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The coach of Barca is worried that the series would end against Sporting

The head coach of Barcelona, Luis Enrique, has expressed its serious concern that the Catalans from consecutive matches without defeat could end up precisely in Sporting Gijon in the postponed match by soccer live stream from last year, which will be held on Wednesday at El Molinon.
`This delayed match by soccer live stream gives us a great opportunity to increase the difference from his pursuers and we need to approach it with the maximum concentration to it. Sporting is a very strong team that relies on the collective. A very strong in defense, while at the same time relies on quick attacks.`, said Enrique.
`Our goal in every game is to win for us is of the utmost importance to add three new points to the asset and to increase his lead.`, added the coach of the Catalans.
`The victory in Gijon will approach us very close to our goal, but there is nothing to decide. I will do the necessary rotations in the team. We have to be very careful, because the series, in which we can do exactly at the "Molinon". This stadium is very inhospitable.`, said Luis Enrique.
Barcelona is in a series of 30 matches without defeat in all competitions.

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