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.Lazio: 'We rejected an offer of 50 million euros for Felipe Anderson.`

The Sporting Director of Lazio, Tare, revealed an interesting fact after the victory over Fiorentina at the 116th birthday of the club. It has announced that it has been rejected an offer worth 50 million euros for the Brazilian star, Felipe Anderson.
It was made by Manchester United, but, well, make the caveat that the proposal has been a fact in the summer. Now he says he does not expect a new offer in the winter, and I don`t expect to have a sale.
'I want to tell you now that a formal proposal from Manchester United this month was not received. This was during the summer and was worth 50 million euros, but rejected it.`
'We did it because we think that Felipe will cost much more, when he revealed his full potential. In the summer we stalled and bids in the range of 100 million euors, but we have a clear plan for this club via best betting picks and we followed it.`, said Tare.
The Brazilian is bound by the Romans until the summer of 2020, and if any team wants to steal him, it will have to pay alot money. Manchester United is the most serious candidate.

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