сряда, 19 август 2015 г.

Benitez: `There is a lot to be desired.`

The coach of Real Madrid, Rafael Benitez stated after the success over Galatasaray with a 2:1 for the Bernabeu, the team did well, but added that there is more to improve the game via messi of `ballet`.
`For the moment, what we have shown is fine, but there is still much to be improved. We missed a little control, but a lot of the things we showed were positive. However, we have still a lot of work.`, said Benitez.
`I have an excellent stock, we need to work a lot with them. For the moment, I have no complaints from anyone.`, said Benitez.
`Every coach is important to create the event. We did this against Galatasaray and I can say that I`m pleased with the squad.`. the former Napoli`s mentor added.

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