вторник, 28 юли 2015 г.

392 days and a response at last...

Every football fan has their own way to express his or her emotions, when he or she thinks that his team has been wronged. One curse word, a second break, third expresses his outrage on social networks.
Just as straight and one Mexican supporter after dropping the `Aztecs` of the World Cup last year. Then the Netherlands won in the injury time with a goal from a rather controversial penalty kick.
For 392 days the Mexican has been sending a message to the Royal Netherlands Football Federation of the social network Twitter. And this is every day.
`It wasn`t a penalty.`r, eads the daily message for user @Josesomor26 to the Federation.
Mexico won the Gold Cup on Sunday night, and the next day and followed a message from the official page on Twitter of the Royal Football Federation of the Netherlands, stating: `Congratulations, @Josesomor26! But, there was a penalty.`

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