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Roger Federer â„–5 in the world rich man

The Swiss maestro Roger Federer took the prestigious fifth place in the American magazine "Forbes" for the highest-earning athletes in the world for 2015. Seven players found their place in the ranking.

He earned 67 million dollars. 9 million of which are prize money and 58 million from advertising and merchandising. The biggest sponsors of Federer are Nike, Rolex, Credit Suisse and Mercedes-Benz, which are bringing him more than $ 40 million annually. Recently, he has signed a contract with the largest private telecommunications provider in Switzerland Sunrise.

Getting a record of$ 300 million is the boxer Floyd Mayweather, who got it for the fait with Manny Pakyao, which in turn is the second. Previous peak earnings for 12 months was of Tiger Woods in 2008 when he took 115 million.

Maria Sharapova once again is the richest athlete on the planet. She is placed as No26 with 29.7 million dollars. Serena Williams is is 47-th and the both are the only two women in the top 100.
Tennis players in the top 100 of "Forbes" are:

5. Roger Federer - 67 mln.dolara
13. Novak Djokovic - 48.2
22. Rafael Nadal - 32.5
26. Maria Sharapova - 29.7
47. Serena Williams- 24.6
64. Andy Murray - 22.3
92. Kei Nishikori - 19 5.

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