понеделник, 14 септември 2015 г.

Storm postponed Sampdoria - Bologna

The game from the 3rd round of the Italian Serie A between Sampdoria and Bologna was postponed and will be played tomorrow because of the storm, took over Genoa, announced by the Italian Football League.
The meeting in the program had to be played today, but heavy rains and storm have made it impossible.
Storm damage in Genoa and other coastal settlements in the region Liguria.
The hosts are hoping the storm to pass and not to interfere with the conduct of the match predicted by rugby tips on Monday. However, it is possible that the match predicted by rugby tips to be rescheduled to another date, if the conditions do not allow the match predicted by rugby tips to take place tomorrow.
Sampdoria announced that the tickets are valid for the meeting regardless of the date of its implementation.

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