts with two of the biggest brands in the world of sports and fashion. Eto`o is the face of a `Cougar` and `Versace`. Also the 34-year-old footballer has a contract with `Guinness` and `Orange`. All signed contracts with some of the most well-known brands in the world show the overwhelming influence of the soccer player off the field.

3. Only two consecutive treble with different teams
Samuel Eto`o is the only player in the history of football, who managed to achieve two consecutive treble with different teams. This happened in 2009 and 2010godina. In 2009, the player won with Barcelona La Liga, Copa del Rey and the Champions League, noting one of the hits in the final against Manchester United. A year later, the dark-skinned player landed at `Giuseppe Meazza` with the team of Inter and under the leadership of Jose Mourinho won the title in Serie A, Italy`s Cup and the Champions League.

4. Participate in a number of Rap videos
Besides the pitch Eto`o is active in the field of music. His interest in rap music leads to a series of appearances in music videos of the stars as `Lim`, `Mister You`, `Mokobe` and Sinik. The performers are quite well-known in the field and their videos are watched by hundreds of thousands of fans.

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