четвъртък, 6 април 2017 г.

Milan will give a new contract to Montella after the sale of the club happens

The management of Milan will re-sign with the coach Vincenzo Montella as soon as the deal for the sale of the club by tennis tips becomes a fact.
The Chinese entrepreneurs are still unable to acquire the Rossoneri although it is expected within a week it will finally succeed. If things go right, this will give a great moral boost to football players and coaches before the derby against Inter on Saturday.
Recently, speculation has surfaced about the future of Montella, who played a major role in the revival of Milan. According to the press, the new bosses, in any case, unwilling to give up on him and they are going to offer him a new contract.
For that purpose, the first purchase of the club by tennis tips needs to finish, and then immediately there will be a meeting with the specialist, which will discuss the long-term future and consequently the transfer policy.

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