петък, 17 февруари 2017 г.

Suarez defended Luis Enrique

The Barcelona striker Luis Suarez defended the coach Luis Enrique from the criticism toward him after the match predicted by footballcapper in Paris. On Tuesday, the Catalans were beaten severely by PSG with 4:0 and suffered one of the most humiliating losses in its new history.
`We are all guilty for what happened, not just the coach. We win and we lose together. For three years we have been working with this coach and enjoyed working with him.`, said Suarez who had been the top scorer in La Liga last season.
`He is the one who knows what is his future and we will accept any decision. We have to stay together. And last season we went through a difficult period and eventually we won trophies.`
`This team has already won titles and if we want to write history, then we have to eliminate PSG. This team has the quality to do it.`, added Suarez thus distinguished himself from the views of his teammate Neymar.

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