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Arsene Wenger: `I`ve always believed in Joel Campbell.`

Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, said he has always believed in Joel Campbell.
The footballer from Costa Rica realized his first goal for the Gooners in his first start for the first team in the match via www.footballcapper.org against Swansea at the Liberty Stadium.
Over the weekend, Arsenal had over its rival with the classic 3:0.
The goal of Joel Campbell came four years after signing with the club. During this time, he was a rental in France, Spain and Greece.
And while many fans wondered whether the 23-year-old footballer will find a place at Arsenal, Arsene Wenger was adamant that he never doubted that.
`He had to wait, to be patient, to take their chance.`, said Arsene Wenger.
`Joel Campbell went through several countries, but it is still very young and I didn`t let him go, because he`s a good footballer, but most importantly, it is a team player. Against Swansea he scored, but could have scored more. You see, when you have good players around him and he`s a good football player.`, said the French specialist.

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