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Moreno will not be enjoying a goal in the finals

The Liverpool left-back Alberto Moreno speaks to Liverpool in the Europa League before the final between the Reds and Sevilla. The Spanish national is a former player of Sevilla and went to the club from Merseyside in 2014.
`I don`t like to determine who is the favorite. In a final anything can happen. Liverpool and Sevilla reached the final and that means both teams deserve to be there. I always want Sevilla to win Europa League if Liverpool fails to make it.`, started the defender.
`It will now be a lie to say that I want to beat Sevilla. We play for Liverpool and we will give everything to congratulate with success. Sevilla is my home, my city and the club, which made me a footballer. I`m not going to celebrate my eventual goal in the door of Sevilla.`
`I will not be able to celebrate for many reasons. It is going to be very difficult. Any final result according free-soccer-picks at the same time there will be joy and sadness in me. This will be a very strange match.`, commented the 33-year-old Alberto Moreno.
The idols of the Spanish national from childhood are former players on the team, Diego Capel, Jesus Navas and the late Antonio Puerta. Sevilla meets Liverpool on 18 may in Basel.

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