вторник, 3 януари 2017 г.

Mourinho: `We were phenomenal!`

The Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho was left extremely satisfied by the temper of his players during the match via football betting predictions against Middlesbrough. The Red Devils were losing with 0:1 until the 84th minute, but two minutes later they already had an advance in the result.
`I can say that justice ultimately prevails. I feel sorry for our opponent because Karanka is like a brother to me and he did a great job on the team. It is very hard when you lose the way the guests lost.`, Jose announced at the press conference after the match.
`However, we played really hard and created a lot of positions. I don`t think we were lucky because I totally won the match via football betting predictions deservedly. We got three goals, one of them was canceled for reasons unknown, and I am glad we won and we achieved another victory.`
`In the last minutes, the fans have already moved on the pitch and we were 70 000 against 11, we couldn`t lose that game, it just wasn`t going to happen.`
`The happiest moment for 2016 was undoubtedly when I signed with Manchester United and I became a part of that great club.`

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