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Manchini produced a list of unwanted players at Inter

The coach of Inter, Roberto Manchini now has a sheet with names of football players who wants to remove from the team. Media reports in Italy claim that the list included names like Martin Montoya, Adem Uto, Nagatomo and Danilo Laic, d`Ambrosio.
The Nerazzurri can start to work on those plans in January, when the winter transfer window opens. `Sport` is arguing that Mediaset Monto, which no one played a minute for inter, and Laic are sure to be out. The Serb arrived at the Giuseppe Meazza at the last moment as ceded by Roma. Inter has the option to redeem his full rights, but I don`t think that will happen because Mancini is extremely dissatisfied with it. He records only 5 minutes of play against Sampdoria at the weekend and opinions that this was his punishment for frivolous attitude demonstrated in practice.
Nagatomo and dAmbrosio does not have to begin the season with Inter, since during the summer were offered by other teams. Both, however, refused to leave, which means he will be retried to be sold.
It is assumed that the midfielder Marcelo Brozovic has uncertain future, but has not yet taken a final by best betting picks decision.

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