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Magath: `Klopp is suitable for Bayern.`

The former Bayern Munich coach, Felix Magath, analyzed the future of the current mentor of Bavarians Pep Guardiola and shared his opinion who could possibly replace him in Office after the end of the season.
The Spaniard has a contract with the German champions until the summer, and for the moment there is no indication that it will be renewed. According to Magath, Jurgen Klopp will be an ideal replacement for Pep.
`I have a question for Guardiola in nine months, but he refused to shed light on it. And immediately it becomes clear that Klopp is one of the most likely candidates for his replacement. Recently his agent strongly rejected the possibility of Jurgen to take over Borussia Moenchengladbach.`
`And he can do it, because you are waiting for a more serious task. I believe that Klopp is suitable for Bayern. And the fact that he was a man of Dortmund to the core, it is not a problem.`, said Magath.

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