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Kane passed the threshold of 100 goals in his football career

With his 3 goals in the door at Stoke yesterday, Harry Kane passed the threshold of 100 goals in his career achieving the impressive number of 102 hits!
81 of them he made only in 128 matches analyzed by bestsportpredictions.com in the last 3 seasons and once again he showed that he is one of the best strikers in the Premier League. 84 of the goals are for the Spurs, 9 for Millwall, 5 for Leyton Orient and 2 for Leicester, where he played on a loan at the beginning of his career.
In total during the campaign, he had 22, having already reported three times with a hat-trick. The other two cases are also in 2017, in a game for the FA Cup against Fulham on 19 February and against West Bromwich Albion in the Championship on January 14.
In a total, his games with 3 goals are 6, but he is still far from the achievement of the club legend Jimmy Greaves, who had 15 such fights in his career.
Kane has had 4 games with a hat-trick in the Premier League, as among the current players in the Premier League only Wayne Rooney and Sergio Aguero have more.
`I remember his first goal, which was for Leyton Orient against Sheffield Wednesday. I scored the goal with my head.`, remembers the footballer, who hopes that there will be a lot of such emotions for him in the future.

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