четвъртък, 3 декември 2015 г.

Gerard Pique is laughing at Real

The central Barcelona defender Gerard Pique held yet another scathing attack on Real Madrid. The great enemy of the Catalan Grand this time became the subject of ridicule because of the mistake with the inclusion of Denis Cheryshev in the match predicted by football betting tips against Cadiz on 1/16-finals in Copa del Rey.
Real is threatened by officially dropping without even giving it a chance to play a rematch against Cadiz because Cheryshev had a punishment and could not play in the tournament. Although, at the beginning of the season, the Spanish Football Federation have notified Real about this the fact, the Russian still played one half time and even scored the first goal in the match.
There has been such a case already this season, as Osasuna was thrown out of the race for the same violation in September.
The whole thing seemed extremely funny of Gerard Pique, who shortly after the publication of the news in the Spanish press, has released a tweet, filled only with laughing emoticons.

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