вторник, 21 юли 2015 г.

Rafael Nadal is the most popular Spaniard

Rafa Nadal has not too many successes this season, but in his native Spain this it does not affect to his image.

The left-handler from Manacor was selected as the most popular and the most recognizable Spaniard in a poll of the local edition of Media Personality. Over 30 000 people voted in the poll.

The results via footballcapper show that Nadal embodies in the greatest extent the Spain. Then it ordered his partner in the restaurant business - the basketballer Pau Gasol, third is the actor Paco Leon.

The prize six is completed by the word champion of motorcycling Marc Marquez, the footballer Andres Iniesta of Barcelona and the national team coach Vicente del Bosque.

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