понеделник, 8 юни 2015 г.

Brazil got the ninth consecutive win

The Brazilian national team continues to recover in the best possible way from the nightmare over the past World Championships. `Selesao` continues its winning streak under the guidance of new coach Carlos Dunga.
He is preparing for his involvement in the Copa America as they defeated Mexico with 2:0 in front of their own crowd in the penultimate test before continental Championship of South America. It was the ninth consecutive success for the `Golden` under the leadership of the former team captain.
Everything in this match was decided even before the break. There were hits, courtesy of Philippe Koutinho and Diego Illy in the 28th and 37th minutes. Subsequently, the Brazilians easily held his lead and begin participating in the continental competition with good mood.
It should be noted that the game of `Selesao` in this match was without their captain Neymar. The star of Barcelona is still in Spain, to celebrate winning the UEFA Champions League. He will join the squad on the eve of the matches for the Copa America.
The last stand of Brazil before the tournament will be on Wednesday against Honduras. The team then will travel to Chile, where it is in a group with Peru, Colombia and Venezuela. Only four teams drop out after the group stage of the Copa America, so Brazilians are preparing for continued participation in the race.

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