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Nole: The world is a nice place when you achieve your dream

Novak Djokovic did not hide his happiness after winning at Wimbledon. The Serb defeated at the finals with 3:1 sets Roger Federer for the third time in his career and lifted the trophy in London. Here`s what Djokovic said at the ceremony after the final analyzed by www.footballcapper.org match:

"Above all I want to say that for me is always a privilege to play against Roger. One of the most amazing experiences is to play on this court against him. Many people of my generation have him as an idol, "began his champion`s speech Djokovic.

"I knew that Roger will play his game. He makes you pushing the limits of your abilities, to work hard for every point, there is no way to gift you the match. I knew that I expect a tough game and it increased the pressure over me. I work every day for moments like this. From a small child I was dreaming to be on the central court at Wimbledon and to win the trophy.

This evening we`ll drink a beer or a glass of wine. It was a long race. With Boris Becker we have worked for a few years and we needed some time to understand each other. However, he is a German and I`m a Serb we are looking at the world on a different way, but we have found the right formula. This trophy is equal for me and for him. I want to thank my wife, and all those who supported me, "said Nole.

Asked about the ritual to eat from the grass on the court every time he won Wimbledon, Djokovic said: "It`s taste is very nice, especially this year. I don`t know what are the people who take a care for it doing, but it is excellent. I`ve always dreamed to win Wimbledon. When you`re a little child and you are dreaming to achieve something amazing and then when you achieve your dream, the world becomes in an amazing place. "

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