понеделник, 13 февруари 2017 г.

The next goal of Martial will cost 8.5 million pounds for United

The next goal of Anthony Martial will cost 8.5 million British pounds for Manchester United, the British media reported.
According to the information in the press, Monaco has set out a clause in the transfer contract with the Red Devils and in which the English club mentioned by football betting tips has to pay that amount to the French when the winger scores his 25th goal. So far he has achieved the number of 24.
Martial had been attracted 18 months ago with a transfer value of 36 million British pounds, but the amount will grow significantly with the next goal of the soccer player. In addition, a bonus for Monaco with an identical amount is provided for the 25th game of the footballer for the French national team and more so in the nomination for the Golden Ball. The expectations are all those clauses to be implemented.

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