сряда, 28 декември 2016 г.

De Sciglio: `We have a team for the next 15 years.`

Milan has a team for the next 15 years. It was said by the team`s defender Mattia De Scilgio who had been impressed by the school and the talents that come out of it. The Rossoneri won the Super Cup of Italy and have been going well in the League, which gave much cause for optimism.
`It is a pleasure for me to be the captain. I was wearing the belt and at the teenage teams, so I know what responsibility that is. I am still young, but I see the development of Donarumma and Locatelli, who are 6-7 years younger than me.`
`Donarumma has been doing amazing things and he brings balance to the team and never loses his mind. Locatelli is only 18-years old, and he plays so well. We feel sorry for Calabria, who is recovering from an injury because he also is a very good footballer.`
`We have a nice group of Italian players, which is very nice. Especially as we look at the other teams. with the boys of that age, AC Milan has a team for the next 15 years. Maybe more. Now, however, our goal is to qualify for the Champions League.`, said De Sciglio.

четвъртък, 22 декември 2016 г.

Bonaventura: `No excuses!`

The AC Milan midfielder Giacomo Bonaventura said that he and his teammates should not be justified by the technical problems before the Super Cup of Italy. The Rossoneri had to fly to Doha for the match, but their flight was delayed with 24 hours. Juventus has been in Doha since Tuesday and the Executive Director of AC Milan Adriano Galliani said that the `old lady` has an advantage.
`We wanted to be there earlier and to get used to the atmosphere better and quicker. It is true that we will have a day less than Juventus for that, but these things do not depend on us. We need to do our job on the pitch and not to make any excuses. These things happen and we must overcome them. I hope that this will transform into something positive.`
`Juve remains the favorite in both the matches in Italy and Europe. We do however have a good structure, and this is only one match. If we are ready at 100%, then we can win that game. I am not going to start the match via footballcapper.org with the idea that we will lose.`
`Juventus is a great team but if we play aggressively and keep the ball well, then we can beat them. We are going to try to do it. It is not impossible.`, said Bonaventura.

понеделник, 12 декември 2016 г.

Mourinho has dedicated the victory to Fellaini

Jose Mourinho has dedicated the victory over Tottenham to Marouane Fellaini, who was accused as the prime culprit for regretting his lost success against Everton a week ago, when he made a late penalty kick.
The Belgian player was booed by some fans of the Red Devils until well near the sideline before entering the game predicted by goldsoccertips.com in the last minute, then Mourinho supported him.
`I want to dedicate my victory to Fellaini, because he deserves it. In our previous match he was involved in this to lose 2 points, and that`s why I want to show that he is an important player for me.`, said Jose.
`The fans can do whatever they want and they are truly phenomenal. I would like to thank them for their support, especially in the period in which we do not bring them a lot of happiness so I am really pleased. I am happy that we were able to make it this time, because these are the points achieved against a very strong team. We played well and we had more goal opportunities.`, he added.
He reassured the supporters that the trauma of Mkhitaryan is not serious after the Armenian player was removed on a stretcher with an ankle problem. `We don`t think it is serious. Probably, he will be absent for a week. We were worried at first about his injury but now we think it is not serious.`, said Jose.

понеделник, 28 ноември 2016 г.

Subotic may join Middlesbrough

The central defender of Borussia Dortmund Neven Subotic has admitted that the transfer to Middlesbrough in January is one of the options he will have when the market opened its doors on January 1, 2017.
A few years ago, the Serbian player was one of the strongest players of his position, along with his partner, Mats Hummels were pursued by teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Manchester United. Recently, however, injuries took away from the game, especially since Subotic and Thomas Tuchel took over Dortmund, the 27-year-old player lost his titular place.
`Middlesbrough in January. This is an option.`, said Subotic, who in last week`s game analyzed by football picks for Borussia. `There`s still time. If I can`t play, and even to be on the bench, so I can`t offer any of Borussia Dortmund, neither any team in the world. That`s why it`s important to resurrect his career.`, added the Serbian player.

вторник, 22 ноември 2016 г.

Sporting Lisbon vs Real Madrid

Today, Sporting Lisbon is going to play against the team of Real Madrid. Here is our football forecast about the forthcoming event.
Cristiano Ronaldo could become the first footballer, scored 100 goals in European club tournaments. The attacker has had 98 goals, 95 of them are in the Champions League. So in the visit to his club Sporting, Cristiano can rewrite history.
The European club champions do not need a draw to secure a place in the semifinals of the tournament. The captain of the team, Sergio Ramos, and the striker Karim Benzema recovered from an injury and may play today. Both missed the great victory of 3:0 victory over Atletico Madrid.
The team of Zinedine Zidane has eight points after their first four games in the group, with two less than Borussia Dortmund. The Germans have already qualified for the next phase, but tonight they are going to welcome the rookie Legia Warsaw.
Ronaldo`s goals in the European tournaments are 95 in the Champions League, once in the qualifiers in the match between Manchester United and Debrecen in 2005 and twice in the final by betting predictions of Super Cup of Europe in 2014.
Our football prediction is 2.

четвъртък, 10 ноември 2016 г.

United is getting rid of Schweinsteiger?

The management of Manchester United is ready to offer compensation of 11 million euros to Bastian Schweinsteiger for dissolution of the contract of the German midfielder with the club, says `Bild`.
The 32-year-old Schweinsteiger has a contract with the British until the summer of 2018, if he decides to run, then he will work 18 million euros.
So, if the German player agrees to terminate the agreement with United by mutual consent, then he will have to strip away 7 million euros.
Schweinsteiger was attracted to the Old Trafford from Bayern Munich in July 2015, and during his first season for the islanders, he recorded 31 official matches analyzed by betting picks with 1 goal and 2 assists with the team of the Red Devils.
Since the beginning of the current campaign under the leadership of the new manager Jose Mourinho he has not played a minute.

сряда, 2 ноември 2016 г.

Juve and Raiola fought for the talented Keane

The leadership of the Italian champion Juventus and the famous agent Mino Raiola has some serious contradictions concerning the great talent of `the old lady`, Moise Keane.
According to the information of the press, the two sides are almost at each other`s throats for the first professional contract on the youngster, who is regarded as one of the great future stars in European football.
It is assumed that the impresario, who is known for his greed, pushes the 16-year-old striker to get a high salary. He took advantage of the interest of Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City to Keane to provide himself solid income.
Juve, however, is of the opinion that the talented footballer should not receive bags of money as he has not yet proven himself and possibly getting rich quickly could ruin his future.
The Executive Director is working on the new contract of Keane.
The Executive Director of the Bianconeri, Giuseppe Marotta is expected soon to have a conclusion about the signing.
Last season, Keane played for the Primavera of Juve and scored 24 goals in 25 matches. He trained under the direction of Max Allegri and encountered the group of the senior team for a few games. The youngster, however, is still awaiting his debut for `the old lady`.

вторник, 25 октомври 2016 г.

Football Picks - 25.10.2016

Genoa vs. AC Milan
AC Milan has been playing traditionally hard against Genoa in recent years, but they have been playing difficult and against Juventus, but managed to beat them on Saturday. The Rossoneri are in excellent shape and have had five wins in the last six rounds. They are currently the second in the provisional arrangement and are only two points away from the leader Juventus. Genoa did not play their best and managed to win just one match in the last six rounds. The match will be tough and interesting, but Milan should find its way to the victory. Our soccer forecast is 2.

Pisa vs. Hellas Verona
Hellas Verona slipped from Serie A the last season, but now they are walking confidently to their return in this Division. Verona has had six wins and one draw in the last seven games. Thanks to their excellent series, they are leaders in the standings with a five-point lead before the second Cittadella. Pisa is a team from the middle of the standings, which probably will remain there and at the end of the season. They failed to win any of their last four games. Today it looks very likely to suffer a new defeat. Our football prediction mentioned by betting predictions is 2.

Frosinone vs. SPAL
Frosinone also was in the last Serie A campaign and left a very good impression there, despite relegation. At the same time, their opponent SPAL comes from the third level of the Italian elite. Frosinone in the opinion of the specialists is the team with more opportunities and as hosts expect to take three points. Our soccer prediction mentioned by betting predictions is 1.

Perugia vs. Carpi
Carpi is the third team which fell out of the Serie A, but about this team we expect to suffer a defeat tonight. These expectations are associated mostly with the very strong form of the hosts, who have had four wins and a draw in their last five games. So they are on the third place in the standings and only the bad form since the beginning of the season does not allow them to be more forward. Carpi is the sixth in the table and looks very weak compared to the last year. Adding the big household advantage overall in Serie B, Perugia has very good chances to win. Our football forecast is 1.

четвъртък, 13 октомври 2016 г.

Soccer Picks - 13.10.2016

ENPPI vs. Smouha SC.
In a match of the fourth round of the Egyptian Championship against each other, we will see the teams of ENPPI and Smouha SC. The third from last season Smouha began the perfect campaign with three wins. The hosts, who last season finished among the last ones, started the Championship with a win but then made a draw and a loss. The odds are on the side of the guests. Our soccer forecast is 2.

Roskilde vs. Vejle
Roskilde has played great this season, especially at home. In the clashes so far, it has had three wins, two draws, and one loss. The good news for them is that the form of Vejle tumbled heavily in recent weeks. The guests have had one win and five losses in their last six games. We believe that the hosts will reach the victory. Our football prediction is 1.

Pau vs. Sedan
We`re heading to the third division in France, where against each other we will see the last and the penultimate teams in the provisional rankings. The hosts have had four draws in the nine matches predicted by free soccer predictions since the beginning of the season, while the guests made it three. The probability of a draw is very large. Our football forecast is X.

Famalicao vs. Sporting
Sporting Lisbon, the co-champion of the country and a participant in the Champions League, is going to visit one of the underdogs in the second level of Portugal - Segunda Liga. Famalicao managed to win only one point in the last four rounds. At the same time, Sporting has had five wins, one draw, and one loss to start the season and has its chances this year to fight for the title. The difference between the classes is huge. Our soccer prediction is 2 with handicap -1 goal.

петък, 7 октомври 2016 г.

Pep: `I`d thought I knew much about football football, but then I met Cruyff.`

The Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola took part in the presentation of the book about the life and career of the late Johann Cruyff - `The Autobiography`. The expert spoke to the media along with the son of the great Dutchman - Jordi.
`I thought I knew football, but when I first met John in front of me opens a completely new and different world. As he taught me, and a whole generation of players how to understand the game.`, said Guardiola.
`I`m so lucky to be coaching Manchester City, and before that, Bayern Munich and Barcelona. But this is possible thanks to the knowledge of Cruyff about football. He did not just attend the trainings, he participated them directly. He made us better.`
`He told us, and it showed how things happen. Each one of his workouts was a great lesson. Johan had charisma, knowledge, temper, and everyone was following him. I admit that at first, I was afraid of him because I had to work a lot as a young football player.`
`When I became a coach, he was already a grandfather and had changed completely. He wanted to live for others and helping them. But he is the bravest coach I`ve ever met in my life. He could smell the talent.`
`There is no doubt that Cruyff has a direct impact on two generations of footballers of Ajax and Barcelona, who are now coaches. His influence on all of us is incomparable to anything else.`, added Pep.
Jordi Cruyff added: `My dad has always been direct and clear. He analyzed everything and was quite innovative. His teams played bravely and sometimes in kamikaze-style, slightly suicidal. But he knew that would make people happy. At home, he was not the soccer player Johan Cruyff, and my father. And if dad could choose one person to watch the game predicted by betting picks with, then it would be Pep. Now my father would have watched Manchester City from the sky.`

сряда, 7 септември 2016 г.

Alonso: `Mourinho and Guardiola are alike.`

The Bayern Munich midfielder Xabi Alonso commented on the upcoming fight between Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola, who will face off against each other in the clash Manchester United-City.
The former Spanish international has worked under the direction of both of them and knows them well. In addition, he has extensive experience in the English Premier League, where he made a name with the team of Liverpool.
`This match according betting predictions caused a lot of attention. I think it will be a tactical battle. Both coaches will pay attention to all the details. I hope I can watch the derby. In my opinion, Mourinho and Guardiola are similar in their temper, but in football, terms have different views. Each has its own philosophy, but trying to get the most out of the players. We`ll see what happens on the pitch.`, said the veteran.

петък, 12 август 2016 г.

Football Picks - 12.08.2016

Monaco vs. Guingamp
Monaco confronts Guingamp in the first match of the new campaign. Monaco has won its last three households against this opponent. Maybe the hosts` mind to some extent was conquered from the upcoming playoff for an entry into the Champions League, but still as a host of Guingamp we shouldn`t see any surprises. Our soccer prediction is 1.

Bastia vs. PSG
Here the victory can be called almost 100% safe. The team has ha 11 victories in the past 12 games against Bastia. PSG is solely the best French team and proves it every season with convincing its titles. The team won the League Cup and the Supercup last season. Bastia does not have enough talent to compete with PSG. Our football prediction is 2.

Montana vs. Lokomotiv Plovdiv
Lokomotiv started a steady campaign with draws against Botev and the city rival against Levski. Lokomotiv won without allowing a goal in the last three games against Montana. Montana survived the barrage to remain, but the team is not at a sufficiently high level and is surpassed in all indicators of Locomotive. Our football forecast via handball advices is 2.

Zenit vs. Rostov
Zenit has won the households of Rostov from the past two seasons with the very explicit 3:0. Generally, it has had 6 wins and 1 draw in the last 7 households, with results of 4:0 and 5:0. Zenit has had a very good balance in recent years and in the away games against Rostov, so we have reason to expect an easy win for it in St. Petersburg. Our soccer forecast via handball advices is 1.

вторник, 2 август 2016 г.

Real Madrid will come up with an offer for Sissoko

Real Madrid will come up with a specific offer for Moussa Sissoko, by the end of the week, claim rumors in England and Spain.
The French midfielder at Newcastle made a strong European Championship and firmly wants to leave the Magpies, who on Friday began the battle at the second level of English football after they fell out in May.
However, Rafa Benitez`s team nailed a price of 35 million pounds of the player that stops a lot of those willing to take him. In Madrid, however, they hope to be able to reach an agreement for the transfer.
It is claimed that the Royal club from betting football tips will offer two of its young players at Newcastle as a part of the deal, with which it hopes to reduce the price of the player. It comes to the midfielder Marcos Llorente, who has already reached the first team for the attacker and Mariano Diaz, who scored against Chelsea recently, and also considered that he has serious potential.
Whether it`s about the constant passage to `St. James Park` or the assignment of both players, Newcastle is unlikely to accept the offer, as it is believed that the club from betting football tips prefers to get cash for Sissoko.
Probably, that will make Real changes its strategy depending on whether Zinedine Zidane wants to have at its disposal the soccer player. Sissoko started yesterday training, but the likelihood to leave the team by the end of the month remains very serious.

вторник, 19 юли 2016 г.

Chubby wants Chicharito at Bayern

The defensive midfielder of Bayern Munich Chubby Alonso has admitted he would love to see Javier Hernandez - Chicharito with the team of the Bavarian colossus.
`Carlo Ancelotti knows Javier very well from the seasons who have crammed together at Real Madrid. If I see him at Bayern. But these are questions that need to be set by the directors.`, shared Chubby Alonso for Univision.
`Whether he could fit in Bayern? With his qualities - for sure! I have no doubt. But I see Hernandez in Leverkusen, he is happy there.`, added the former Spanish International.
Last season, Hernandez realized 26 hits in all tournaments by online football tips and was one of the best players of Bayer.

сряда, 13 юли 2016 г.

If Pogba ever leaves Juve, he will choose only between two teams

The French national Paul Pogba has no intention of leaving Juventus at the moment. But there is a great offer for him that the `Old lady` cannot refuse, he will accept it only if it comes from the two teams, which it deems appropriate to continue his career.
According to the Spanish press, the midfielder would accept to pass only in the ranks of Real Madrid or Manchester United. However, the British have an advantage because of the presence of Jose Mourinho at the manager position and the fact that Pogba wants to prove himself on this team, who left a while ago to go to Turin.
The reason the Red Devils are the main favorite for his signature is the good relationship between Mourinho and the Frenchman`s agent Mino Raiola. So far, the Italian led two of the three new additions to the United of the opening of the transfer window.
The personal agent of the Special is another great impresario - Jorge Mendes. However, he maintained good relationships with all the leading firms of the big players and that`s why it`s always a favorite for the signature of a star.

петък, 24 юни 2016 г.

Rooney: `We`re here for the Cup.`

The captain of England, Wayne Rooney is confident that the Islanders have the strength to win the European title. In the words of the striker, England is nothing short of the other leading teams of the old continent.
`We`re here for the title. What you are about to see, but certainly ranking for the quarterfinals will not satisfy us. We have the strength for something more.`, Rooney told the reporters.
England has not overcome the quarterfinals since its last three appearances at the European Championships.
`If 4 years ago I had to play with France, Spain or Germany, it would have been embarrassing, but now things have changed and the forces are pretty aligned.`, said the captain of `the three lions`.

понеделник, 20 юни 2016 г.

Football Picks - 20.06.2016

Russia vs. Wales
Wales is performing at a fairly high level at this European Championship and would be fully deserved, if it manages to overcome the group stage. To do so they need to win only one point from this match. So far, Wales won three points from Slovakia and were minutes from taking anything from England. Today, their opponent could say that disappoints on land in France. Russia won only one point from their previous matches. They have to chase a compulsory victory, which is a prerequisite for many open spaces in their protection from which Bale and Ramsey know how to take advantage. Our soccer prediction is double chance X2.

Slovakia vs. England
Here a draw would be beneficial for both teams. England generally is the favorite, but these players have already proved they are experiencing difficulty in their game, and they can lose points by weaker teams. They have already made a tie with Russia and, as we have said, were very close to equality and against Wales. The Slovaks will play for a point, which will send them with security to the semifinals. Our football prediction is X.

Shakhtyor Soligorsk vs. Isloch
The form is what causes us to advise you to bet for the home team in this match. Shakhtar has had four wins in the last five games, while the opponent, who is also a rookie in the elite, has had three losses, one draw and one win in his last five fights. The likelihood that the home team to win is very big. Our football forecast via football betting tips is 1.

Dinamo Minsk vs. Neman Grodno
The hosts are one of the strongest teams in Belarus and are in a series of four consecutive wins. Today, they will go against a team, who is in a series of four consecutive losses. The most logical thing is to see a victory by two goals or more in their home matches. Our soccer forecast via football betting tips is 1 with handicap -1 goal.

петък, 10 юни 2016 г.

Sevilla is going to make three quick transfers

Sevilla is expected in the next few hours to finalize the transfer of Lucas Perez from Deportivo La Coruna and Hiroshi Kijotake of Hannover 96.
Sevilla and La Coruna are in advanced negotiations for Peres, as the Andalucian club according www.sport-tipsters.com has made an offer of 15 million euros for the top scorer of the team in the last campaign.
La Coruna is willing to sell 18 million euros for Peres, a difference of 3 million euros from Sevilla can fill up with an assignment in the Galician team of Juan Munoz or Kotan.
Lucas Perez scored 17 goals in La Liga last campaign.
Sevilla is also in advanced talks with Hannover for the transfer was Kijotake. In his contract there is a clause releasing recorded is the amount of 6 million euros. Seville will try to attract the player against a smaller amount.
At the same time, Sevilla is in advanced negotiations with Spartak Moscow for the midfielder Romulo. The Russian club according www.sport-tipsters.com drew a 25-year-old football player of Vasco da Gama.
The treaty of Romulo with Spartak Moscow expires in the summer of 2017.

петък, 27 май 2016 г.

Official: United announced the appointment of Mourinho

The English Grand Manchester United officially announced the appointment of Jose Mourinho.
The Portuguese expert will be there for 3 years and has the option of extension for further 12 months. Earlier it became known that his annual salary is 12 million pounds. In Office, he changed a few days ago a redundant Louis van Gaal.
The 53-year-old Mourinho won titles and trophies with teams from four different countries - Portugal, England, Italy and Spain, and there are two trophies and Champions League with Porto and Inter. Since 2003, he has won a total of 22 Cups with their teams.
`Simply put, Jose is the best coach at the time. He won many trophies, inspiring their soccer players to play at the highest level. Welcome to welcome him at Manchester United and I know that his experience will help the club from www.footballcapper.org to go forward.`, said the Director Ed Woodward, quoted by the club from www.footballcapper.org website.
Mourinho himself added: `To be the manager of Manchester United is special. This club from www.footballcapper.org is supported all over the world, and I`ve always had a fondness for Old Trafford . I have wonderful memories of this stadium, and I`m looking forward to the beginning of my career here.`, said the Special.

вторник, 17 май 2016 г.

Moreno will not be enjoying a goal in the finals

The Liverpool left-back Alberto Moreno speaks to Liverpool in the Europa League before the final between the Reds and Sevilla. The Spanish national is a former player of Sevilla and went to the club from Merseyside in 2014.
`I don`t like to determine who is the favorite. In a final anything can happen. Liverpool and Sevilla reached the final and that means both teams deserve to be there. I always want Sevilla to win Europa League if Liverpool fails to make it.`, started the defender.
`It will now be a lie to say that I want to beat Sevilla. We play for Liverpool and we will give everything to congratulate with success. Sevilla is my home, my city and the club, which made me a footballer. I`m not going to celebrate my eventual goal in the door of Sevilla.`
`I will not be able to celebrate for many reasons. It is going to be very difficult. Any final result according free-soccer-picks at the same time there will be joy and sadness in me. This will be a very strange match.`, commented the 33-year-old Alberto Moreno.
The idols of the Spanish national from childhood are former players on the team, Diego Capel, Jesus Navas and the late Antonio Puerta. Sevilla meets Liverpool on 18 may in Basel.

четвъртък, 5 май 2016 г.

Jordi Alba: `It will be amazing to make a double.`

The footballer of Barcelona, Jordi Alba, said that the goal in front of Catalans is winning a title in Spain, as well as the Cup of the country.
`Blaugranas` is on the first place in the Premier League with 85 points from two rounds before the end of the Championship. In the final predicted by football betting picks of the Copa del Rey, the team of Barca will face Sevilla on May 22.
`Every team goes through weak periods. And we had a difficult time. We still have chances to win two trophies. We know about the pressure on Barcelona, the season would be amazing if we win these two trophies. What had happened has already been forgotten. We have two finals in the Championship against Espanyol and Granada.`, Alba said.
`If we win these two trophies, I don`t care what the rest will do. I would be happy with these two trophies. It will be an amazing experience.`, said the 27-year-old defender.

понеделник, 25 април 2016 г.

Bendtner is finally out of Wolfsburg

The eccentric Danish soccer player Nicklas Bendtner was permanently expelled from his club predicted by footballcapper Wolfsburg. Today, his contract was terminated unilaterally and became a free agent, as long as he wants.
The striker has not played for either the team or the country since 6 February. The reason is that he got involved in a number of conflicts and make a hell of a lot of head-butts, which cost him staying in the Wolves.
At the beginning of April he was removed from the first team, because he used to oversleep and constantly late for workouts. Eventually the club predicted by footballcapper selected him for a `threat` and left him out.
`Nicklas Bendtner had a contract with the club predicted by footballcapper until 30 June 2017, but today it stopped. We had high hopes for his work with him, but we decided to go our separate ways. We wish success in his future career.`, said the director of sports Klaus Wolfsburg Alofs.

сряда, 13 април 2016 г.

Seedorf: `Hames must continue to fight.`

The former Real Madrid footballer Clarence Seedorf commented on the situation of Rodriguez at the Royal Club Hames. He explained that the Colombian must continue to fight for his place and to not lose wit.
`Players like Hames must continue to fight and not lose wit. We must continue to fight and to prepare well.`, Seedorf started.
`The balance in one team does not depend on one player. When in a stock all think in the same way and all your help, this leads to balance.`, Seedorf added.
We remind that earlier revelations have emerged about the treaty of Hames with Royal Club.
The player of Colombia passed to the Santiago Bernabeu in 2014.

четвъртък, 7 април 2016 г.

Villareal vs Sparta Prague

Villarreal is going to welcome one of the surprises in the quarter-finals of the Europa League Sparta Prague. Take a look at our football prediction.
After removing Napoli and Bayer Leverkusen in the previous two rounds, Villarreal needs to reinforce its good performance against Sparta Prague. Yellow submarine is in a series of nine shutouts in the tournament, but the Czech team certainly is capable of putting an end to their good performance, if the team underestimated its rival.
Villarreal is on the fourth place in the Primera and has an advance of 8 points ahead of the fifth goal. It seems that the `yellow submarine` will find a place in the Top four and qualify for the Champions League qualifiers. Their good games in La Liga are topped with wonderful results in the Europa League, where the team has not made it to the final from best betting picks in its history and will try to do it this season.
`Yellow` achieved success in each of their last five home games in the competition and they will seek to maintain their sixth consecutive win. The good news for fans is that Jonathan dos Santos and Jaume Costa have recovered from their respective injuries, but Bonera and Musacio remain out of Commission for the upcoming game. Antonio Rukavina was punished, so Marcelinho will have to deal with a lot of problems in the defense before household of Sparta Prague.
The guests shocked Lazio in the 1/8 finals and after classic success in Rome, they fell into the top eight of the Europa League. After a 1:1 draw in the first game with the Eagles, Sparta Prague demonstrated a great performance at the Stadio Olimpico and surprised many experts with the classification for this phase of the tournament. The team is in a series of three consecutive wins as a guest, marking a total of nine goals in those matches. In the 1/16-finals, the Czechs were also more than convincing winning with 3:0 in the visit to the team of Krasnodar.
Even more striking is the fact that Sparta would not defeat in the Europa League this season. It has had 3 draws and 3 wins in the group stage, and the direct eliminations won three times with only one draw and one goal allowed.
However, whether the Czech fairy tale will continue, we`re going to find out on Thursday night. Certainly the Spanish team is the favorite in the clash, but its good game at home lately makes us give them the advantage in the first leg. They will be eager to make a good advance before the return leg in Prague next week and we expect them to win the match.
Our football forecast is 1.

петък, 1 април 2016 г.

Simeone said about Rummenigge: `We will send him a video from Benfica.`

The coach of Atletico Madrid Diego Simeone wished to respond to the Bayern Chief Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, who underestimated these days Atletico and a few more teams in the Champions League.
Rummenigge said: `If someone views again matches mentioned by betting football tips of Atletico and PSV Eindhoven as well as Wolfsburg vs Ghent, then our meetings with Juventus, then they will see the difference in the class of the Italian team, which was dropped, and others, that continue.`
Ironically Simeone said to the German: `To calm him, I will send Rummenigge videos of our matches mentioned by betting football tips with Benfica. Let Bayern to prepare in the best way the matches mentioned by betting football tips with the Portuguese.`
Bayern Munich and Benfica are the rivals in the quarterfinals in the Champions League, Atletico played with the Portuguese `Eagles` in the preliminary group. The two teams exchanged one victory as a guest with a 2:1.

сряда, 30 март 2016 г.

Hannover ` 96 will not rely on Thomas Schaaf in relegation

The located on last 18th place in the standings of the Bundesliga Hannover 96 will change his coach Thomas Schaaf in the event of relegation in the second division.
`Green-Black` have only 17 points and falling behind 10 of Hoffenheim and Eintracht Frankfurt, which are in front of them seven rounds before the end of the Championship. So the fate of Schaaf seems clear.
After intensive and constructive talks in the past few weeks, Hanover and the coach Thomas Schaaf have agreed to continue their joint work, if it comes to relegation in the second division, says the official announcement of the club. Schaaf was appointed to his post over winter break, but failed to stop the collapse and to bring new energy to the team. Since the beginning of his period, the team has one win and nine losses, and Saturday against Hamburger SV plays a crucial match. To defeat Hannover is forgiving with the elite, and a victory would increase though their hopes for survival.
`Both parties are of the opinion that in the second division a fresh start would be with a much larger effect.` commented on the club`s Executive Director Martin Bader.

сряда, 23 март 2016 г.

Free Football Picks - 23.03.2016

Slovenia vs. Macedonia
Slovenia is the big favorite in this match. The Macedonians have no strong generation. They managed to win only one point in their last eight official matches. In the final control meeting at the end of 2015, they even lost their home game against Lebanon. Slovenes are far more serious. They were on the verge of qualification for the European, but they lost in the barrage against Ukraine. We expect the hosts to defeat. Our football prediction is 1.

Croatia vs. Israel
And here we have a serious difference in the classes. The Croats will be part of Euro 2016 as they don`t even have to play a barrage. Israel`s team from a lower caliber of players at a fairly low level. The two teams met four times in the last 10 years, all four matches predicted by betting tips were won by Croatia. Our soccer prediction is 1.

Poland vs. Serbia
Here are two teams with far more aligned forces. In the past ten years, Poland and Serbia have had three matches predicted by betting tips with each other, as all three ended without a winner. Both teams have strong players in the team so that equality seems to us the most likely outcome of this clash. Our football forecast is X.

Silkeborg vs. Vendisel
The match is of the second division of Danish football. The hosts are on the second place in the standings and are hoping in the next season to play in the top flight. Their opponent is not too far from them, but the format is horrible after the resumption of the Championship, initiated by them with a three-game losing streak. Silkeborg has won its last two households against Vendisel. We believe that today they will get the victory. Our soccer forecast is 1.

сряда, 2 март 2016 г.

Miracle in Munich - Boateng is returning after two weeks

The restoration of Jerome Boateng goes quite a bit better than expected, according to the media.
As it is known, the central defender of FC Bayern Munich received an injury in the adductors in the resumption of the Bundesliga season in January.
According to initial forecasts, the world champion had to remain in the hospital until at least the middle of April. However, it is quite real to begin light physical exercises even after 10-14 days.
The Monday review has shown that Boateng could ride a bike and even started classes at the gym. If Bayern Munich eliminated Juventus in the Champions League, starring Jerome in the semi-final matches predicted by football betting predictions of the team is entirely possible.

петък, 26 февруари 2016 г.

Cologne vs Hertha Berlin

Cologne is going to welcome Hertha BSC Berlin in a meeting of the 23rd round of the German Bundesliga. Check out our soccer prediction.
The hosts are located in the middle of the standings, giving the right of participation in European club tournaments. The guests from Berlin, maybe a little surprisingly occupy the third place and are involved in the battle for a place in the Champions League in the fall. So this fight is of extreme importance for both teams. Cologne will be looking for their first success over their opponents in five meetings since their last such dates back to before four seasons.
Cologne lost with 1:0 in their visit of Borussia Mgladbah in the previous round and so broke a series of three matches without a loss in the Bundesliga. The Rams are on the 9th place with an asset of 29 points, but a win would supposedly rank them to the teams fighting for Euro participation, so that they will not save forces in pursuit of the three points. The great expectations of hosts are connected to the team`s scorers Anthony, who has made the modest 10 goals so far in the Championship. He will have to do without its partner in charge of the team - Simon Zoler who has to heal a trauma.
Hertha Berlin will be looking for its first win in the Bundesliga after the resumption of the second title in the Championship. As in the previous five meetings after the pause there is one defeat and four draws. In the previous round came to a 1:1 draw against VfL Wolfsburg. As this point was won thanks to the excellent interventions of goalkeeper Rune Jorsajn. The coach Pal Derdai has a few problems to solve before this match. One of the most constant players of the team Vladimir Derrida was punished, but Julian Sheeber, Sebastian Langakamp and Johan van den Berg are with injuries.
Our soccer forecast mentioned by www.footballcapper.org is 2.

петък, 19 февруари 2016 г.

The European Commission is investigating the transfer of Bale

The European Commission may launch an investigation of the transfer of Gareth Bale from Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid.
Three lawmakers from the European Parliament have reported that the transfer of the Welsh footballer has been carried out with the help of state funds provided by the bank `Bankia`, which is an illegal aid to the football club.
The British Conservative Daniel Dalton, Belgian Sandro Lunes and the Spaniard Ramon Tremosa have reported to the European Commission, which must decide whether it will begin an investigation into the transfer of Bale.
One match according football betting tips of Bale costs 750 thousand euros to Real.
The Welsh footballer went from Tottenham to Real Madrid in the summer of 2013.
Bale`s agent furious about leaked figures of the contract.
According to the documents for the transfer of Gareth Bale, Real Madrid paid for him 100 759 418 euros, as part of that money has been given to Tottenham in advance.

вторник, 16 февруари 2016 г.

The coach of Barca is worried that the series would end against Sporting

The head coach of Barcelona, Luis Enrique, has expressed its serious concern that the Catalans from consecutive matches without defeat could end up precisely in Sporting Gijon in the postponed match by soccer live stream from last year, which will be held on Wednesday at El Molinon.
`This delayed match by soccer live stream gives us a great opportunity to increase the difference from his pursuers and we need to approach it with the maximum concentration to it. Sporting is a very strong team that relies on the collective. A very strong in defense, while at the same time relies on quick attacks.`, said Enrique.
`Our goal in every game is to win for us is of the utmost importance to add three new points to the asset and to increase his lead.`, added the coach of the Catalans.
`The victory in Gijon will approach us very close to our goal, but there is nothing to decide. I will do the necessary rotations in the team. We have to be very careful, because the series, in which we can do exactly at the "Molinon". This stadium is very inhospitable.`, said Luis Enrique.
Barcelona is in a series of 30 matches without defeat in all competitions.

сряда, 10 февруари 2016 г.

Valencia vs Barcelona

Valencia is going to welcome the team of Barcelona in a rematch of game 1/2 finals in the tournament mentioned by football betting picks for the Cup of Spain. The meeting is practically irrelevant, since `Catalans` destroyed their rival with a 7:0 in the Camp Nou a week ago and may be comfortable about their place in the final. Check out our soccer forecast.
The appointment of Gary Neville at the helm of Valencia stirred up quite the doubts and criticisms. The former Manchester United defender and the English national team took over the team in December, but failed to make a single win in nine matches in La Liga so far. The 0:1 defeat against Real Betis at the weekend made the fans of `Bats` a bit desperate. They have not seen their favorite team so helpless for a long time. Valencia is located on the 13th place in the standings with only four points more than the first team over the relegation zone.
The striker Paco Alkaser is close to returning after healing his ankle injury, but is unlikely to fall into the lineup against Barcelona. Javi Fuego and Enzo Perez are out with security for the upcoming game.
Can anyone stop Barcelona? This is the question we all ask. Luis Enrique`s team scored the record tenth consecutive win in 2016 as it overcame Levante with 2:0 in the Primera. So `Blaugranas` keep the advance of three points ahead of the second and third Atletico in front of Real Madrid`s four. `Catalans` must be pretty happy that they won all three points on Sunday as they played the game at a fairly low revs. Levante deserved to take a point in this game, but thanks to Luis Suarez, Barca came to success. He once again scored in the door of the rivals and his contribution to the good results of Barcelona this season is huge.
`Catalans` will travel to Valencia almost in a complete team. The only absentee is Rafinha, who for a long time is healing an injury.
The guests are too powerful for the helpless team of Valencia, which is experiencing a variety of problems at the moment. The players have lost faith in their coach, the team spirit is shattered and our money`s on an easy win for Barcelona. Our soccer prediction is 2.

петък, 5 февруари 2016 г.

Aguero and Koeman were voted for number 1 in January

The coach of Southampton, Ronald Koeman, earned the award for the number one manager in the Premier League for the month of January, and Sergio Aguero from Manchester City did was voted best among players.
Koeman brought up the `Saints` to three wins from four in the championship match last month. Southampton defeated Watford, West Brom and Manchester United.
`I am very pleased, it is always nice to win awards. The prize is individual, but it belongs to the rest of the coaching staff, the players, the people at the club mentioned by football betting predictions and the fans. We all win together.`, said Koeman. He was the first manager of Southampton, who won the award three times.
His competitors were Manuel Pellegrini (Manchester City), Mauricio Pochettino (Tottenham) and Slaven Bilic (West Ham).
Besides, Sergio Aguero became the player of the month in the Premier League also for the third time in his career. The Argentine striker scored five goals for Manchester City last month.

понеделник, 1 февруари 2016 г.

Joe Allen is happy to be the seventh captain of Liverpool

The Liverpool midfielder Joe Allen received an unexpected reward for his good shape lately. The Welsh footballer, who has had only one match by www.footballcapper.org for Merseysiders in the Premier League under the guidance of the manager Juergen Klopp, was given the captaincy for the derby with West Ham (0:0) from the FA Cup last weekend.
So Allen became the seventh player of Liverpool, who was a captain since Klopp is the manager.
`Frankly, it was a big surprise for me. I heard of debriefing before the game and I was happy too. Would have been great if we had won the match by www.footballcapper.org with Stoke. It was a pride to be captain in this match. I`d be lying if I said I didn`t think about Euro 2016. There is a time to show that I deserve to play for Wales.`, said Allen.
Klopp gave the captaincy to further six players since coming to Anfield. In his debut against Spurs, the German chose James Milner for deputy of the titular captain Jordan Henderson, who was injured. Subsequently, because of the rotation, it went in the hands of Kolo Toure, Lucas Leiva, Christian Benteke and Jose Enrique.
Allen, however, has become a key figure for Liverpool since the beginning of the year. The Welsh midfielder scored the equaliser against Arsenal for 3:3 in the last minute of the match, became the first player into the semifinal against Stoke (1:0) for the League Cup, and the second leg scored winning penalty kick (6:5) and ranked Liverpool in the final.

сряда, 27 януари 2016 г.

Juventus vs Milan

Juventus is going to welcome Inter at the Juventus Stadium in the first meeting of the semifinal phase for the Cup of Italy. Check out our football prediction.
Juventus keep up with Lazio in the previous round of the tournament according fixed games with a 1:0. In the League, the Bianconeri made 11 straight wins, which climbed them to the 2nd place in the standings. The Old lady will meet Inter and in a series of seven shutouts in all tournament according fixed games of the Nerazzurri. In the tournament according fixed games for the Cup of Italy, normally the titular goalkeeper of Juventus and captain of the team - Gianluigi Buffon will get a break. Neto will protect the door. Simone Zaza is banned for the match and together with the injured Roberto Pereira and Mario Lemina willmiss match on Wednesday night. Patrice Evra and Mario Mandzukic will remain on the bench at Juventus, in the starting eleven of Max Allegri we will once again see Stefan Lichtsteiner and Paulo Dibala.
Inter achieved a memorable victory at the 1/4-finals in the tournament according fixed games for the Cup of Italy against Napoli with 2:0. In the Championship, however, the Nerazzurri recorded a surprising 1:1 draw with the lameness Carpi. Even more abnormal fact is that Roberto Mancini`s boys led to equalize in the last seconds of the game were even with one more on the field. Now the footballers of Internazionale will try to wash the shame from derby with Carpi with a good result before the second leg against Juventus at the Giuseppe Meazza. Roberto Manchini is expected to make some changes in the starting lineup, is very probably Mauro Icardi to remain on the bench. This will mean a place at the top of the attack for the experienced Rodrigo Palsio. Manchini will bet the more defensive game, the scheme will rely a lot on the fast Perisic and Laic on both wings of the charge of the Nerazzurri.
Juventus will not underestimate this duel, which can get them close to the place in the final for the Cup of Italy. Inter seems hesitant lately and certainly if you there is not a radical change in the Nerazzurri, then they will have problems against the Old lady.
Our football forecast is 1.

четвъртък, 21 януари 2016 г.

Tottenham discarded Leicester from the FA Cup

Tottenham managed to pass in the fourth round in the FA Cup after beating Leicester in a replay with 2:0 at the King Power Stadium. The victory for Spurs was forged with hits of Hyun Min Sohn in 39 minutes and Nasser Cadli in the 66th minute.
In the first part there were no remarkable situations, aside from a few more interesting now. In the 22-minute Eriksen found Walker who lodge on Cadli, but it decisively intervened and Benaluan clear the ball in the corner. After his performance, Davis shot inaccurately.
A little later, Inler shoot accurately in the hands of Vorm. It got to the 39th minute into the match, when the Spurs opened the score. Son made helpless Schmeichel, opening the score.
In the second half the hosts attempted to get back into the match. In the 54th minute, Gray tried to checkmate Vorm but the watchman was in place. Eight minutes later, Kane shot dangerously but Schmeichel left his team in the match.
In the 66th minute, the boys of Pochetino scored for the second time after a great attack. Kane found the Song, and he in turn with perfect leading pass found Cadli that checkmated Schmeichel.
The hosts made logged flaws and Ul?oa as a backup Jamie Vardi. Albrighton with a strong kick from the air to try to return the hosts in the match in 88 minutes, but the blow was blocked by Vorm. In the final adviced by www.footballcapper.org seconds of the game the hosts rushed ahead but fail to score a goal.
So in the fourth round of the competition, Spurs are visiting Colchester on 30 January.

вторник, 19 януари 2016 г.

Barca is optimistic about Nolito, but not for Suarez

The management of Barcelona is optimistic that will succeed in the coming days to finalize the attraction rentals Nolito from Vigo Celta. However, the Catalans will likely delay the return of Dennis Suarez at `Camp Nou` after the end of the season.
The Technical Secretary Robert Fernandez announced that the transfer had already done everything necessary.
Barcelona is expected to pay not more than 3 million of Celta for Nolito while after the end of the season, Blaugranas will pay between 15 and 18 million for the 29-year-old striker.
In the deal between Barcelona and Celta may be included Sandro Ramirez.
The transfer of Nolito to the `Camp Nou` is expected to be finalized in the coming days.
At the same time, Barcelona will wait until next summer before to win back Dennis Suarez. Then the Catalans will take advantage of the clause in the contract, recorded between the two clubs according soccercapper.org and pay only 3 million for him.
If Barca decides to involve the 22-year-old midfielder at the end of the January transfer window, then Suarez will come out almost three times more expensive.

сряда, 13 януари 2016 г.

Nemanja Vidic will leave Inter

The Serbian central defender Nemanja Vidic in the winter will leave the first division Italian soccer team Inter, reported the local press.
According to the press, the 34-year-old former Serbian national has already achieved an agreement with the club for the dissolution of the contract.
In all likelihood, Nemanja Vidic will continue his career in MLS. Before that had an interest in Vidic`s and Russia`s Spartak Moscow, for which the Serbian defender game adviced by football betting picks during the period 2004-2006 and in 39 matches scored 4 goals.
Vidic this season has had no matches for Inter.

понеделник, 11 януари 2016 г.

.Lazio: 'We rejected an offer of 50 million euros for Felipe Anderson.`

The Sporting Director of Lazio, Tare, revealed an interesting fact after the victory over Fiorentina at the 116th birthday of the club. It has announced that it has been rejected an offer worth 50 million euros for the Brazilian star, Felipe Anderson.
It was made by Manchester United, but, well, make the caveat that the proposal has been a fact in the summer. Now he says he does not expect a new offer in the winter, and I don`t expect to have a sale.
'I want to tell you now that a formal proposal from Manchester United this month was not received. This was during the summer and was worth 50 million euros, but rejected it.`
'We did it because we think that Felipe will cost much more, when he revealed his full potential. In the summer we stalled and bids in the range of 100 million euors, but we have a clear plan for this club via best betting picks and we followed it.`, said Tare.
The Brazilian is bound by the Romans until the summer of 2020, and if any team wants to steal him, it will have to pay alot money. Manchester United is the most serious candidate.

сряда, 6 януари 2016 г.

Boateng: `The departure of Guardiola will not affect us.`

The central defender of Bayern Munich, Boateng, ensured that the news of the departure of Pep Guardiola at the end of the season will not have an impact on the performance of the Bavarian colossus.
`Guardiola wants a new challenge, I live in England. Things stay that way.`, said Boateng.
`We will try to win all possible trophies. It won`t be easy, but we will try. The departure of the Pep will not affect us in any way.`
`The way we handled the news that Jupp Hajnkes is leaving at the end of the season is the exact example. We knew that Hajnkes leaves in the season with a treble, but each of us acted professionally. We will do it now.`, promised Jerome.