вторник, 6 юни 2017 г.

Lingard: `Pogba has a very positive influence on the team!`

The Manchester United midfielder Jesse Lingard announced that his teammate Paul Pogba has a great and positive influence in the clubhouse locker room of the team.
The Red Devils won the FA Community Shield, League Cup, and the Europa League trophy under the leadership of Jose Mourinho in the first season of the expert at the team.
`I think the return of Paul to the team is fully successful.`, commented Lingard on Sky Sports.
`He is a funny and a jaunty young man and gives the team a very good and positive energy, especially in the locker room.`
`In addition, he makes the atmosphere very good before the matches via sport picks and he really affects the team very well.`
`Rashford? And he has a positive influence as well. We have already gotten used to him since I was at the team. I personally get along great with him on the field and I can read his mind.`

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