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Dynamo Minsk: 'We can say we`re favorites.`

The mentor of Dynamo Minsk Vuk Rasovic demonstrated poise and self-confidence of his team before the match with Cherno More Varna from the second qualifying round of Europa League. According to him, the team could be called a favorite.
'We can say that we are favorites, but we have to prove their superiority on the field. We must do all we can to qualify for the next round. The most important thing is to show during the match everything that we worked with him every day for training.`
'We have to try to make a spectacular and successful match.`, said Rasovic at the press conference. The Serbian is a former player of Slavia from the late 90s of the last century.
'It`s no word for understatement. We know well our rival. Cherno More is a serious team. We know that you have five serious foreign players. They won the Cup of Bulgaria in a dramatic final adviced by bestpaidtips against a strong team of Levski, in this game a long time with one less.`, said Rasovic.
He does not believe that Dynamo will have some advantage out of that match will be played on neutral ground in Razgrad. A multi-use stadium of 'sailors` 'Ticha` was not licensed for European football.
'It has no significant meaning. The amount of courses in Varna and Razgrad is the same. The distance between the two cities is not large. I`m sure that the stadium will have a lot of fans of the Black Sea. And they support their team very passionately. It won`t be easy.`, said Rasovic.

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