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Soccer Picks - 05.08.2015

Astana vs. HJK Helsinki
In an interesting duel, the teams Astana and HJK Helsinki are going against each other. The favorite in the match is the home team from Kazakhstan and there are very explainable reasons for that. Astana has a lot of financial resources and it is expected to have many supporters. In the last round the hosts suspended the team of Maribor in Slovenia. We don`t think that HJK Helsinki is better than Maribor and we would bet on a solid victory for the home team today. Our football prediction is 1.

Karabakh Agdam vs. Celtic
Our second soccer forecast from betting football tips for today is about a meeting from Champions League Qualifiers, a battle between Karabakh Agdam and Celtic. We expect to watch a match with a lot of positions and of course goals and we think both teams will manage to score goals. In a brief, our soccer prediction is X.

Brugge vs. Panathinaikos
The match will be very tense, and we believe that Panathinaikos will not lose it. No matter that the outcome is quite handy for FC Brugge on whether it will eliminate Panathinaikos, however there is a difference in the classes and in the traditions, where Panathinaikos is quite advanced. Our football forecast from betting football tips is X2.

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