четвъртък, 6 април 2017 г.

Milan will give a new contract to Montella after the sale of the club happens

The management of Milan will re-sign with the coach Vincenzo Montella as soon as the deal for the sale of the club by tennis tips becomes a fact.
The Chinese entrepreneurs are still unable to acquire the Rossoneri although it is expected within a week it will finally succeed. If things go right, this will give a great moral boost to football players and coaches before the derby against Inter on Saturday.
Recently, speculation has surfaced about the future of Montella, who played a major role in the revival of Milan. According to the press, the new bosses, in any case, unwilling to give up on him and they are going to offer him a new contract.
For that purpose, the first purchase of the club by tennis tips needs to finish, and then immediately there will be a meeting with the specialist, which will discuss the long-term future and consequently the transfer policy.

петък, 31 март 2017 г.

Pochettino is not going to lead Barcelona

The Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino laughed at the rumors that he will take on Barcelona in the summer.
There have been some speculations in the media that connect the young specialist with the coaching position of the Catalans.
What is more, he has done more than a clear hint that he would never actually stand at the head of the Blaugranes.
`I will only say that I am a fan of Espanyol and think that I won`t have to explain more.`, he declared, quoted by Goal.com.
`I think I am going to give you one more example. If after a few years the Spurs` boss fired me, then it will be impossible for me to one day take over Arsenal. It is the same thing. You know what I mean?`
`In principle in football, it is hard to be loyal, but I really love Espanyol and I don`t see myself as a coach of Barcelona.`, he added.

понеделник, 27 март 2017 г.

Luis Van Gaal is taking over the national football team of the Netherlands?

The Dutch Football Federation has been negotiating with Louis van Gaal, but not about the position of a coach of the national football team of the Netherlands, which became vacant after the release of Danny Blind. The former coach of the Tulips brought the team to the third place at the world finals, the Dutch are now threatened to miss a second straight major football forum.
Van Gaal quit after the Championship in Brazil to take over Manchester United, where he ultimately failed to achieve success. Blind was sacked yesterday after losing with 0:2 in the world qualification against Bulgaria, which left the Tulips away from ranking for Russia 2018.
`We have a technical director, but we are prepared to draw other experienced professionals.` provides the position of the Dutch Football Federation.

понеделник, 13 март 2017 г.

Gary Neville: `Manchester United may have to forget about the FA Cup.`

The legend of Manchester United Gary Neville believes that the team may have to "sacrifice" the FA Cup in order to concentrate on the Premier League and Europa League.
According to him, the main goal in front of the team is to play in the Champions League in the fall, and the easiest way to `the tournament via www.footballcapper.org of the rich` is winning the Europa League. Obviously in the Premier League it will be a lot more difficult for the team to fall into the four because of the extremely increased competition.
The Red Devils are ahead of a match against Chelsea to the FA Cup on Monday, but a few days after that, the team has a lot of important household of Rostov from the Europa League.
`It is obvious that there are only two paths in front of Manchester United for the Champions League. Those are the Europa League and the Premier League. The team will be a major challenge match with Chelsea from the FA Cup on Monday. Perhaps that match could be sacrificed by the team since a few days after that the team is going to have an extremely important meeting with Rostov for the Europa League at the Old Trafford. You know that the victory over the Russian team is mandatory.`, Gary Neville announced.

понеделник, 6 март 2017 г.

Napoli has an idea how to `dethrone` Real Madrid

The senior coach of Napoli Mauricio Sari is expecting an overwhelming support from the audience during the derby rematch from the semifinals in the Champions League against the European club according football betting predictions champion Real Madrid. The Spaniards won with 3:1 in the first meeting between the two teams.
`Our audience is from champions. It will be seen from all over Europe in tomorrow. I know we have got an extremely difficult game, because they have scored 46 goals in consecutive fights. I have a few ideas in my head, but hopefully, we can implement them. Real Madrid is the favorite in that clash, the pressure is all on them. They need to keep the game. They are world champions and are the richest team.`
`We need to be very careful and to pass out completely. It is good to use our goal opportunities. In such matches, we could not have many goal opportunities. We should try to punish any mistake of the opponent. Real Madrid is accustomed to playing in such a setting. It will help us, but the opponent will not be afraid.`, commented Sari at a press conference.

понеделник, 27 февруари 2017 г.

Kane passed the threshold of 100 goals in his football career

With his 3 goals in the door at Stoke yesterday, Harry Kane passed the threshold of 100 goals in his career achieving the impressive number of 102 hits!
81 of them he made only in 128 matches analyzed by bestsportpredictions.com in the last 3 seasons and once again he showed that he is one of the best strikers in the Premier League. 84 of the goals are for the Spurs, 9 for Millwall, 5 for Leyton Orient and 2 for Leicester, where he played on a loan at the beginning of his career.
In total during the campaign, he had 22, having already reported three times with a hat-trick. The other two cases are also in 2017, in a game for the FA Cup against Fulham on 19 February and against West Bromwich Albion in the Championship on January 14.
In a total, his games with 3 goals are 6, but he is still far from the achievement of the club legend Jimmy Greaves, who had 15 such fights in his career.
Kane has had 4 games with a hat-trick in the Premier League, as among the current players in the Premier League only Wayne Rooney and Sergio Aguero have more.
`I remember his first goal, which was for Leyton Orient against Sheffield Wednesday. I scored the goal with my head.`, remembers the footballer, who hopes that there will be a lot of such emotions for him in the future.

петък, 17 февруари 2017 г.

Suarez defended Luis Enrique

The Barcelona striker Luis Suarez defended the coach Luis Enrique from the criticism toward him after the match predicted by footballcapper in Paris. On Tuesday, the Catalans were beaten severely by PSG with 4:0 and suffered one of the most humiliating losses in its new history.
`We are all guilty for what happened, not just the coach. We win and we lose together. For three years we have been working with this coach and enjoyed working with him.`, said Suarez who had been the top scorer in La Liga last season.
`He is the one who knows what is his future and we will accept any decision. We have to stay together. And last season we went through a difficult period and eventually we won trophies.`
`This team has already won titles and if we want to write history, then we have to eliminate PSG. This team has the quality to do it.`, added Suarez thus distinguished himself from the views of his teammate Neymar.

понеделник, 13 февруари 2017 г.

The next goal of Martial will cost 8.5 million pounds for United

The next goal of Anthony Martial will cost 8.5 million British pounds for Manchester United, the British media reported.
According to the information in the press, Monaco has set out a clause in the transfer contract with the Red Devils and in which the English club mentioned by football betting tips has to pay that amount to the French when the winger scores his 25th goal. So far he has achieved the number of 24.
Martial had been attracted 18 months ago with a transfer value of 36 million British pounds, but the amount will grow significantly with the next goal of the soccer player. In addition, a bonus for Monaco with an identical amount is provided for the 25th game of the footballer for the French national team and more so in the nomination for the Golden Ball. The expectations are all those clauses to be implemented.

четвъртък, 19 януари 2017 г.

Manchester United `dethroned` Real Madrid

The English Manchester United dethroned Real Madrid from the top in the annual ranking of football teams with the highest revenue in the world. The Red Devils have revenue of 689 million euros for season 2015/16, thus topping the rankings for the first time in the 2003/04 season and put an end to the series of Real Madrid for 11 years in a row with the highest revenue.
On the second place, it is ranked the champion of Spain Barcelona, who has a revenue of 620.2 million, while Real Madrid is on the third position with revenue of 620.1 million.
The fourth position is occupied by the champion of Germany and Bayern Munich and for the first time, Manchester City is in the top 5. Five of the top 10 teams in revenue are from the English Premier League, as in top 20 they are 8 in total.
One of them is the champion of England Leicester, which ranks just on the 20th position. The preliminary expectations of the experts are from the next season all 20 Premier League teams to be in the top 30 in the world in the greatest revenue.
In addition to the 8 English teams in the top 20, there are three more teams from Spain, 3 from Germany, 4 from Italy and the French Paris Saint-Germain and the Russian Zenit Saint Petersburg.

петък, 13 януари 2017 г.

Fiorentina refused an offer from a Chinese team

Fiorentina has rejected an enticing offer from a certain Chinese club from football predictions about the scorer Nicola Kalinic. The news was admitted by the club`s Executive Director Andrea Rogue. It was said that Tianjin has offered 40 million euros for Kalinic, who had received an offer for a salary of 12 million euros per year.
`Definitely the transfer market is large. The Chinese have a huge capital and want to invest, which is reflected.`
`I want to be clear that we refused a serious offer, although it was hard for us. Consider that there is no way to do something when the player receives a proposal for 10 times higher salary.`, said Rogue.

вторник, 3 януари 2017 г.

Mourinho: `We were phenomenal!`

The Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho was left extremely satisfied by the temper of his players during the match via football betting predictions against Middlesbrough. The Red Devils were losing with 0:1 until the 84th minute, but two minutes later they already had an advance in the result.
`I can say that justice ultimately prevails. I feel sorry for our opponent because Karanka is like a brother to me and he did a great job on the team. It is very hard when you lose the way the guests lost.`, Jose announced at the press conference after the match.
`However, we played really hard and created a lot of positions. I don`t think we were lucky because I totally won the match via football betting predictions deservedly. We got three goals, one of them was canceled for reasons unknown, and I am glad we won and we achieved another victory.`
`In the last minutes, the fans have already moved on the pitch and we were 70 000 against 11, we couldn`t lose that game, it just wasn`t going to happen.`
`The happiest moment for 2016 was undoubtedly when I signed with Manchester United and I became a part of that great club.`