вторник, 22 септември 2015 г.

ATP: Andy Murray is obliged to participate at the finals in London

Andy Murray is obliged to participate the final tournament adviced by football betting predictions of the ATP in London, which compete with the 8 best players of this season. That said the ATP president Chris Kermode.

As is known, Murray bluntly said ,that he is ready to abandon the ATP Finals in London, to prepare properly for the final of the Cup "Davis" in which Britain is visiting Belgium, probably on clay. The words of Murray however did not have liked the heads of ATP, and their response was not late.

"The Finals of ATP are a mandatory event. All players who have qualified and have no physical problems, are required to compete. Andy Murray made a fantastic season and deserved his place to be among the top eight who will compete against each other at the end of the season. We are aware of the comments made after the game for the Cup "Davis" in Glasgow, but we still expect, that if he will be fully healthy, Andy Murray will participate at the finals, "said Kermode.

He added that at this stage he has not received any official information from Murray or his staff regarding a possible cancellation of participation in the tournament. If Murray anyway will decide not to play in London, he would have to pay a solid penalty to ATP.

So far four are sure for the Finals - Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Andy Murray and Stan Wawrinka.

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