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Schweinsteiger: 'The next target in front of Germany`s the European Championship title.`

The European title is the next goal of the German national team, was announced the captain Bastian Schweinsteiger in an open letter to the supporters of the Reds. The Germans qualified at the last possible moment for the Euro finals and their form at the beginning of the qualifiers was not satisfactory, but the Manchester United midfielder assured fans that the nationals are eager for more trophies.
'After 245 days the European Championship is starting, and after 275 days is its finale. We are the world champions and in front of us there are only the highest goals, so we want to be in the final in Paris. We want the title. After Rio de Janeiro received a fourth star on the logo, and now we want more and more success. Yes, in the first matches adviced by tennis-picks after the World Cup was not the desired result, but we always believed in our power and we never doubted them. We are as a team and made a successful campaign.`, he wrote.
Germany has three titles in Europe, the last of which was won in England in 1996.

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