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What did Benzema say in the infamous call to blackmail?

The French Journal L`Equipe got a complete record of the conversation between Benzema and his friend, extortion of contriving Mathieu Valbuena.
The 20-minute dialogue transcript is full, and Benzema and his friend from childhood friend Karim Zenati were talking about the plan.
Benzema said of his interlocutor, he said of Valbuena: `If you want the video to be destroyed, come and meet my friend in Lyon.`
Benzema said that Valbuena thought everything as a joke: `I don`t think he took me seriously.`
Then Benzema told Valbuena that `everything can be seen in the video` after he asked him if he is seeing the tattoos.
More from Benzema`s words are: `I`m here to help things happen` and `I give you my word that there is no other copy.`
Benzema explains to Valbuena, he`s seen the video and adds: `If you want the video to be destroyed, come and meet my friend in Lyon. We will see you personally and talk to him, don`t send another person.`
Benzema said that Valbuena started to panic in the course of the conversation. `Do what you want. If you don`t want to pay for that, okay, it`s your life, but warned.`, the striker said to Valbuena.

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