сряда, 3 май 2017 г.

Roma wants to keep Spalletti

The new Sport Director of the team of Roma Monchi announced that the desire of everyone at the club by footballcapper is Luciano Spalletti to remain the head coach of the team next season.
This treaty of Spalletti with the club by footballcapper expires at the end of the season and there is still no clarity on the future of the specialist.
`One of the reasons to come to Roma was the opportunity to work with Luciano Spalletti.`, commented Monchi.
`I don`t have any secrets or cast spells on how to achieve success. The only way to achieve success is a lot of work.`, added the former Sport Director of Sevilla.
`We want everyone at the club by footballcapper to be united. The first step is made. We need to start winning.`, Monchi said.

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