понеделник, 25 април 2016 г.

Bendtner is finally out of Wolfsburg

The eccentric Danish soccer player Nicklas Bendtner was permanently expelled from his club predicted by footballcapper Wolfsburg. Today, his contract was terminated unilaterally and became a free agent, as long as he wants.
The striker has not played for either the team or the country since 6 February. The reason is that he got involved in a number of conflicts and make a hell of a lot of head-butts, which cost him staying in the Wolves.
At the beginning of April he was removed from the first team, because he used to oversleep and constantly late for workouts. Eventually the club predicted by footballcapper selected him for a `threat` and left him out.
`Nicklas Bendtner had a contract with the club predicted by footballcapper until 30 June 2017, but today it stopped. We had high hopes for his work with him, but we decided to go our separate ways. We wish success in his future career.`, said the director of sports Klaus Wolfsburg Alofs.

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