сряда, 28 декември 2016 г.

De Sciglio: `We have a team for the next 15 years.`

Milan has a team for the next 15 years. It was said by the team`s defender Mattia De Scilgio who had been impressed by the school and the talents that come out of it. The Rossoneri won the Super Cup of Italy and have been going well in the League, which gave much cause for optimism.
`It is a pleasure for me to be the captain. I was wearing the belt and at the teenage teams, so I know what responsibility that is. I am still young, but I see the development of Donarumma and Locatelli, who are 6-7 years younger than me.`
`Donarumma has been doing amazing things and he brings balance to the team and never loses his mind. Locatelli is only 18-years old, and he plays so well. We feel sorry for Calabria, who is recovering from an injury because he also is a very good footballer.`
`We have a nice group of Italian players, which is very nice. Especially as we look at the other teams. with the boys of that age, AC Milan has a team for the next 15 years. Maybe more. Now, however, our goal is to qualify for the Champions League.`, said De Sciglio.

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