петък, 11 декември 2015 г.

Mourinho: `I`m starting to believe that Leicester will win the title.`

The manager of Chelsea, Jose Mourinho, became just another specialist who said that the team of Leicester has a real chance to win the title in England. Currently, the Foxes are the leaders in the Premier League with a two-point lead over Arsenal`s the second.
`Look, first of all we have to say that Leicester fully deserves his place in the standings. Let`s be honest.`, commented Mourinho.
`It`s one thing to be a leader in September after you made a good start, and quite another thing is to be a leader in December. This is a completely different story. If you recorded the win after win, it`s because they can win the title. That would be something amazing, it would be something that would certainly have impressed the football world, but sometimes these things happen and why can`t happen to them?`

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