понеделник, 22 юни 2015 г.

Check out those football picks

Today, we have prepared for you an interesting selection of three club meetings. See what our football tips, regarding those matches:

Slavia Mozyr vs. Dynamo Minsk
That soccer prediction is from Belarus - Premier League. The teams of Slavia Mozyr and Dynamo Minsk are going face off against each other in a very interesting and exciting match. The guests are the favorites in the game and we think they are the better team, but we are guessing that both teams will be handed out for the three points. Dynamo is on the second position after BATE, but the difference is eight points. Our soccer forecast mentioned by football betting picks is for a win for Dynamo Minsk.

Admira Wacker Modling vs. Targu Mures
Today, the Austrian team Admira Wacker Modling and the Romanian Targu Mures are going to meet each other. This is a friendly match. Certainly, there will be many goals scored. The Austrians did some good matches in the League, against some of the giants. Targu Mures also had a strong season and barely escaped with the title, but we think the Austrian football is better than Romanian and in this meeting their advantage will be significant. Our football prediction is 1X.

Khalsa Balestier vs. Warriors FC
And our final football forecast mentioned by football betting picks is for the match between the teams of Khalsa Balestier and Warriors FC, in a match for the Singapore Cup. In the Championship of the country and the two teams achieved some wins as the Warriors defeated as a guest Khalsa Balastier very hard, and then they almost lost by them as a host, but managed to avoid it and defeated with a goal difference. In a conclusion, our advice is to bet on a win of the guests.

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