сряда, 28 декември 2016 г.

De Sciglio: `We have a team for the next 15 years.`

Milan has a team for the next 15 years. It was said by the team`s defender Mattia De Scilgio who had been impressed by the school and the talents that come out of it. The Rossoneri won the Super Cup of Italy and have been going well in the League, which gave much cause for optimism.
`It is a pleasure for me to be the captain. I was wearing the belt and at the teenage teams, so I know what responsibility that is. I am still young, but I see the development of Donarumma and Locatelli, who are 6-7 years younger than me.`
`Donarumma has been doing amazing things and he brings balance to the team and never loses his mind. Locatelli is only 18-years old, and he plays so well. We feel sorry for Calabria, who is recovering from an injury because he also is a very good footballer.`
`We have a nice group of Italian players, which is very nice. Especially as we look at the other teams. with the boys of that age, AC Milan has a team for the next 15 years. Maybe more. Now, however, our goal is to qualify for the Champions League.`, said De Sciglio.

четвъртък, 22 декември 2016 г.

Bonaventura: `No excuses!`

The AC Milan midfielder Giacomo Bonaventura said that he and his teammates should not be justified by the technical problems before the Super Cup of Italy. The Rossoneri had to fly to Doha for the match, but their flight was delayed with 24 hours. Juventus has been in Doha since Tuesday and the Executive Director of AC Milan Adriano Galliani said that the `old lady` has an advantage.
`We wanted to be there earlier and to get used to the atmosphere better and quicker. It is true that we will have a day less than Juventus for that, but these things do not depend on us. We need to do our job on the pitch and not to make any excuses. These things happen and we must overcome them. I hope that this will transform into something positive.`
`Juve remains the favorite in both the matches in Italy and Europe. We do however have a good structure, and this is only one match. If we are ready at 100%, then we can win that game. I am not going to start the match via footballcapper.org with the idea that we will lose.`
`Juventus is a great team but if we play aggressively and keep the ball well, then we can beat them. We are going to try to do it. It is not impossible.`, said Bonaventura.

понеделник, 12 декември 2016 г.

Mourinho has dedicated the victory to Fellaini

Jose Mourinho has dedicated the victory over Tottenham to Marouane Fellaini, who was accused as the prime culprit for regretting his lost success against Everton a week ago, when he made a late penalty kick.
The Belgian player was booed by some fans of the Red Devils until well near the sideline before entering the game predicted by goldsoccertips.com in the last minute, then Mourinho supported him.
`I want to dedicate my victory to Fellaini, because he deserves it. In our previous match he was involved in this to lose 2 points, and that`s why I want to show that he is an important player for me.`, said Jose.
`The fans can do whatever they want and they are truly phenomenal. I would like to thank them for their support, especially in the period in which we do not bring them a lot of happiness so I am really pleased. I am happy that we were able to make it this time, because these are the points achieved against a very strong team. We played well and we had more goal opportunities.`, he added.
He reassured the supporters that the trauma of Mkhitaryan is not serious after the Armenian player was removed on a stretcher with an ankle problem. `We don`t think it is serious. Probably, he will be absent for a week. We were worried at first about his injury but now we think it is not serious.`, said Jose.