четвъртък, 30 юли 2015 г.

Napoli drew a player from Tottenham

The Italian team Napoli will get the Romanian national Vlad Kirikes from Tottenham against 4.5 million pounds.
He arrived in Italy to pass medical examinations and to endorse his personal contract with the Italian club.
The 25-year-old player was not included into the plans of the Londoners manager, Mauricio Pochetino.
For two seasons at Tottenham, he has played 27 times in the Premier League, after he was drawn to the White Hart Lane from Steaua Bucharest against 6.8 million pounds.
At the same time, Napoli has achieved success with a convincing 5:1 in the control against Citadela. Twice tallied Lorenzo Insinie and in one hit, added Raul Albiol, Omar El Kaduri and Mehrtens.

вторник, 28 юли 2015 г.

392 days and a response at last...

Every football fan has their own way to express his or her emotions, when he or she thinks that his team has been wronged. One curse word, a second break, third expresses his outrage on social networks.
Just as straight and one Mexican supporter after dropping the `Aztecs` of the World Cup last year. Then the Netherlands won in the injury time with a goal from a rather controversial penalty kick.
For 392 days the Mexican has been sending a message to the Royal Netherlands Football Federation of the social network Twitter. And this is every day.
`It wasn`t a penalty.`r, eads the daily message for user @Josesomor26 to the Federation.
Mexico won the Gold Cup on Sunday night, and the next day and followed a message from the official page on Twitter of the Royal Football Federation of the Netherlands, stating: `Congratulations, @Josesomor26! But, there was a penalty.`

петък, 24 юли 2015 г.

Real Madrid won over Manchester City

Real Madrid defeated Manchester City squarely with 4:1 in an interesting control meeting, played in Melbourne as part of the friendly International Tournament Champions Cup after his success secured the Cup and his players from the race.
The two teams have demonstrated quite open and aggressive soccer, and White Ballet deservedly came to success in front of a record attendance of 99 382 people.
Rafa Benitez bet all their account holders, while Manuel Pellegrini put into play some of adolescents, as well as the new addition Fabian Delf and Raheem Sterling. However, Delf has had an injury and was replaced by Jesus Navas in the 21st minute.
In the same minute, Karim Benzema opened the score and took advantage of centering on Gareth Bale and the sight of Cristiano Ronaldo misfired from volley for 1:0.
Four minutes later, Ronaldo still realized a goal. The Portuguese national was brought out with the famed pass from the center of Toni Kroos and tried to pass Joe Hart. The goalkeeper reacted badly, just deflect the ball slightly, but she kept the path to his door.
In the 44th minute, Real has already led with 3:0. After centering of Isco of a corner, Pepe was left alone in the penalty area and scored the third goal with his head in the game.
In injury time of the first part entitled City to execute a penalty after a rather comical situation. Among other things, the situation was outside the penalty area. The referee, however, saw only the touch of Ramos and ruled a penalty filled exactly by Yaya Toure.
In the second half both teams made a lot of shifts and the game were tore loose as Real still ended up the fourth, goal. In the 73rd minute Isco went on the right and nice served the ball to Dennis Cherishev, who from a few meters without problems jammed in the door for the final via www.footballcapper.org 4:1.

вторник, 21 юли 2015 г.

Rafael Nadal is the most popular Spaniard

Rafa Nadal has not too many successes this season, but in his native Spain this it does not affect to his image.

The left-handler from Manacor was selected as the most popular and the most recognizable Spaniard in a poll of the local edition of Media Personality. Over 30 000 people voted in the poll.

The results via footballcapper show that Nadal embodies in the greatest extent the Spain. Then it ordered his partner in the restaurant business - the basketballer Pau Gasol, third is the actor Paco Leon.

The prize six is completed by the word champion of motorcycling Marc Marquez, the footballer Andres Iniesta of Barcelona and the national team coach Vicente del Bosque.

неделя, 19 юли 2015 г.

Messi put the first stone of a new stadium in Gabon

The star of Barcelona, Lionel Messi interrupted his vacation to visit Gabon and to embark on the construction of a new stadium in Port Jenil, who will accept the matches of the tournament according betting football tips for the Terrified African Nations through 2017.
Messi was in the company of his good friend Deco.
At the same time, Samuel Eto`o thanked the two that got involved in the campaign.
Eto`o has been developing a training center in Gabon for three years. He apologized to his former teammates at Barcelona that he cannot accompany them during their visit in the country.

четвъртък, 16 юли 2015 г.

Dynamo Minsk: 'We can say we`re favorites.`

The mentor of Dynamo Minsk Vuk Rasovic demonstrated poise and self-confidence of his team before the match with Cherno More Varna from the second qualifying round of Europa League. According to him, the team could be called a favorite.
'We can say that we are favorites, but we have to prove their superiority on the field. We must do all we can to qualify for the next round. The most important thing is to show during the match everything that we worked with him every day for training.`
'We have to try to make a spectacular and successful match.`, said Rasovic at the press conference. The Serbian is a former player of Slavia from the late 90s of the last century.
'It`s no word for understatement. We know well our rival. Cherno More is a serious team. We know that you have five serious foreign players. They won the Cup of Bulgaria in a dramatic final adviced by bestpaidtips against a strong team of Levski, in this game a long time with one less.`, said Rasovic.
He does not believe that Dynamo will have some advantage out of that match will be played on neutral ground in Razgrad. A multi-use stadium of 'sailors` 'Ticha` was not licensed for European football.
'It has no significant meaning. The amount of courses in Varna and Razgrad is the same. The distance between the two cities is not large. I`m sure that the stadium will have a lot of fans of the Black Sea. And they support their team very passionately. It won`t be easy.`, said Rasovic.

неделя, 12 юли 2015 г.

Nole: The world is a nice place when you achieve your dream

Novak Djokovic did not hide his happiness after winning at Wimbledon. The Serb defeated at the finals with 3:1 sets Roger Federer for the third time in his career and lifted the trophy in London. Here`s what Djokovic said at the ceremony after the final analyzed by www.footballcapper.org match:

"Above all I want to say that for me is always a privilege to play against Roger. One of the most amazing experiences is to play on this court against him. Many people of my generation have him as an idol, "began his champion`s speech Djokovic.

"I knew that Roger will play his game. He makes you pushing the limits of your abilities, to work hard for every point, there is no way to gift you the match. I knew that I expect a tough game and it increased the pressure over me. I work every day for moments like this. From a small child I was dreaming to be on the central court at Wimbledon and to win the trophy.

This evening we`ll drink a beer or a glass of wine. It was a long race. With Boris Becker we have worked for a few years and we needed some time to understand each other. However, he is a German and I`m a Serb we are looking at the world on a different way, but we have found the right formula. This trophy is equal for me and for him. I want to thank my wife, and all those who supported me, "said Nole.

Asked about the ritual to eat from the grass on the court every time he won Wimbledon, Djokovic said: "It`s taste is very nice, especially this year. I don`t know what are the people who take a care for it doing, but it is excellent. I`ve always dreamed to win Wimbledon. When you`re a little child and you are dreaming to achieve something amazing and then when you achieve your dream, the world becomes in an amazing place. "

петък, 10 юли 2015 г.

Casillas and Real reached an agreement for the separation

Iker Casillas and Real Madrid agreed to the separation. Official confirmation of the termination of the contractual relationship between the two sides is a matter of hours.
The contract of Casillas with Porto will be for a term of two years with the option for a third, which will enter into force, if the goalkeeper played 30 matches analyzed by 24footballtips.com in the second year of their stay in the Portuguese club.
The 34-year-old goalkeeper will receive a two-year contract for 10 million, and the brand will take 7 million euros.
Furthermore, Real Madrid will compensate him with 12.5 million for the remaining two years of his contract with the White Ballet, which expires in 2017.
Casillas and the direction of Real Madrid had a different, precisely on the compensation which the goalkeeper must obtain in the termination of his contract.

понеделник, 6 юли 2015 г.

Sevilla increased the price of Imobile

The Spanish Sevilla has increased its offer for the striker of Borussia Dortmund and the Italian national team, Ciro Imobile. They have offered 12 million euros for the former striker of Torino, who failed to make a successful season in the Bundesliga.
The defender of Sevilla found a substitute of Carlos Baca, who signed with AC Milan for the sum of 35 million euros.
According to various sources, the first suggestion of Sevilla for Imobile was in the amount of 10 million euros, but has been rejected by the German club.
Ciro is also desired by the teams of Napoli and Fiorentina.

четвъртък, 2 юли 2015 г.

Lucesku: `Milan is the favorite for Adriano.`

The senior coach of Shakhtar Donetsk Mircea Lucesku said that Milan is the favorite in the fight for striker Luis Adriano. As it is known, the Brazilian refused to pass in Dynamo, although the clubs via betting picks agreed with each other, it is also said that Roma and Fenerbahce are also interested in the player, whose contract expires on December 31 this year.
`At this point, Milan is the favorite, and for the Roma it is not. In January, wanted to take Adriano rental, but I played in the Champions League, and I had to let him go. If he stays, he`s going to help us a lot more. Everyone suffers because of the uncertain situation in Ukraine, but it is his right to decide their future. Al-Dynamo and Fenerbahce offered 8 million for Lewis, but he refused those offers.`, revealed Lucesku.
Earlier it was said that Shakhtar player wants 7 million euros, but Milan is willing to give around 5 million euros.