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Klein: `Our loss against Newcastle is too heavy.`

The loss of Liverpool against Newcastle with 0:2 in the Sunday afternoon is heavy, but still the severe results according 11livesoccer of other leading teams in the English Championship, make it heavier.
As it is known, Liverpool could be close to a victory by the zone Champions League after Manchester United and Manchester City failed to win their matches on Saturday.
`We knew what happened on Saturday with the other leading teams and this makes the loss even more severe for us. But, what we can do, this is football. There are many more matches until the end of the season and a lot of points of distribution. At the moment the most important thing is not to lose heart and quick to forget the defeat. In December, there are a lot of meetings and we have to try to be prepared for them mentally and physically. We want to win as much points from them.`, said Klein.
The defeat of Newcastle left Liverpool on the seventh place in the standings with 23 points from. West Ham`s the sixth with the same asset, Tottenham is the fifth with 26 points, and both teams from Manchester have 29. The second-placed Arsenal has 30 points, and the leader after matches of the 15th round was Leicester City with 32 points.

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